Action Fraud: The UK’s national fraud reporting centre

No wonder people get away with the business directory scams with a reporting system as bad as this

Each time I find a new ‘fraud helpline’ I’m disgusted to find there’s never any mention of any of the business directory scams that has cost these people so much in time and money.

What is it about our Government and police that makes them incapable of taking a stand against a crime that many of us online have been reporting for years – and which is still going strong? These people are still bullying hard cash out of people all over the world – cash happily banked by upstanding establishments like Barclays.

This evening, I found ‘Action Fraud‘  which calls itself the ‘UK’s national fraud reporting centre’. Now, I treat ALL such sites as inherently suspicious.  Why? Because there are plenty of scamming sites out there pretending to help – but just waiting to rip you off again with premium rate ‘help lines’.  Given that environement, Action Fraud doesn’t exactly reassure me on first impression.

I first had to Google ‘0300’ call rates to make sure this site wasn’t also a scam. How many of you reading this know that ‘0300’ isn’t some kind of premium rate?  Action Fraud could make this clear – it would go some way to reassuring people.  Then I tried to report the Expo Guide business directory scam using the online ‘Report a fraud’ tool.

I have to say, it was a complete waste of time.  By the second click, I got a ‘call the police now message’.  So I went back and avoided the answer that prompted that, in the hope of being able to report Expo Guide and the fact that I get people every day posting on this site about being ripped off.

Sorry to have to say this, Action Fraud, but it was a pointless exercise. You should try reporting Expo Guide, World Business Directory, European City Guide or any one of the numerous versions of this scam yourself using the ‘tool’.  Then you’ll see why those scammers are laughing their heads off, out there in sunny Cyprus (or wherever).

I guess that leaves the ‘0300’ number.  I’ll let you know what I find out.


  1. Simon says:

    Why would the scam you linked be reported as fraud? From what I can see it seems like an unfair contract which would be unenforceable against anyone who signed up to it. Though in fairness it is also a lesson in making sure you check what you’re signing up to.

    I feel sympathy for anyone who has paid up but equally the fact that people are being scammed doesn’t mean that a prosecution for fraud could be brought against the people responsible.

  2. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Simon…

    I suspect your average punter doesn’t know the difference between an ‘unfair contract’ and a ‘fraud’. I don’t – I just know when crooks are stealing money from ordinary folk.

    The point I was making still applies: where in the hell does someone go to register this illegal rip-off (whether you call it a fraud, a scam or an unfair contract)? If you’re an ordinary businessman who’s been ripped off £1000 or more by Expo Guide, you’re not in the mood to engage in pleasantries about what to call it, you just want some body or authority to take an interest.

    Help me out: you tell me where to report this global scam.

  3. John Eddleston says:


    I agree with your comments about fraud in general. I just used the 0300 number to report a guy on Ebay who is buying stuff and then claiming he didn’t authorise the payment and having it reversed. Unfortunately he picked on the wrong person with me and I will make sure his accounts are closed.

    On another subject, the police in general do not take fraud seriously. I know of one guy who set up a limited company debt advice business, ran it whilst an undischarged bankrupt, took over £40,000 from three clients and spent the lot. I sent the police a file of information on him, the three people he ripped off made statements and the police took no action whatsover. This crook is now living in a rented property worth half a million, paying over £1200 a month in rent and is claiming housing benefit etc so WE are paying for him.

    Isn’t British justice wonderful?

  4. Sam Deeks says:

    Indeed it is John. I’m a follower of that other modern ongoing miscarriage of justice a.k.a. ‘The Madeleine McCann Case’ and it’s almost beyond belief how they’ve managed to keep pulling in money from the general public over the last 6 years – PLUS dictate the course of justice and control the UK press. Grrr. Corruption everywhere.

    BTW – you email address aroused my curiosity so I had a look at your site. Keep up the good work with the books – very interesting!

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