customer service phone number (and reputation boost)

Don’t waste your time searching for their well-hidden customer service phone number

You’ll struggle to find it – I did. And so, it seems, do thousands of other people. Well, look no further. Here it is:

0800 496 1081

You can also try this number 0207 084 7911 (listed as for ‘International Customers’) The 0800 number is working as of January 10th 2010. Where did I get it?  Why did I have to go there? Because it’s deliberately buried on the Amazon website so you can’t find it.

Alternatively, why not try Amazon’s best-kept customer service secret: their ‘call back’ service?

To get to this service, you have to log in, specify the order you’re concerned with and then supply a phone number for them to call you back. Great! Well – it would be except that it seems to be designed without any understanding of basic human psychology.

Why? Because there’s nothing about this wonderful, potentially stress-reducing, service on the front of Amazon’s site – you know, the place where an angry customer washes up full of, well, you know – frustration and anger? Amazon’s process then expects that angry, frustrated customer into a process of filling out more information when, in fact, all that customer is looking for is a phone number they can call to speak to a real person. The fact that Amazon is leading them down this winding, un-signposted path to take them to an even better solution is, well, beside the point because the customer doesn’t know this. All they know is that they don’t seem to be getting any closer to what they think is their desired outcome.

I’m sure that many of the people who end up here do so because Amazon has failed to anticipate these peoples’ concerns and failed to let them know on the front page (hey, why not??) that a good solution is a couple of clicks away. Might seem like a small detail to Amazon but the grateful people here demonstrate it’s a big one to them.


Update: 31.10.11 - It’s not only buried, it’s now non-existent. I searched for it tonight and I got this:

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that I called about my mate’s Harmon Kardon soundsticks that were broken when he got them about 2 months ago.

“Sorry but it’s outside of 30 days” said the friendly operator.

“Well it’s taken me 20 minutes to find your phone number – and only then from ‘'” says I by way of return.  “Show me where it is on your website”.

Five minutes later, we finally got there – buried so deep that it’s no wonder my mate gave up long before he ever found it.

“Do you think that’s really fair?” I asked, reasonably “What would be great is if you replaced them for him”

“Hold on one minute Sir…. [pause, music]… yes, Sir, we can do that for you”

Well done  Bad, bad, bad for hiding your phone number.  Good, good, good for replacing my mate’s faulty soundsticks before incurring a social media slating.  ;-)


  1. Spacepig says:

    Q. What do you do if you have a problem on a website?
    A. If you have half a brain, you ask for Help.

    Q. What happens if you ask for help on an Amazon website?
    A. You get a blatantly obvious “Contact Us” tab.

    Q. What happens when you click that tab?
    A. You get the choice to either send an email, call a Freephone number or request a call back at a convenient time to yourself.

    Q. How difficult is that?

  2. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Spacepig, thanks for the comment.

    First of all, in my experience in the UK it’s not a normal convention of online information architecture that contact numbers reside under ‘Help’ tabs. Logically, if they did, wouldn’t I have gone looking for a ‘help’ tab instead of looking for a ‘contact us’ tab on the home page?

    Even after you told me about it, it still took me a couple of minutes to find it and then the ‘contact us’ button amongst all that information.

    So to answer your question ‘How difficult is that?’ – it was quite difficult, which is why I blogged about it in the first place.

    Interestingly, my Analytics shows visitors to this post came yesterday via Google searches for “amazon customer service number”,”amazon customer service phone number uk” and “ customer service location”.

    Do a search for “amazon customer service number” and you’ll find a whole load of frustrated people who are annoyed that Amazon don’t seem to make this information easily available.

    Which leaves me wondering: how did you end up reading this post? Don’t tell me you came in via those Google searches – and that you too were looking for Amazon’s customer service number? :-)

  3. Spacepig says:

    Hi Sam

    I will work backwards through your response if you don’t mind. I have been doing a bit of market research for my employer who is setting up an online retail outlet. The idea is to make it as easy as possible for the customer to contact us. In order to do this I visited several sites of varying sizes to research how they were run. I have to admit that I found Amazon’s site particularly easy (compare it to or CDWOW who just won’t let you talk to them at any cost).
    I then decided to Google the complaints about CS to see where the main problems lay. That’s how I found your post.
    Now, I’m not saying that our website will follow exactly Amazon’s model, but I do think that they are amongst the easiest to use and locate the information required.
    One of the problems they may have is that, as you say, there is loads of info on the website. I do get the feeling however that if they removed much of it, they would then start getting complaints that there isn’t enough info on the site. I suppose the main problem is finding a happy medium.
    Another thing I found out was, that although several retailers do splash their number across the top of their Home Page, that doesn’t mean to say that they will answer, or even if they do, that they can provide the info you ask them for. I’m going to have to call Amazon with an awkward question and see how they do, I will report back.

  4. Sam Deeks says:

    Appreciate your response. All I can say is that the harder you make it for people to contact you the more likely it will be that they will get frustrated and blog about it either to rant or simply to provide a shortcut to the hard-to-find info.

    Given that there’s a high likelihood that someone looking for a customer service phone number is experiencing a problem or has a complaint, surely it makes even more sense to make the process of making contact easy since a customer in this state is likely to be annoyed, highly critical and unforgiving?

    From an information design perspective all I can say is that the information was hard to find for this 46 yr old and I’m no stranger to the web, online marketing etc

  5. cam says:

    hassle in ordering. transpired, duplicated order. not convinced it was my fault… then re-ordered item, but w/o asking, charged it to my amex card. had wanted to charge it to anor card. in between times, snotty e-mail from ‘customer services’ – usually a misnomer, indicated it was all my fault. responded to snotty e-mail in kind. then sussed out maybe i should speak to someone… so called no. obatined via ‘say no to 0870′ site.

    v helpful young lady canclled the order, advised i start again, which i did. here’s hoping this is a happy ending. i agree with sam, req’d info far from obvious. plus, no op to cancel order. better than other retailers, but so many bad, iffy ones out there.

  6. John says:

    Sam, thanks for this page :) Like you i went round in circles trying to find a contact number for AMAZON, and like you am a big fan of saynoto0870.

    I called the freephone number, which is nice to see, and was very quickly connected to a helpful assistant. I explained that i had a faulty item, bought more than 30 days ago. She put me on hold briefly, then said that although it was purchased by another firm and only handled by AMAZON, she would send me a return mailing label and refund my money as soon as the item was received.

    I must say that i am very happy with the service AMAZON provided, but would like to see the customer services number more prominently displayed.
    Once again, thanks for this post!

  7. Sam Deeks says:

    Nice one, John – thanks for commenting. See, Expo Guide? Blogs attract positive comments AND negative ones about a company :-) John, I tweeted your comment earlier by way of complimenting Amazon for doing the customer service part well (even if they make their phone number hard to find).

    Expo Guide, I promise you, as soon as I get a positive comment about your £1,000 a year (minimum 3 yrs) ‘service’ that people universally say they never ordered, I’ll post it here… so long as it’s real lols

  8. Sam Deeks says:

    Um Jon who wrote asking me to sort out your Amazon order, if you can’t tell the difference between me and Amazon, you really shouldn’t trust yourself with a credit card online. :-) Seriously.

  9. Cheers mate – you just saved me hours! Owe you a beer…

  10. Sam Deeks says:

    Glad to be able to help :-)

  11. David Cockburn says:

    Well I have a degree in astrophysics but i have not had any replies from amazon for my last 3 missing orders just auto -repsonses that is why i found this blog looking for a telephone number to rant away at some poor sales assistant who could not care 2 figs.

    But rant I will and someone will pay for this incompetence – is the uk going to blame there entire existence and past mistakes on a bit of snowy weather – 5 days and still no word on 2 express next day deliveries- has the world come to an end – Jesus – and thanks but this number has been wiped by Amazon i will have to get it some where else.

  12. Sam Deeks says:

    I just went (again) to try to check the number David says is ‘wiped’. I found it: it’s still 0800 496 1081 and it still works. There’s another one you could try – 0207 084 7911

    I had to go down about 4 levels to find these numbers – and couldn’t get to them unless I was logged in with my Amazon account. That’s not exactly accessible in my book.

  13. cetin says:

    Thank you for this info, i have been charged twice for something i bought from them, it's take me hours to get their number from my bank but gues what it is fax number. It's very doggy to give your card details you never know when and why you been charged for, i have been cheeking my internet banking everyday i bought items with vocher about mounth ago and they carged me mounth later with my debit card. Anyway i called them and my money been refund…. I will stop my account with them and never buy something on internet again. use phone…….

  14. andrew says:

    That dosent work my friend, do you work for Amazon? It's doggy company, never buy anything from them again…

  15. Sam Deeks says:

    Um, no Andrew, I don’t work for Amazon. It’s obvious why I posted this. The number worked last time I checked it and was useful for some people, so I’m good with that. As to Amazon? I don’t trust ANY of the big online ecommerce outfits: Amazon, eBay, PayPal to name but a few – but that’s just my personal opinion.

