What I do

Do a Google search for ‘online reputation management’ and you’ll be swamped with social media experts, complicated monitoring software and indecipherable SEO jargon all promising to push your bad news off the front page of Google.

If your instincts tell you it won’t work, listen to them. Don’t throw away your money – talk to me instead. 

When your reputation comes under attack, it really hurts. You’re going to need some help to make sense of the scale of the threat; to respond to it in the most constructive way – and last but not least, you’re going to need someone on your side to guide you through this difficult and dangerous time.

My first piece of advice is free: there is no techno-fix for your online reputation problem.

Make no mistake: not only will attempts to ‘whitewash’ your online reputation fail, they will make it worse in the process. This is because the techniques used to try to muscle bad news off the top of the Google search results leave a clear ‘footprint’ that says “dodgy” to anyone doing due diligence on you. The reputation fixers won’t tell you this of course, because if they did, they’d be out of business. You may be considering hiring one of these experts and suspect it’s going to be a waste of money or you may be here because you’ve already wasted a lot of money going down that road. Either way, you need to know that my approach is totally different.

I help real, non-technical private UK individuals and businesses deal with reputation attacks and manage their online reputations in a way that builds credibility for the future. I have the insight and experience to help you do this too but it won’t happen without your co-operation and willingness. However, with those, I can help you turn your problem around and turn it into a very real opportunity.

If you really care about your own or your business’ reputation and are willing to do what it takes to repair the damage, then it would be my privilege to work with you. Give me a call or leave a message on 01822 610841.