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We’ve been going through a complete review here at ‘mu:kau and taking stock of where we are after just over a year out there in the world of business. The process of reflection hasn’t been easy (it never is) but vital to do.

Just over a year ago, we made our first podcast. Since then, we’ve got our name out there as the right people to talk to if you want to know anything about podcasting in the South West of the UK. The ‘G2B@podcast’ has also been a great vehicle (read ‘excuse’) for tramping around the business networking circuit and meeting and interviewing loads of interesting people

We’ve captured seminars, interviewed happy (and not so happy) customers, podcasted business networking events, created fun podcast ‘serials’, trained groups to podcast and delivered customer feedback surveys. We’ve set up 24/7 audio feedback lines for hotels and given presentations about podcasting across the region. We’ve partnered up with several creative businesses to add podcasting to their offerings.

It hasn’t been easy. The process of starting out in business is hugely challenging – especially if you do everything in the wrong order, as we did. And doubly so when you throw all manner of personal challenges and serious illness into the mix. Its been a tough – and in many ways, a humbling – experience. And we’re still here.

Right now, we’re developing the ‘mu:kau Heard package, producing various podcasts (including a series for BT global group), designing audio blogs for businesses and providing ‘mu:kau full-strength feedback for individual projects. Along with podcast training, podcast production, blog design and various audio feedback services our focus for 2008 is in the area of Online Reputation Management.

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