  16. Andrew Drummond says:

    Amazon have this new thing where if you use the call back feature from their website, they will have all your details, which means no incorrect order number or no misspelling of an e-mail address. They also have specialised departments that work on certain issues, so while you can call the free phone number you may get transferred a few times or worse, get through to someone who doesn’t know a thing about your issue.

    The reason why a company like Amazon won’t publish their contact details is probably due to the fact that they have 121 million unique visitors to their websites every month (according to the BBC).

    In all the years I’ve been shopping with Amazon I have only ever had one problem with a third party seller, Amazon resolved my issue the second time I wrote back to clarify what I didn’t do in the first one.

  17. Ola! I’m writing you from the Everglades in South Florida, US. I am soooo thankful for your site and your sharing. I am a huge user and I use the UK site as well and until today I had never had a problem with the UK site. But my order came in and turns out they had duplicated certain items. When I called the US number ( 1.800.201.7575 )it took them 20 minutes to get me a London number. I called the number they gave me and the number they’d given me was wrong! After about an hour and doing a search on the UK site I finally found another number, it was also wrong. Thank goodness for your page!

    I love Amazon but they have one gaping flaw in my op, and that is making it far too difficult for a good customer to contact them. Good thing people like you are out there, we customers need to stick together. After all, at the end of the day we are all customers, maybe one day someone at Amazon will realize this too.


  18. tom taylor says:

    just called amazon on your complaints no, explained my dillema, sorted within 5 mins . very happy .

  19. Luna Clark says:

    Thank you so much for this number. I am an intelligent 38 year old who uses a computer daily and does most of her shopping on-line however after about 10 frustrating minutes of searching I could not find Amazon’s number. Thankfully you saved me tearing my hair out.

    I have used Amazon for several years and have had quite a few problems, always to do with delivery. They do put things right quickly BUT make it really hard to speak to someone. Often you need an immediate answer and can’t wait for someone to reply to an email. I think it’s quite rude of Amazon to make it so difficult.

    Given the option I always buy from elsewhere because of the delivery problems they have (large items, not books/cds etc).

  20. Alex Lake says:

    Like the others, I’m a web professional who does a lot of buying on the web and I agree that it’s very well hidden, along with other messages that suggest that they’ll only allow you to email them once you’ve exhausted all other options on getting help.

  21. Scott says:

    Recently needed to contact Amazon due to a multiply-failed delivery and was – like everyone, it seems, lost for the right way to contact them.

    So I’d like to say ‘thanks’ for this page, as a friend pointed me this way when I was complaining on my blog and it did actually get me through to someone who at least tried (failed, but tried…) to solve my problem ;) – thank you! :)

  22. Sam Deeks says:

    No worries, Scott – you’re welcome :-) Thanks for commenting.

  23. meffry mcmefferson says:

    Whoever is responsible for this site, I thank and commend you on your work!!! I trawled through Amazons website with a fine toothed comb looking for a contact number and even got half of my family doing the same, all to no avail…But with the telephone number at the top, I managed to speak to someone very quickly and they were very helpful in answering my query…

    Thanks for listing this number, you have saved my sanity and possibly averted a breakdown…

  24. Sam Deeks says:

    Tal, you’re welcome – and thank you for taking the time to say ‘thanks’ too, it’s great to know it helps someone somewhere.

    See, critical poster at the top of this thread, it’s NOT just me. The reason I posted was because I found it so DAMN hard – like Tal did – to find a number. It feels like you’re going insane.

    BAD Amazon for making it so hard to find.

    GOOD Amazon for giving good customer service when people eventually DO find a contact number for you.

  25. Lorraine says:

    I am totally disgusted with Amazon to cut a long story very very short. I purchased a toaster for my Aunty who is a pensioner and housebound. I live over an hour away from her and when she told me her toaster broke I the best option was to purchase on line and get it delivered direct. The first toaster was delivered to the wrong address after a lot of hassle and me telling the foriegn advisor who could not speak good English what I think should be done they said they couldnt. I then sent an email and the suggestion I had before which was merely to replace the item as it was not delievered to my Aunt they agreed to do this. The second toaster arrived but without instructions OH MY GOD what useless customer services advisors. They told me I would have to contact the manufacturer I informed them that I should not be doing this and that they should be as I entered into a legal contract with Amazon and they should be making it their duty to obtain a the manual as its also a legal requirement to have full intructions for all electrical goods for health and safety reasons – this went over the advisors head. The said my Aunt would have to return the item – HELLO – my Aunt is a pensioner and can not leave the house due to ill health. I mean all she wants are the instructions. I suggested that they should take a manual out of one of the boxes and send it – I was informed that this could not be done and the only way was to return the item. Surely what I suggested was the easiest option. I was put through to another advisor, a manager who repeated the same. I enforced the fact that Amazon should be contacted the manufacturer for the customer – after being held on the line for 15 minutes (the call lasted 30 mins at 5p per minute or prob more) low and behold I WAS THEN TOLD THAT AMAZON COULD NOT GET IN TOUCH WITH THE MANUFACTURER, NAMELY WAHL – SO HOW ON EARTH WAS I SUPPOSED TO GET HOLD OF THEM. I asked this other advisor why a manual could not be taken out of a box they had in store – I was given the silent treatment I could her background noise but the advisor would not speak. WHAT GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICES I WILL NOT BE SHOPPING AT AMAZON AGAIN AFTER DOING SO FOR OVER 20 YEARS – its the end. My amazon account has suffered SUDDEN DEATH.

  26. Helen says:


    Thank you so much for posting the telephone number but I have just got off the phone (enjoyed scrolling down and reading the comments whilst on hold) and I am just so annoyed! I sell my own DVD on Amazon and they decided to sell it at £10 more than I sell it for! I keep emailing them and they just come back and say ‘they decide what price to sell at’ aaarrrgghhh. So I rang up and ‘They don’t take calls in that dept’

    So annoyed.

  27. Tony says:

    I was under the impression that the Distance Selling Regulations made it a legal requirement to have a land line telephone and a physical address (not a post office box).

    Will check with Trading Standards and OFTEL. Ebay has wised up and its much easier to speak to someone. They also ensure that its made clear that all Business sellers who have buy-it now options must comply with the Distance Selling rules.

  28. Mark Hetherington says:

    I came across this blog whilst, surprise surprise, looking for a contact number for Amazon. My reasons are completely different from most, I’m a seller on there and have recently been suspended for a short while because of some poor feedbacks, two of which are from competitors, and want to discuss it at a higher level – apart from which Amazon no longer allow sellers to phone for feedback issues.

    However, I’m posting here to applaud the author of this blog for his professionalism after reading spacepig’s initial sarcastic reply. What a plonker – “I have been doing a bit of market research for my employer who is setting up an online retail outlet. The idea is to make it as easy as possible for the customer to contact us. In order to do this I visited several sites of varying sizes to research how they were run.”

    Ha ha ha, you don’t work for the government do you? It’s just the sort of thing they would waste money on researching. So here’s a tip for you, spacepig: Put the phone number on the top of each page of the webiste, just next to or underneath your logo. Guess what, it’s dead easy to find and it works a treat. By the way, this info is free, nobody needs to spend time or money “researching” this, all you needed was half a brain to figure it out.

    By the way, in my situation you can spend as much time as you like looking for a phone number on Amazon to ring for feedback issues, you won’t find one. Additionally, in my experience their callback system doesn’t work with mobile numbers so unless you’re near a landline you’re screwed anyway.

  29. Sam Deeks says:

    Why, I thank you, Mark. Yes – Spacepig was either working for Amazon or looking for a fight or probably both. Lucky I’m a zen master in the art of not responding to provocation…

    On the subject of contact numbers, I’m afraid that lack of accountability or contactability seems to be the norm in this wacky online world. Shame really – but I still think the long-term future belongs to those businesses that pay real attention to their customers.

  30. Andrea says:

    I buy a lot of stuff at Amazon and only recently had to return something – the reason I had to return it was my pre-ordered game arrived late due to my slow local sorting office and I reported it missing having seen on order tracking that it was flagged as delivered.
    They were so fast in re-ordering that when my game arrived there was another one on the way and it was too late to stop it.
    They advised me to return it when it arrived but I couldn’t get the return label to print so I had my first ever contact with customer services direct.

    I clicked on “Contact Us” and put my phone number in. Within seconds (it was 7am) I was connected to an advisor who was astonishingly polite and very helpful.

    He emailed me a return slip and explained how to use it.
    I printed the thing out, stuck it on the parcel and dropped it at the post-office. No cost, no hassle, and no disinterested call-centre as I’ve experienced with other companies.
    This is why Amazon are number 1 and why I won’t buy anywhere else in future.

  31. Sam Deeks says:

    Good to hear, glad that Amazon is continuing to improve customer service.

