Adsense phone verification fail

Trying to verify my Adsense account leads to classic ‘designer cant think like user’ fail

Yes, Google. You techie people are soooo guilty of this.

The classic ‘we can’t possibly imagine what it’s like not to know what we know’ mindset. The one where, for some reason designers and programmers aren’t able to imagine how their interface appears or works to other people. Y’know, people who aren’t them.

The result is that I blew up the Google Adsense phone verification system because it gave me no feedback.  ‘Too many attempts’.  Right.  Next stop, 48hrs of waiting for their support to do something vague to sort it out (whatever it actually is).

Same for Google Wave.  Watch the video of two smug techies geeking off with their latest cleverness.  What’s missing?  Some kind of real-world, human communication about what the hell it might actually be any good for or what all the various bits mean.

Communication failure.

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