Podcast hosting services – we recommend LibSyn

This has been such a challenge – to find a podcast hosting service that’s reliable, business-like and responsive when things go wrong. So far, LibSyn has come out tops. We’ve tried Switchpod and Jellycast .

LibSyn seems to have a balance between infinite bandwidth at a sensible monthly price – $5; file upload that actually works; sensible management and archive of media files and a good support community. They’ve had some stats issues over the last couple of months which appear to be resolved now. Most recently, a change of servers resulted in most of our archived files (and some new ones!) downloading to the listener’s hard disk rather than playing. Not good from a podcasting point of view.

To their credit, LibSyn respond to support requests and, best of all, they use a Meebo chat widget so that when they’re on, you can actually report your issues in real time. That is the smartest of all their innovations, in my opinion, and the one that will keep me on board throughout the most trying technological problems.

If you’re looking for a grown-up, reliable podcast host, I’d certainly recommend them.

Free and open forum for Devon and Cornwall businesses

Today, we kicked off G2B@ networking - an idea that Clare, William Nel-Barker and I had a while back. There are lots of different networking organisations and groups in the UK with a wide variety of ways of doing things. But, after a couple of years of sampling most of what was on offer, we still hadn’t found anything that worked for us. We’d experienced every shade of approach and seen just about every kind of excess too: ego, cult of personality, machismo, sleaze, in-fighting, scamming, dog-fighting, xenophobia and mysogyny to name but a few.

All we wanted when we started ‘mu:kau was to network with interesting people in an open, respectful and accountable environment. So that’s all G2B@ is. It stands for ‘good to be at’ networking.

Let’s hope v2 fixes this..

Update: I worked out that if you hold down the power button long enough, the unit DOES switch off. The unit since died completely for about 10 days (wouldn’t complete its start-up). I was getting ready to bin it – but then it came back to life, allowed me to update the firmware and since then has performed pretty well. There have occasionally be lock-ups, but these have been cured by the forced power-off (above).

Fi-nall-lee it happened to me. mAudio microtrack freezes writing file after 1 hour recording. Backlight stays on. No button to reset / power off. No access to battery to crash the thing.

Result? The unit stays like that, getting hotter and hotter for another hour and a half until the battery dies.

On the down-side, that’s your recording schedule down the drain. The upside? 1) It actually saved the file 2) I didn’t actually need to use it 3) Hopefully, the new microtrack (due in November according to mAudio’s David Atkinson) will fix the problem.

‘mu:kaumedia hands-on Podcast Training – great fun!

Pictures from the 4 day podcast training course we’re running with Working Links in Plymouth. We’re working with some great people who are really excited about what they can use podcasting to do in their daily work.

Listen to some feedback at the end of day 1.

After the second day of the course, the delegates took delivery of two fully-loaded flight cases complete with Zoom H4s, a pair of Rode M3 mics, stands and leads.

Of course, we took the opportunity to let Plymouth know that ‘mu:kaumedia was ‘in the house’

Whose idea was this?

No wonder I keep messing up my accounts. Seriously. Has anyone else noticed they can’t use a calculator anymore without catastrophic results??

Quite possibly…

… gizmo of the year. Sennheiser HD437 headphones.

There are some things that are such great value, so well built, so… so.. faith-in-the-human-race-restoringly excellent that you feel uncontrollably good about them. These headphones are exactly that. In a world where everything is a rip off, these guys ride in on a white charger and rescue the day. If you paid £50+ for them, you’d still like the lightweight, iPod friendliness and the excellent, ear-warming sound.

But they don’t cost £50. They cost just £15. A business associate tried them on in a meeting this morning. “I love them!” he said “I like the way they fit so snugly. They’re.. they’re… comforting”. That’s exactly the word I was thinking of.

6.00am Saturday

I was listening to Donna Papacosta’s ‘Trafcom News’ podcast early Saturday morning and emailing her to comment on an episode of the podcast titled ‘Audio is Not the Poor Cousin of Video’.

What’s great about this medium is the sequence of events:

Wake up, can’t go back to sleep

Listen to Donna’s podcast

Feel the urge to comment, go grab the iBook

Send email and feel part of the show…

Take picture with phone to sum it up

Can I sell my copyrighted content pre-loaded on an iPod?

We’re planning to release a set of 12 Brian Griffin sales seminars pre-loaded on a iPod shuffle. The question is… can we?

Initial research shows a number of issues in the news about the re-selling of copyrighted content on iPod. Typically, this will take the form of somebody selling their iPod (complete with music library) through eBay – although it also includes businesses selling video iPods loaded with movies and music in order to inflate the price.

What we have to find out is whether we can sell our own content on iPod – and whether or not we can insert our own leaflet / graphics into the packaging. And that’s what’s so good about podcasting. I don’t know the answer… yet.