  32. Arthur says:

    Thank goodness for this page. Well done to you Sam Deeks. Perhaps for the ultimate irony, get an Amazon affiliate thing going and sell their items through here and make commission? :P

  33. Patrick Littlejohn says:

    Haven’t read whole thread but thanks Sam Deeks for original info. I’m currently ‘locked out’ of Amazon for no reason I can fathom (I’ve been using same email + password for last 5 years at least). None of the things I’ve tried to do from the site has worked (change password etc etc) and even their Contact Us email won’t send (an ‘ID problem’ error box comes up). Couldn’t find a tel no on their website, but now I’ll try calling tomorrow.

  34. justanothere says:

    Amazon UK’s customer services department are terrible. I ordered Christmas presents for my children and they were sent to me unwrapped (bar one item). Contacted customer services for an explanation and it took 10 minutes for the Indian customer services representative to understand that I was calling about unwrapped items – it took four attempts to explain this issue to the representative before he understood. Additionally, in the 20 minute call, the representative got my name wrong every time calling me MR and then my first name – I told him about 20 times to use my proper name and then just gave up. Appalling service and I’ll not be using them again.

  35. freya says:

    I am trying to close down my amazon account due to recent dissappointment over their action towards Wikileaks. Anyway, the point is that in order to close my account I have to email them from my email account that i used to set up the account, I followed their ‘contact us’ link as instructed but it takes me to a ready prepared email that hides their email address so I cannot then email them from my hotmail account. Its devoius! Am I the first person to try and close an account with them?

  36. Sam Deeks says:

    Hmm. Unspoken rule #1 of online business: don’t let subscribers / customers / members ever leave. I hate it, drives me mad. They need your data like a vampire needs blood…

  37. Sam Deeks says:

    With an operation the size of Amazon, there’s always going to be some great, some average and some terrible service. So far, I’ve heard generally more good things than bad when it comes down to what really matters – what Amazon actually do when you finally contact them (even if they play the game of ‘make it hard to contact a real customer service person’).

  38. zarajosephs says:

    Your blog has saved me a lot of time and frustration. Amazon is a great company in my experience except for this policy (it must be deliberate) of making their contact details hard to find. You can find anything else easily enough, usually at a great price.

  39. Sam Deeks says:

    Glad to have been able to help. Given the number of people arriving here after searching Google for ‘amazon customer service number’ Amazon is clearly doing something wrong.

    And don’t give me the ‘look, they process trillions of transactions every year – they’re forced to make it hard for people to call them…’ argument. As far as I’m concerned, if you can only run a business by witholding customer service from customers who want it, then it’s not a success.

  40. adam says:

    just found this link, while looking for amazon customer services number ! i found a few before this one……they are all disconnected ! im a new member of amazon …..and wont be using them anymore…..when i signed up they offered me express delivery for 1 month as a new customer, so i took that and my books came the following day, then 3 weeks later i check my bank account online……amazon hace debited my account fot £49 ? apparently im a ‘prime member’ ?!! thats what they forgot to tell me when i agreed to take FREE EXPRESS DELIVERY for 1 month as a new customer ! turns out they have done it to alot of others too, i changed my profile settings on my amazon account so that im not now a PRIME MEMBER lol, and they said they would refubd me my money…….while i am writing this……..i am still on hold to their customer services department…….and have been for the past 35 minutes………you can see why i wont be using amazon again.

  41. Tonie says:

    Thank you very much for this number. On the plus side you have provided a simple but effective service, in a way which Amazon could learn from.

    On the minus side I’ve been on hold to them for 20 minutes and no sign of a response, and no recording to say where I am in the queue!

    I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt as Christmas is looming, so they’re bound to be busy. But I just hope they can handle my tricky account question. Fingers crossed.

  42. lellie says:

    Anybody out there have an email address for Amazon…… I have sent 7 different ones now, with email addresses I thought they might use…..but they have all come back to me.

    I can find nothing with @ sign for Amazon, ….. I made up a few with the @ in it, but to no avail. Anything with a www. in it, just brings me to a web site.

    Any help most delightedly accepted. Thanks…lellie. London.

  43. Niel1952 says:

    I have been having problems with City Link regarding an Amazon delivery. They have stopped all their manned phone numbers and it seems impossible to reach them, so I too found your blog by doing a Google search in order to speak to Amazon.

    I would therefore like to add my thanks for the public service you are rendering especially as the Amazon call centre staff I have spoken to using the 0207 number have been incredibly courteous and helpful, including promptly ringing back when they had sorted out the redelivery.

    Although the initial wait was about 15 minutes, this was announced beforehand and not exceeded.

  44. Sam Deeks says:

    You’re welcome.

    One can only assume that Amazon has decided that hiding its customer service phone contact details is, in the long run, better for its bottom line. Presumably it has also decided that the rage and frustration felt by customers unable to get their issues taken care of isn’t a big enough problem – maybe because those customers are isolated and relatively powerless.

  45. lellie says:

    Any idea how to contact Amazon by email, the email which has a @ in the middle. All other types keep coming back to me, and I have personally tried about 12, using different combinations, to no avail. I got on the phone OK, but after 35 minutes I gave up and had a coffee instead !! Any one with any ideas.

    Thank you,,, from lellie,

  46. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Lellie…
    Amazon has no ‘customer service’ email address. However, if you go:

    ‘Contact us’
    [sign in]

    You then have 3 options:
    1) Express (lets you choose an order you want to make a query about)
    2) ‘Email’ form – lets you write an ‘email’ to Amazon Customer Services
    3) ‘Phone’ – invites them to phone YOU back

    So, as you can see, it’s all about leaving THEM choose when to respond to you. That gives them control and saves them a lot of money. I personally haven’t had reason to use this (recently) but Lellie, if you want to try one of these 3 options and then report back here how satisfactory the experience was (or NOT) – please do!

  47. Pez says:

    Thank you for putting this number on as i to trawled through the website looking for the number, so big thumbs up to Sam :-)

  48. Mrs O says:

    Hi. Big thanks for this number. I found navigating the amazon web site to get a replacement for something they had missed out of the item we recieved a nightmare. Truly the most buried contact details and I could find no contact number to ring them. Awful customer service experience; even when we got through the lady was trying to help but did not appear to understand what we wanted! Not impressed but big thanks for your help!!

  49. Sam Deeks says:

    You’re welcome, Karen. From the number of people who end up here in trying to contact Amazon, they’re not making it intuitive to a significant proportion of their customers. That’s all I can conclude.

  50. Peter Ashton says:

    Please could you advise me of Amazon’s UK Postal address abd also advise how I can contact them by e-mail Thank you.

  51. Sam Deeks says:

    Sorry, Peter – I only got as far as finding the phone numbers!

  52. rod kennedy says:

    Hi Sam,i too have had problems with Amazon,first time ever ,normally excellent service.
    i have also been in contact by the e-mail “service” they use.
    My problem is i bought a 3d tv,that had a promotion that offered a free blueray player,wow awesome,went through the ordering procedure with my son at hand,as he wanted my “old” tv,and double checked that the price of the player was deducted at checkout,and it was,confirmed order like you do.
    Got my cc bill a few days ago,oh look,i have been charged for the player(it came from a third party),though as far as i,m concerned that is neither here nor there,they have failed me big time,am currently awaiting e reply to my third e-mail to them,as the previous answers were directing me to the said third party,as though its nothing to do with them,Amazon who had the promotional offer on,not happy,really.

  53. Sam Deeks says:

    Absolutely Amazon’s problem, not the supplier’s Rod.

    The online retail world (particularly the massive scale players) work on what I call the ’95/5′ rule. So long as your systems get 95% of your orders right, then f**k the 5% where they don’t.

    I’ve recently had insider chats with some Dixons Online customer service staff. According to them, profit margins in the online electronics retail are so small that Dixons made a conscious decision this Christmas NOT to provide easily accessible customer support of the kind that customers traditionally would expect. That’s a conscious, money-driven business decision. The result is a pile of angry customers taking to blogs, forums and social media platforms.

    Amazon’s no different. The result is that here you (and everyone else) are.

    The interesting thing about some of these businesses (Dixons for example) is that while they’re failing to provide the kind of customer service that most people expect and engendering rage and resentment in the process, they’re simultaneously providing some good customer service in ‘niche’ places like Get Satisfaction and Twitter. You can’t help reach the conclusion that these businesses are consciously trying to give as little customer service as they possibly can without actually breaking their businesses in the process.

    So. What’s new? The ability of people to aggregate their complaints, that’s what.

  54. rod kennedy says:

    Well i recieved an e-mail off a chap at the customer escalation department,and have just rang the number that was given to me.
    Never spoke to the chap himself,but to 2 other people who told me the same as in my earlier e-mails,contact the third party supplier,told them on the phone it is their problem,their incompetence,and left it at that,though i have just shot off another e-mail to them expressing my dissapointment in the attitude shown to me.
    If i do not get the answer i want(assuming they reply) then i will have to think about what further action to take,regards,Rod.

