If someone called ‘Alex Lesley’ from ICAA Cyprus Ltd contacts you demanding money on behalf of Expo Guide…

… you might like to read this post and the hundreds of comments before you do anything.

You’ve probably arrived at this post because you’ve received a threatening demand for money from a ‘debt collection’ company called ICAA Ltd who claim to be working for Expo Guide, an online directory business that’s well known for tricking people into signing for services they don’t want. These people no doubt have been bullying you for some time with their demands (reminding you that it’s your fault for not checking the small print). Now they’re trying to make you think they can take you to court to force you to pay.

I’ve been researching this scam for a long time and I’ve never found a single company that has reported being taken to court by Expo Guide or ICAA. That should tell you something, particularly since they hook in tens of thousands of people a year with this scam. Surely they must have taken at least ONE to court in all this time if they could, right? Exactly.

Make sure to read the hundreds of comments from people all over the world who feel they’ve been deliberately misled by scammers ‘Expo Guide’ then make up your mind whether you think that you want to take ‘Alex Lesley’ and ICAA Ltd seriously.

Note to ICAA: You know as well as I do that there’s nothing libellous or defamatory about reproducing an email you send to your victims.

Dear xxx xxxxx,

ICAA inform you that the case against xxx x xx xxxx x x x has been referred to our legal department to proceed with further action to recover the monies owed to our client. I have informed our Senior Legal Advisor that you have posted my full name and e-mail address on the anti-EXPO Guide forum. Whilst you are free to express your opinions along with others not trained in legal matters, I sincerely advise you to remove my name as you have no right to publish my name in material of such nature, unless you have solid evidence that your opinions are indeed, fact.

By close of business next week, our legal department will refer this case to an attorney to proceed with the necessary steps to recover the monies owed to our client. ICAA are a third party mediator who were passed this case in order to try to assist both parties in reaching a fair compromise. Contrary to comments of those on the forum, we gain no pleasure in having to chase people for their debts.

Our job is difficult enough at the best of times, without individuals bad mouthing us and then publishing our names on public forums. I have been neither rude or aggressive in my correspondence to you. Despite the nature of my job, I still believe in treating people with respect. Kindly show me the same level respect and remove my name from your post.

With regards,

Alex Lesley

Senior Credit Manager


187A Leontiou Str., Tsacon Court,

4th Floor 3020 Limassol,

Cyprus P.O. Box 53397

3302 Limassol,

Cyprus Tel : +357 25 270 666, Fax: +357 25 270 777

Email: al@icaacy.com

Website: www.icaacy.com

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