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Our refreshingly common-sense approach is based on the principle that your reputation is about people, not about technology.

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who doesnt love fixing, doing up and generally tinkering with stuff? we certatinly do, we found an awesome way to get our fix of all things diy engineering, build yourself a stirling engine, these are fun, cheap and awesome boredom busters, there is a wide selection of stirling engine kits around the web which have all been put in one place for ease, as well as a whole load of info on stirling engines to boot. head on over to www.stirlingenginekits.co.uk to see for yourself and find the answer to how does a stirling engine work

Bike Safety

as the summer weather with its lighter evenings approach more and more people are venturing out to the shed to get the old push iron old to ride to work or just go for a ride to get some exercise. safety is key when out on a bicycle, a new addition to the riders arsenal is a camera, these help record these lovely relaxing rides out but also help with safety. wearing a helmet camera can massively aid in insurance claims and even just prevent accidents as drivers are more likely to drive safer if they see a cyclist wearing a camera that could be recording the whole scene.

School uniform

With the summer holidays now over and thousands of children either starting in a new school or going up a year the daunting task of buying new school uniform can take a toll on the wallet, it is more than likely that parents across the country now have a load of 'too small' school clothes and have no idea what to do with it, at www.uniformswapshop.com they have come up with a platform for uniform shop  so that parents can make a quick bit of cash selling it on and others can grab a bargain. 

Xmas Cheer

The time is almost upon us where the crimbo madness begins. Everyone is wearing the most festive clothes they can find. christmas Jumpers uk have got it covered. Stuffing all the Xmas Cheer in one place, also now available are christmas t-shirts. Also why grab a Christmas jumper for dogs.