  55. Stu78 says:

    I was going to use saynoto0870 to find a number for amazon but my wife beat me to it and found this blog!
    Called the number, regarding my first missing item ever, and was most dissapointed to find that customer service was excellent, as I had intended to shout at somebody incompetent! They told me if I don’t recieve the item within seven days to call back and they will refund or replace. Yet to see if this happens, but satisfied so far.
    Thanks for posting the phone number.

  56. Sam Deeks says:

    My pleasure, Stu. Being stopped on the verge of a rant by good customer service is like when someone stops you when you’re about to sneeze. Bloody annoying :-)

  57. ray goodall says:

    amazon have without my placing an order taken £49 from my account,this is worrying me,how many others are being charged this way and not noticing,no doubt they will return the money after a long wait and get interest on my money,but why is it happening

  58. Sam Deeks says:

    ‘Why is it happening?’

    I have no idea, Ray – but worrying. I hope the number on this page gets you through quicker to find out. I really do think that in this online business world, there seems to be practically no effective regulation. In fact, there seems to be no effective regulation anywhere. Banks, PayPal…even Amazon. Everybody seems to be free to do what they want. The only constraint is customers voting with their feet.

    Regulation is supposed to moderate the behaviour of those large scale businesses which might otherwise rip off the consumer – particularly where there’s no real alternative. That’s why regulation SHOULD be so important to the banking industry (you’ve no real choice but to use a bank and there are really only two banking groups to choose from), the energy industry (same small pool of companies).

    I don’t know about you, but I think regulation in the UK is pretty wimpy – evidenced by the fact that nobody and nothing can stop banks paying their top people bonuses out of what is largely (or at least partly) public money.

  59. Derek says:

    Thanks Sam.

    I had found the phone no. for amazon on their site but didn’t write it down.
    When I went back to find it, couldn’t get to it at all. so googled and found you.


    Well done.


  60. Sam Deeks says:

    Welcome, Derek. I went through the same hassle, so posted knowing that I could help short-circuit what could otherwise be a frustrating search for many people. Pity that it seems Amazon affords to give such good customer service (when you eventually contact them) by what appears to be limiting the number of people who can actually call by hiding the phone numbers. Ah, well. They call it business.

  61. Ann D says:

    Hidden on the Amazon site? really? is that how i found the numbers identical to the ones you’ve got? how strange!

  62. Sam Deeks says:

    Thanks for your comment Ann. I posted originally because I found it hard to find a number on the site. Seems quite a few other people posting here have also found it hard to find a number. If you found it easy, then that’s great.

    I agree, those numbers are now on the Amazon site although you’d need to know to click on the following:

    • Home page: a tiny ‘help’ tab on the home screen (about 0.5% of the entire page in terms of area)
    • Next page: a ‘contact us’ button (about 1% of the page area)
    • Next page: a sign in form (click ‘skip’)
    • Next page: a page defaulting to a text form (click ‘phone’)
    • Final page: ah, there they are – in small, plain type – the two numbers.

    So that’s four clicks – even if you knew where to start.

    If you’re looking for a phone number, you don’t expect to find it under a miniscule tab titled ‘help’ that frankly is about the last thing you’ll see on that page – particularly if you’re of a generation that still expects phone numbers of companies who want your business to be prominent.

    And try Googling ‘Amazon customer service phone number’. Oh, yes. You get my site. But ask yourself why you get MY site and not Amazon’s? The answer is quite simple: I WANT you to find those numbers, but they DON’T because it costs them money to answer the phone to customers.

    And, to be honest, Ann, that’s what this post was about.

  63. Joe D says:

    Thanks for that. Sent email and asked to phone. They called immediately. Hopefuly this will sort the issue

    Thanks again

  64. rod kennedy says:

    Well,alls well that ends well,i eventually recieved an e-mail from Amazon,whereupon they agreed to refund me the overcharge,as a one off goodwill gesture.
    Just had my Cc bill,and they have indeed reimbursed me as they said they would,though i admit i was not too sure it would happen,but its in black and white in front of me as i type,Well done Amazon,my faith has been restored.
    They put the problem down to a technical issue at their end,what can i say,we all make mistakes,and i,m happy now and will use Amazon again,regards,rod.

  65. Sam Deeks says:

    Praise where praise is due. I’m getting an all-round good feeling about the way Amazon does customer service. Just that the phone numbers *could* be slightly easier to find.. but impressed with the rest of their operation.

  66. asif says:

    m living in dubai nd i need a massager his name compect precussion massager with heat ..i try to buy in dubai but cant find that somone help me nd send me ths massager coz amazon seal only uk nd not have a shapping in dubai

  67. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Asif. Sounds like you’re looking for this baby:
    Can’t you buy it online? Won’t Amazon ship to Dubai? I’m afraid I know nothing about international online shopping… so I’m really not the best person to ask :-)

  68. chris says:

    Hi all, great post. the 0800 496 1081 number is to my surprise still working as i have just finished an epic convo with customer services.

    The problem i had was, so they said, nothing to do with them as i had not brought direct from amazon but as i was trying to explain i had brought via them using one click purchasing and when i placed the order it said nothing about post and pack costs and i only found out about them after i had been charged “no said amazon that cant happen” “yes said i it did” “no it cant” “yes it did” (you get the picture) until i speak to a guy at amazon who has access to the net for real, he follows my actions and uses the links i used and hey presto same situation, basket total £11.50 at checkout, one click and its paid, charge £15.50 at this point he laughed and said thanks to me for that as he wouldn’t have believed it and straight away puts credit onto my account even though they haven’t charged us and don’t have our money………now that’s great customer service on there part and plain bone idle on mine as i must be the laziest ba@t#*d here as i didn’t even go looking for the number on there site, just googled it and found this> so thanks to all who have done the hard work and a big cheers to Mr google for helping us find each other the lazy way

  69. Sam Deeks says:

    Lols Chris. Credit where credit’s due. Well played :-)

  70. sddddddddd says:

    thank you, you saved me so much time, haha (:

  71. Nigel Rankin says:

    Interesting reading. I have another problem with I keep getting damaged books, I woudl say about 25% at least. They are small but irritating, such as scuffs, tears and folded covers. This might seem picky, but I look after my books and prefer to buy undamaged books. The damage is too small to bother about sending back, especially if you consider the time it takes to wander down to the post office, queue and pay the postage.

    Does anyone else feel the same and is there anyway this can be highlighted to Amazon, who have said sorry and send it back. I’d rather they’d get it right first time.

    Moan over!

  72. Gerard Foley says:

    A big thank-you for your hard work. I have been trying to obtain their number for days and by chance I found your site.
    I have used Amazon for sometime now and never had any problems until now. Their communications with clients is poor I must say. All I wanted was confirmation that the faulty goods that I received will be collected on the 01.04.2011. Thanks to you I have now acheived this by speaking to a customer advisor.

  73. Sam Deeks says:


    Glad it helped. And yet, sooner or later, someone will STILL come along and insult me for posting this phone number and tell me what a prat I am. Weird, isn’t it?

  74. Ian Lee says:

    Hi Sam

    Can you help? Do you have a number I can ring Amazon from Australia? I tried 0207 084 7911 after the dialling code of 001144 but no luck. Nor with 001144 207 etc or 0011441207 etc

  75. Sam Deeks says:

    My online dial code calculators says from Western Australia it’s

    0011 44 20 7 084 7911

    with a ‘0’ or ‘9’ prefix if you need one to get an outside line on your switchboard.

    That’s all I can tell ya, I’m afraid!

  76. alan says:

    I’m a bit confused, just spent 4 days wrestling with amazon non english speaking customer services, to be brief, i received a 50 inch plasma on friday 6th may which had a smashed screen, and a prompt replacement on the 7thmay which was also smashed,, upon closer inspection i noticed labels that were covered by blank labels,, so i spent some time removing these labels only to find my tv’s had been sent back as damaged goods by somebody ellse previously, watch this space!,, so to get back to this site,, does this number put me through to the uk customer services in Berkshire?… if it does i will be melting their ears for selling me broken second hand tv’s as new , once is bad twice is, time to call watchdog,

  77. Amazon customer with regret says:

    Must concur with much of what’s been said. They employ people who have English as a second language with incomprehensible accents sometimes and without so much as checking their comprehension or fluency which in many cases is exceedingly basic. Hence I spent over an hour repeating my simple question using different expressions and words and sentence structures in order to assist the “customer services operative” in understanding why I was ringing.

    During that call I asked to be put through to a manager who might understand what I was saying, only to have him go off for 5 minutes and reappear pretending to have forgotten what he had been asked to do. I have written to them about their staff’s poor English which, allied to a standard 1 or 2 second time delay and often a very crackly line, makes communicating with them a pathetic struggle at times, but they assiduously ignore the question of spoken English believing, I think, that language fluency is a human rights or a race issue despite most of the staff clearly being European. The email responses sent back from customer services are also written by people with English as a second language. Hence don’t expect any sympathy if you are angry about the extraordinary language barrier Amazon chooses to put up.

    The staff are not chosen for their communication or English language skills but they are chosen for their polite manner which is a relief until you realise they are reading from a script and are otherwise usually oblivious and in all but one case completely unwilling to do anything except read from the script, even if you would like them to do something about or report inaccurate and misleading information on the website, either not understanding clear English or pretending not to or actively ignoring you. Unfortunately the email department behaves the same way. To get anything attended to you will have to escalate a complaint, perhaps several times, and make sure you are as succinct as possible or they will feel justified in ignoring you. I have given up pointing out issues to them, I would like to try to set things right for other customers but in the end these things are a question of priorities and it will take someone with more zeal than I have to have something done about it all.

    For example, information about the delivery options is one thing on the actual ordering pages, where you are informed not once but three times that expedited delivery means delivery in 1 business day, and are even given an estimated day of delivery if you choose the expedited delivery option, 1 business day after the order, but quite another on the “delivery information pages” where expedited delivery means up to 3 business days and quite another on the script for the customer services operatives who are trained to tell you it will take up to 4 business days. This is despite them happily taking £7 from you for expedited delivery at the point of sale on the basis that you can expect delivery in 1 business day. Imagine the stress I have been through on several occasions attempting to make my point understood to the “customer services” staff. I gave up in fact and wrote an email but begged them not to respond since I couldn’t bear to receive the profoundly disrespectful sales pitch that comes at you in response to anything you might care to mention to them. Humanity is not in evidence at Amazon I’m afraid.

    They also do not care one jot about people who have an issue with deliveries being left with neighbours. Both Amazon and their carriers automatically deem neighbours’ homes a “secure location” and there is not the option to prevent Amazon orders from being left with them or in any other place they deem a “secure location” – despite never having met you or knowing anything about you or your life. It is this lack of sensitivity coupled with their money-grabbing, unjustified delivery charges which tells you all you need to know about Amazon.

    Forgive me for stating the obvious but clearly it is not so obvious to these horrible corporations that neighbours can be horrid, they can be criminals, drunks, crack fiends, abusive characters… I might have been raped by a neighbour for all they know, or be disputing boundaries or noise or an ongoing leak with them. We might be slap bang in the middle of a court case. We are not all fortunate enough to live next to kindly folk. They tell you they have no authority or responsibility over the policies of their carriers but it is they who employ them and they who pay their wages. If they had ANY REGARD WHATSOEVER for their customers they would only employ carriers who respected their customers lives. At the least they would build in an option NOT to have deliveries left with neighbours or in any other place that could severely aggravate the personal lives of their customers. Clearly this is of no concern to them.

    However, even if a case is put to them which is clearly fair and only considerate they regurgitate an impersonal sales patter about the nearest related issue. It is painful to read the unrelated spiel that comes back at you. It is so deeply disrespectful. Which of course conflicts with their patter about being interested in feedback from customers. This makes shopping with them an unhappy experience, but because they have sell the widest range of goods they have a monopoly and people will put up with a lot for the convenience of doing all their shopping in one place. This monopoly allows them to provide the slimmest, weediest and cheapest possible of staff trainings which consists of reading aloud a series of written, non-negotiable responses aloud in as polite sounding a way as possible. Challenge that ever so slightly and the politeness gives way to barely concealed irritation, an inability and the lack of authority to be flexible and you see the business for what it is.

    I hope this information will prevent you from being as disappointed as I was in Amazon and prepare you for the profound frustration of the language barrier, the deliberate delivery ambiguities and the possibility of having to engage with horrid neighbours, all in the course of doing some shopping.

    If time of delivery is important to you, you must get to grips with who a product is being sold by. Before I understood this I filled my basket with any product I wanted and found that if I had placed the order I would have received 10 or more different deliveries over the course of a couple of weeks. The only way of getting what you want delivered to you in one package is to choose items Amazon sells only. Amazon deliberately makes this obscure to make money out of you. Good luck to Amazon customers.

  78. Sam Deeks says:

    Well, well, well. What can I say?

    You have captured perfectly some of the major frustrations of online shopping. Your description of losing the will to live as you get further and further away from the possibility of the customer service operative understanding your issue is spot on – brilliantly said.

    I have to say in my experience, I got an issue sorted quickly – but, on reflection, that may have more to do with my focus and assertiveness than on Amazon’s inherent customer service capability. I knew what I expected to happen and I just set it up so that the operative would help me achieve that.

    I’ve never seen anyone take as much time as you have to describe the frustrations of online customer service. I’m like you – I KNOW exactly what’s going wrong and part of me thinks that the companies involved should bite my hand to learn what they’re doing wrong… er, but no.

    In this day and age it’s about pushing the tolerance of the customer right to the edge for the short-term gain. A majority of people pay their money and get their goods. As far as most of these companies are concerned the minority of really unhappy customers are just collateral damage in the business of making money fast.

    Thanks for a great rant whoever you are.

  79. Lynda says:

    Like others I am very pleased to find some people airing views about Amazon.
    I am currently in dispute with an Amazon Marketplace trader who sent me used software when it was advertised as new.
    When I returned this (at his request) and asked for a refund he said he would do so when he received the goods.
    Surprise surprise, he claims he has not had them back despite them being sent ‘Signed for’.
    Numerous phonecalls and emails to Amazon have resulted in them saying I have to calim compensation from the Post Office. This will not amount to the price I paid for the software and is it really their responsibility if the seller sent the wrong goods in the first place?
    Amazon are ducking their responsibility here under the A-Z guarantee scheme (which looks good but doesn’t appear to mean anything) and even if you speak to a customer service person they say nothing helpful because they are not dealing with the claim. Apparently the claims department do not have phones!
    Meanwhile the seller continues to advertise items for sale on the Amazon website – buyer beware.
    Sorry for the rant – frustrated and definitely not an Amazon customer any more!

  80. Arch says:

    Hi Sam, first class ‘site’ if I may say so. Read all the various letters and comments, including the not so helpful ones and would like to input my pennyworth for what it is worth.

    Ordered an item on 4th June for Royal Mail delivery and was notified by Amazon that it had been posted on 7th. goods didn’t arrive and I duly e-mailed Amazon (prior to finding your site today)but Amazon did not reply to e-mail. on dicovering your site I promptly followed your guidelines on the 0800 no. to be immediately put through to a very helpful member of the Amazon team who took my call and explained the three day waiting period after the last delivery date. Notwithstanding she then contacted the seller who arranged with me to forward a second item today (with a covering e-mail and returns address label) to download should the first item appear. All it requires now is await replacement item and give a ‘thumbs up’ for first class service.

    Whilst I commiserate with the other unfortunates I do feel that credit where credit is due is called for and I personally will continue to shop with Amazon as the occasion arises.

    In closing let me compliment you on the interest you have stirred up over the months and wish you all the best.

  81. Sam Deeks says:

    ARch, thank you for the comment. You’ll see that I think generally Amazon customer service is pretty good. My only complaint was the difficulty in making contact. Great to see other people commenting on how good the service is (apart from the phone number issue). The payback for doing good customer service is exactly this: people in social media saying good things. Oh, yes – and increased consumer confidence leading to more sales.

  82. Andrew says:

    Frustrated, annoyed, dismayed getting customer services to do anything is impossible. Have a problem with non delivery and no response from one of Amazons marketplace venders. Followed all the proceedure was told that i can file a claim today 17th June 2011 (as per a-z) on the third day now being told it is four days and…. the earliest i can do it will be 23:59:59 on 18th (technically that will be the 19th) that will be the fifth. Then been told have to wait up to 14 days for a response. Amazon keep changing the goal posts to suit them. they have had my money for since placing the order and have done diddly and wont do anything – they are not even keeeping to their own rules. Have decided to email the CEO and cancel my account. just noticed that I spent over £2000 on Amazon in last 12 months… whatever happend to cusomer service and loyalty

  83. Lynda says:

    This was posted on another site and I tried the email addresses.I have not had a reply but I have had a refund within 24 hours so something must have worked. Many thanks for the help, whoever you are.

    “Hi. I’ve had a nightmare with Amazon.

    I STRONGLY advise you to contact the Managing Director directly if you are not getting anywhere with Customer Services.

    Contact details are:

    Email “” – MD is called Brian McBride

    Email “” – Executive Customer Relations

    I received pretty much instant reponses to these email addresses, but if you do want to write, the address is: Ltd.
    Customer Services
    Patriot court
    1-9 The Grove
    Berkshire SL1 1QP”

  84. David says:

    Hi, excellent blog – guess what, I came here via Google … like everyone else I expect.

    Today’s credit card bill had a £49 charge for Amazon Prime. I knew I’d not paid for that, so I checked, and quickly realised that I’d signed up for a free month, but stupidly didn’t read the small (tiny, bottom of page below all the exciting stuff about how wonderful the service was) print about the automatic enrolment.

    Anyway, happily I hadn’t used the service and was able to automatically cancel, and my money will be refunded (albeit on next month’s credit card bill, so that’s annoying). It’s good that they make it easy to do this – on the other hand, I think legally they have to do allow a cooling-off period anyway in the UK …

    I wrote an email to customer services – didn’t find this too difficult to find, but had to log in of course – I suggested that it would be a good idea to send out an automatic reminder, just so your memory was jogged, and you could cancel before it was too late.

    I got a reply back 2 hours later. Fab … except of course it sounds like an automatic reply, and they are taking my complaint seriously, of course:

    “Strong customer feedback like yours helps us continue to improve the selection and service we provide, and we appreciate the time you took to contact us.”

    Then I search online and find your site, and halfway down the page, “Adam”, Dec 15, 2010, is annoyed about the same thing.

    So, do you reckon it’s probable that they aren’t going to change this?

    I know of course that the automatic opt-in isn’t a new idea, and existed before the web, but …

  85. Oh Cheers says:

    Thanks so much for this blog post. The 0207 084 7911 worked excellently for me, as of today, Saturday 30th July 2011. I was answered after just one ring!

    Got through to an American-sounding chap, ostensibly in an American call centre, as the service I got was top notch: plenty of assurances that if my large expensive item had been misdelivered, another would be sent at no extra cost to me, the buyer.

    The origin of my problem was that the courier had not contacted me to arrange deliver despite alleging that they had. Turns out that somehow there had been a keying error between the mobile phone number Amazon had on record compared to the courier.

    All now corrected! Item should be delivered next week. And sorted out in less than 15 minutes. :-)

    Compare that to EDF Energy (et al) with whom I can say I kept on hold for 40 minutes yesterday before I could give a meter reading.

  86. Sam Deeks says:

    You’re welcome. Yet more evidence that when you get through, the customer service Amazon gives is excellent.

  87. Liz F says:

    Would also like to thank you for supplying this number. My Amazon account was hacked. They’ve locked me out of the account for weeks while they investigate – but kept my linked seller account ‘live’ but not accessible to me. Now someone wants to buy one of my items but I can’t access their details to send the item. Neither – as I can’t access my account – will the website provide me with contact details for its ‘seller support services’. So thanks so much for providing a phone number which did get me an Amazon call centre person who’s promised someone will come back to me in 24 hours…

  88. Charlie says:

    My wife who is not an Amazon customer received an email confirming an order she had not made with a delivery address unknown to her. Having replied to the email she received another email telling her to log-in to her account to contact customer services. As she did not have an account and has no intention of creating one she was struggling to find any way of contacting Amazon until I found this Blog. Come on Amazon, get your act together. If you are as good as you claim to be your Customer Service Number should be on your main web page

  89. RJ says:

    Many thanks for posting the number. It may be (relatively) simple to find when you know where, but it still takes three clicks (in the right place), on sign-in, the completion of a form, plus another click for good measure, before you get the option of a call-back or using their number.

    Of course there is a good reason why they do this. If they pinned their number on the home page they’d be swamped with calls about issues which are easily resolveable online – not only making customers service provision vastly more expensive for then, but also making it more time-consuming for people with issues not so easy to resolve on the website to get through to an operator.

    When I used the number this evening I found the American lady on the other end to be polite, friendly and very helpful. I also only had to press a couple of buttons to get through the automated section, and was connected within a minute. If only other companies significantly smaller than Amazon could offer that level of access to their help staff.


    P.S. Please forgive the false email address – I receive quite enough SPAM already!

  90. Peter says:

    Just a quick thankyou to you for this number 0800 496 1081 in the UK it works today.
    I am located out of the UK, but some books I bought arrived today damaged and I want to get them replaced. The US Amazon company has never quibbiled with me, and has replaced them (it wasn’t postal damage in that case, but a page with ink smeared across it). It took me an hour to find this number. The reason I am so happy is that I use Skype to call both the US and UK companies. I have found that I can call the UK for free using skype and discuss the matter without paying toll fees.
    Just paste this into your skype phone number +448004961081

    The US books always arrive beautifully packaged, but the UK ones are often dented and marked. The invoice (inside) was actually crumpled, and the box had had some severe treatment, someone had put some extra tape around it to stop it falling apart. I wonder if I will get an immediate replacement from the UK ?

  91. Sam Deeks says:

    You’re welcome Peter. Good idea re. the Skype contact. Hadn’t thought of that!

  92. jill phillips says:

    Thank you so much for the SECOND (ie NOT free!) number -and, I see, Peter, above – since I’m calling from Italy. Your number got me through to US rather than UK, but they dealt with my UK problem successfully, though the accent did take a bit of time to cope with. Hurrah for Skype, where Amazon now has a permanent place.
    I’ve very often spent very long periods searching for a contact number without success and am really grateful to you for thinking of other people.Best wishes,

  93. Dear Sir or Madam,
    I have searched for all over and cannot find anyone who can help me, Should you not be able to please can you send this mail on to someone who can help.
    Basically I am the Author of “I Could Have Been aq Rent Boy” and “Living a Tightrope”These I notice are showing up on Amazon, what I would like to know, if Royalties are Paid, to whom and who should I talk to in respect of these,
    I am a Pensioner who knows practically nothing about the above mentioned matters,

    I do hope you can help. Please, Any information I would be grateful.

    Yours sincerely Gerry Jenkinson

  94. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Gerry

    I’m afraid I don’t really know what you need to do if someone is selling your book via Amazon without your permission – other than to contact Amazon and complain to them about it. Try them on 0800 496 1081 and see how you get on.

  95. Aleister says:

    I was given this number for Amazon UK customer service today:
    Calling from the US, you’d dial 011-44-207-084-7911
    I got a rapid busy signal the first couple of times but eventuall got through. Hope this helps!

  96. K A Newland says:

    First time order from Amazon was Sunday 30th October 2011. Today 4th November, NO ORDER DELIVERED SO FAR. Have been tracking my parcel and was supposed to be delivered to Yodel 1st November. Phoned Yodel (Chelmsford) today and they have no idea what these tracking numbers or order numbers are!!!!!!! Thanks Amazon, lost my money as well as my parcel. Will have to go and buy another from shop now. Will never use you again and will never recommend you or Yodel either.

  97. Sam Deeks says:

    Well.. K.A. Did you contact Amazon using the phone numbers that I very kindly provide here? Or did you mistake me for Amazon and just start ranting? Lols.

  98. S. Brown says:

    Thanks so much for posting the Amazon Customer Service number. I simply couldn’t find it because it is so well hidden. If like me you are absolutely determined NOT to e-mail and really want to SPEAK to someone, you keep exiting the ‘e-mail’ bit, but THAT is the very place the danged number is hidden!! Seems my stubborn nature was my downfall! Thanks again :)

  99. Patrick Reid says:

    I too ended up here having been utterly frustrated by the Amazon website. My problem is that even the help screen does not get me anywhere, as my problem does not fit in to any of their categories, and when I follow the “If your problem is not listed above , click here”, I get a “404 page not found”, so they clearly do not want to hear about the problem on their website. I have been a customer for many years and this is the first time I have had a problem (trying to checkout, the system goes in to a loop – on two consecutive days). The problem is the price they ae offering on the particular item is so attractive that I reall would like to take advantage of it!

  100. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Patrick
    Lols. It’s funny how so many people end up here. That’s why I wrote this post – because I could see straight away that Amazon were keeping their contact details relatively well-hidden.

  101. Patrick Reid says:

    Well I finally tried Amazon support. I got through quickly, but the only recommendation I got was that I should change my browser to Firefox, because “Lots of our customers are having problems using Internet Explorer”. I could not get the message across that it was up to Amazon to fix their system, not me to make a MAJOR change to my way of working. In the end I rang off in frustration. And they call it “Customer Service”!

  102. David Guy says:

    Hi Sam

    Thank goodness for good people like you. 30 minutes of desperation on Amazon’s website left me tearing my hair out. Five minutes after reading your post, I was speaking to Amazon and sorting out my problem. They were most polite and helpful. Why on earth do they hide their number?
    Best wishes for 2012

  103. Sam Deeks says:

    Hey David, you’re welcome. Thanks for the comment – and you have a great 2012 too. Why does Amazon hide its number? So it doesn’t have to pay people to handle customers.

  104. eric thorn says:

    I ordered two dvd’s from amazon on the 15th. november, paid £29.80,and these have not yet turned up.


    Woolen mittens claimed to have posted these.

    I have questioned Amazon regarding this,4 times previously with no feedback from woolen mittens,and subsequently reordered successfully through another Amazon dealer.

    How can I get my money back please.

  105. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Eric
    Sorry, I’ve no idea – other than use the phone number on this post to contact Amazon and ask them directly?

    Good luck.

  106. Neil says:

    Hi Sam

    Just wanted to say THANKS the number works and saved me ages trawling to find it.

    Happy New Year!

  107. Sam Deeks says:

    And a happy new year to you too, Neil.

  108. M Dolores Harper Morgan says:

    I’m thinking about getting your Online Reputatin Management Rep Mogul. Now is it $47.00 or $97.00. I have two sites to get two payments of $47.00 and one of two payments of $97.00. Witch one is it please. Please tell me the total cost. Thanks Dolores

  109. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Delores.
    Wrong site :-)

  110. Rodders says:

    I bought a sagem freeview recorder dec 2010, cost £195, which packed up june 2011. outside 30 day limit i’m told so amazon don’t want to know. I go direct to sagem and get a free replacement from sagem(france). now 6 months later, the replacement has packed up. I would now like my money back as these units obviously not fit for purpose..but amazon still don’t want to know. so how do i go about getting a refund at this stage? does sale of goods act apply here? what about consumer association?
    anybody got any suggestions.

  111. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Rodney
    Thanks for commenting. I’m sure ‘The Sale of Goods’ act applies somewhere in here but I don’t know a) the details of that act and b) how it applies to Amazon who are ‘store-fronting’ for other suppliers/vendors. I’m sure you could post a question on any of the major consumer rights forums and get some pretty good information.
    Good luck

  112. Cathy Moroney says:

    Hi Sam

    Just used this to ring Amazon – great service and thanks. Kept being directed to email and passwords again and again and again via website and thought what is going on……..then typed in google number for Amazon to be met with a premium number paying £1.35 a minute for the pleasure of calling Amazon……..just to order something and spend more money…………….awful service from Amazon. Phoned your 0207 number and spoke to a charming customer service girl. Told her the website was rubbish in that I can’t contact anyone to get a password. She then tried to get me to navigate site………………………………Got there in the end via customer service dept as password changes is delayed at the moment!!!!!!!!!! Sam: 1 Amazon Website: O. Thanks a million.

  113. Davinia says:

    Wow! I am so happy to have come across your website, thank you for the number. I cannot tell you how frustrated I have been with Amazon and how many hours I have dedicated to trying to cancel my merchant seller account. More importantly, trying to cancel the charges that continue to leave my bank account, it is now 2 months since the account has been officially closed.

    I have just called the number you have provided (at 10pm in the evening here in Paris) and I have spoken to the most sincere of Customer Service Managers, she has insisted she will get to the bottom of my issues and resolve them and I do in fact believe that she will! Thank you, I will sleep a little better courtesy of your website and the kind lady at Amazon!

  114. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Davinia – pleased that it helped. We keep hearing that once people ARE able to get through, Amazon Customer Service is excellent. If they made their phone number more visible, more people could have that positive experience and become advocates for the Amazon experience. Doh.

  115. Davinia says:

    Hi Sam – I am not sure I will ever become an advocate myself, I will certainly never recommend them or deal with them ever again, however once they refund me that is but i am happy that I am closer to getting closure!

    All the best


  116. Barbara says:

    Cheers!! That was very helpfull!! The help page at amazon is a nightmare!!;)

  117. Shaun says:

    As a seller or I should say ex seller as Amazon have suspended my account i would just like to point out that sellers are treated just as badly.

    recently I got 2 x 4 out of 5 because item was damaged in the post. I can assure you the way it was packaged it took some doing to damage them.

    I was then even more unlucky with 2 x 1 out of 5s what were they for well the first was a brand new cd STILL SEALED that the buyer claimed it showed signs of being played many many times. I assumed it had just come lose in the case & got scratched I asked him to return it & SURPRISE SURPRISE it got lost in the post even then although I doubt he ever sent it back I sent him a replacement & even put 3 first class stamps in to cover his costs for the one he claimed to have returned.

    The 2nd one was for another cd this one is in a digi pack I sold it as new but clearly stated the shrink wrap had a small split at the front & there was some slight damage to the front cardboard because of this I sold it at about half price. 4 weeks later I then get contacted saying the discs were scratched & had been played I replied that the spilt which was about 2 – 3 cm was on the front & therefore it would have been impossible for the discs to have been removed. he did not comment on this about 3 weeks later however he then claimed the back of the digi pack was also damaged I pointed out that 1 he had not mentioned this the first time & 2 that because it was a rare item I had wrapped it in 2 layers of bubble wrap again he did not reply so i thought that was the end of it but 7-8 weeks later he then sends me photos that now show damage on the side of the digi pack now this is where I almost feel sorry for the guy being from High Wycombe which once had a huge paper & printing industry he had been unlucky enough to try it on with somebody who could spot that because the paper where the bits had been torn off was so white it clearly showed that this damage was only very recent & certainly not old enough to have happened in transit. again no reply now about 4 weeks later he has complained to Amazon & sods law not only do all of these inc his complaint to Amazon occur within days of each other but just to make it even worse & package I sent to Australia gets held up in the post & rather than contact me he contacts Amazon.

    My account is now suspended the money in it Amazon refuse to let me have for 90 days & although the guy in Australia got his package on Wednesday on Saturday Amazon gave him a refund from my account. up until now when I emailed Amazon they replied within 5 hours even at weekends i emailed them on Sat night telling them he had received the discs & therefore they should refund my money well is now just short of 48 hours since I sent them the message & guess what no reply.

    So LYNDA thanks for the Amazon address now I will invoice them & if they dont pay up then we will be discussing this in court. This time they have picked on the wrong guy I hate being aggressive but it looks like I only have 2 choices as they wont reply its either take a hit for just under £100.00 or fight back & if we do end up in court im going to go for as much publicity over this as I can get.

    Shame they are in Slough its only just up the road I was hoping that they would have to travel miles to get there

  118. Jackie says:

    Sam, you said it… ‘the harder you make it for people to contact you the more likely it will be that they will get frustrated and blog about it either to rant or simply to provide a shortcut to the hard-to-find info’. Thank you for the useful info on this page.

  119. Sam Deeks says:

    You’re welcome Jackie. My own frustration drove me to help others.

  120. greenjeans says:

    is this for real? The reason why they have that window with the Call Us, Email Us or Chat option is so that – say you click on Call Us – The call is then connected to an agent and the agent is immediately given a summary of what your problem is and your account is per-verified. This saves time and effort for the customer and the Agent that you will speak with. Also when you click on Call Us from within the UK the call is completely free.

  121. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi greenjeans. Thanks for your comment. It appears that the service is that they’ll call YOU, rather than the other way. And yes, if you go through that process of logging in, choosing the order you’re concerned about AND if they do call you back you will – as you pointed out – be pre-verified and set to go.

    That looks like a great service and, although I haven’t used it myself, judging by the good feedback everyone has left once the HAVE finally got through on the phone, I’m sure it works well.

    So why not put that on the front friggen’ page: “Hey, if you have a problem click here to get a callback”??

    What the number of people commenting here shows is that, whether you or Amazon like it or not, people come here frustrated because the thing they think they need (a phone number to contact a customer service person), they can’t find. However, if the thing they think they need isn’t the thing they really need and what they really need is an even more efficient ‘fill-in-your-details-here-and-get-a-super-efficient-call-back’ service that they don’t know they need, then it’s STILL up to Amazon to signpost that for them.

    I’ll help by amending my post and adding a screen shot of the right option to take – but guess what? There will still be a lot of people arriving here under the impression that Amazon is trying to avoid talking to its customers.

  122. Dear Sir or Madam, I am not sure if I am talking to the correct people,however here goes.

    Yesterday, 16th April my wife took a package in for my daughter Carolyn Hunter. We live at xxxx x x x xxxxxx.There is an Account No on the box xxxxxx and Ref no xxxxxxx

    It contained a set of Diamond Earrings, however when my wife opened it there wasa butterfly missing from the backm of one earrings. Now we have a faulty goods package , my daughter phoned the company and was told they could do nothing, why is this, surely a faulty goods should be returned and a new package sent out or failing that a butterfly sent aqs a replacement. This is the way we work in England, but apparently not in America.

    I am not a happy person especially as these aare a very exspensive set for our grandaughters 18th birthday on the 19th April. Now we are stuck. I suppose I could go to any jeweller and requeat a butterfly but why should I do this especially as it is your fault.

    I would like an answer ASAP please, preferably today !7th April.

    Regards Gerry J

  123. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Gerry, sadly, no, you’re not in the right place. This isn’t

    But follow the ‘Help’ button on their website and, so some people tell me, you’ll eventually find your way to a helpful operator who will be able to help you. Or use the phone number at the top of this post.

    Good luck!

  124. abhinav says:



  125. Sam Deeks says:

    You’re shouting at all the wrong people, abhinav. Sorry

  126. Kate says:

    Hi Sam

    Is that 0800 phone number still current? I noticed that this thread was started in 2009. Anyway, I am having a huge problem on KDP (KIndle Direct Publishing) who are not answering my messages. In fact, they never do. I have sent several emails to them over the last few months, the latest batch concerning my royalties but nada. Other authors get responses and apologies no problem. I have tried sending messages from their ‘contact us’ page, from my own email, and even tried a different email to see if that would work, but not a dickie bird.


  127. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Kate – I don’t know, tbh. Give it a go (i would but am busy right now) :-) good luck, though.

  128. Righton says:

    Hi Sam, Well done for finding the number and sharing it, and allowing comment.
    I actually made use of an email address provided in one of your comments above and have just had a telephone response from a lovely UK based Amazon CS lady who has confirmed everything via email and said the resolution team will be dealing with my other issues.

    all power to those who need to get in touch with real Amazon people.

  129. Sam Deeks says:

    Thank you Righton for your comment – glad it helped.

  130. I am not happy with my order, I believe I lost my money, never I arrive the delivery. no good….

  131. Clive Larman says:

    The number (0800 496 1081) may have vanished from the amazon website, but it is still working.

    I called it this morning (24.05.2012) and it was answered by amazon customer services.

  132. Hannah says:

    This is such a good page. I don’t even have amazon- a package was left with my elderly grandmother because the recipient wasn’t in- and the package was from about 3 miles away! She can’t look after herself, let alone go three miles to deliver a bulky package on the behalf of amazon. So I wanted to call up and ask why on earth was such a package left with a clearly elderly and frail lady, so far from its destination?! But I just couldn’t get to a phone number unless I had an account. Just what is the deal with that? It’s awful customer service, really.

  133. Sajax says:

    Already mentioned above the 0800 496 1081 number for Amazon Customer Service (UK?) still works.

    I’ve had reason to call that number more than once in the last couple of days. Furthermore the number has been answered by a human being even in the middle of the night …

    So Amazon like other global corporate entities use automated call transfer to helpdesks anywhere in the world, and I suspect that this may function more or less 24hrs per day on most days. Using a bit of subtle enquiry I was able to establish that on one occasion I was speaking to an agent based at a helpdesk in the Phillipines. Thus the level of English language competency could be quite variable.

    In my case the English language usage was excellent and did not cause an issue, but it did take a somewhat suprising length of time for the agent to actually access and assimilate the account details and reason for my complaint…but in general the experience was much better than dealing with other companies I could mention…

  134. Marissa says:

    Thank you for the 0800 number Sam, it saved me awaful lots of time and connected me straight away to Amazon Customer Service. Excellent stuff!!

  135. Sam Deeks says:

    You’re welcome. Customer service is great (when you finally figure out how to get through to them)!

  136. Susan says:

    Hi Sam

    Thank you for putting the amazone telephone number on here as i have the best part of hours trying to get the number and also when they say click on the contact button it does not go anywhere so can ask them to call me back, so thank you again a i have been have techincal problems with the shopping basket where it is not letting me delete my items in the basket or even amended.

  137. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Susan
    You’re welcome. Glad to have been able to help!

  138. Jerry Mcguire says:

    It is very frustrating when you are trying to call a company and can not locate the number on their website. Merchantinc is a great company and their phone number is listed on the front page of their website!

  139. Mohammad says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the number. I can confirm that it works.

  140. Sam Deeks says:

    Good to hear Mohammad – thanks for commenting

  141. Sharon says:

    I got Amazon phone number quick easily-it was given by Yodel when I called them for a parcel that they left in my neighbour(knocked at mt neighbour’s door many times so I called Yodel). Yodel wanted me to call Amazon for the issue and when I asked for Amazon’s phone number they gave it to me. Amazon customer service is simply amazing and none of other company’s as good as Amazon. Now I’m Amazon’s loyal customer !

  142. Simon says:

    Hi Sam,

    Just a small update for anyone having any issues with the 0800 number for Amazon, I specifically was looking for ‘Kindle’ support so for anyone looking for a quicker way to get hold of them that number is 08004962449. The number your showing is for general Customer Service queries, still works (confirmed as of now :D) and they can transfer you if required.

  143. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Simon – thanks for the direct number for Kindle support! Good to hear the numbers are still working and that Amazon are still giving good customer service. At risk of being a broken record it’s still worth noting that I get a lot of daily traffic to this site for searches for ‘amazon customer service phone number’.

    Anyway, the good news for Amazon is that people by and large very happy with the customer service they receive – when they get through :-)

  144. Krazygirl says:

    Having found one Amazon number at £1.50 a minute which is a real RIP-OFF I was delighted to come across this website giving Amazon freephone number, I rang the number and was able to sort out my query within minutes. Thank you for a favour well done!!!

  145. Vanessa Travis says:

    Dear Mr Deeks,

    A MASSIVE thank you for taking the time to create a place of sanity in the crazy world of none human help lines. I’ve been trying to contact them for a while now and was going nuts !

    I really hope someone big head honcho-ish, from Amazon, see’s this blog. Do you know if they have?

  146. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Vanessa – thanks for your thanks :-) No, as far as I know, no-one from Amazon has visited. Pity really because they’d see a lot of nice things said about their customer service, not so nice things about the apparent difficulty in contacting them. Glad it was able to save you a headache!

  147. Sam Simpson says:

    What a Flaming joke Amazon is, i paid an extra £7.00 to have next day delivery, two days later i am STILL waiting…
    They have offered me my money for back for the delivery charge, its not the point AMAZON…… Why advertise next day delivery if YOU CANT DELIVER, I wont be using AMAZON AGAIN…. VERY NAFFED OFF NOT IMPRESSED……

  148. Cat says:

    Blinking heck took me ages to read all that,lol.
    Ok my story:
    This is very important and can you please share this:

    Can folk please watch out when buying items from sellers on Amazon and double check reviews before buying anything, and never buy from sellers that have little reviews or non, and also never buy from sellers that have only one thing on their storefront. They are bogus sellers. Yes I was caught out this week buying a rabbit/puppy playpen and thought oh a new person just starting up on Amazon and price for cage was cheap, I fell hook line and sinker. Thank goodness I will get my money back from Amazon but in meantime I have had to re- order another playpen and fork out more money till I get refunded.
    The store/seller was: magslotstores

    Please folk I know it is coming up for Christmas and folk will be busy buying stuff online, but be extra vigilant.x

    I did have an Indian woman from customers service phone me, and you do get this choice when you contact customer support and she was very nice on the phone did not bullshit like some.
    Anyway today was last day I expected to get the delivery of the cage from the seller but nothing and no feedback from Bogus seller either. So I then put in a claim for refund which I am covered to do so. I think I may also put in a claim for compensation as well.

    If you don’t complain you get nowhere..

  149. shaun says:

    Cat you’re going a little over the top here fair enough you came across a bad one but this is pretty rare on Amazon who actually have a very bad & much deserved reputation for being unfair to sellers.

    You will always get your money back although I do appreciate the problems this can cause at least you are covered where as Ebays customer care policy is nowhere near as good as it sounds if a seller threatens to take ebay to court if ebay take back a payment ebay will nearly always back out & then you are left with either a faulty item or no item at all & no refund.

    Also remember all Businesses have to start somewhere so not having got any ratings does not mean they are no good I sell on Amazon quite a bit & its not uncommon to get a message from a seller thanking & praising me for both the quality & speed of delivery to then find they never leave feedback. I assume this can also work the other way as well but so far it has not happened to me so I cant be sure about this.

    Also remember there are people like me who have run a business for many years but because of the reputation Amazon have with sellers would under normal circumstances touch Amazon with a barge pole however because of the recession have been forced into selling on there to keep there business afloat they then go on there as a totally unknown even though they could have been going for years.

    So please be fair & give the new guys a chance however having said that Christmas is coming up & the Crooks will be out to try it on Wait until Jan/Feb by then the crooks will have gone & any new Traders still there are almost certain to be honest

  150. Cat says:


    I and many other buyers have given this particular seller more than a chance and none of us have received our goods.

    Tell that to the other buyers who have also been let down and the crook taken their cash.
    I shop on Amazon all the time so this is not a first incident in fact in 2009 I had bought a toy for my daughter and the parcel failed to arrive.
    So you see as well as the good sellers you also have the crooks.
    Something has to be done to protect the consumers each time they buy off Amazon.

  151. shaun says:

    CAT something is done about it if you go to Amazon with a complaint they will look into it & I can assure you that unless the seller has a cast iron case they will always believe the buyer even if the seller has a perfect record over years of selling on Amazon. That is why I was so reluctant to ever start selling on there. I know several traders who I would trust with my life who have had there reputations damaged by dodgy buyers. Did you know that if a seller sends an item by royal mail recorded delivery or even special delivery even though the buyer signs for it if the buyer then claims not to have received it Amazon will not accept either a copy or the original as proof of delivery & will therefore give the buyer a refund (come on you have to admit that’s pretty unfair on the seller) even though it is obvious the buyer has to be telling lies I can assure you of this because it has happened to me twice.

    So far the loss has not been worth fighting Amazon over but some of the things I sell are highly collectable if it happens to 1 of those then sure I can take Amazon to court but im U K based Amazon are based in Luxembourg. That means I would need a team of lawyers on retainers for months While Amazons lawyers will use every delaying tactic in the book the costs could run into tens of thousands of pounds which will force 99% of people to either drop it because they cant afford the cost of even getting Amazon into a court room or they will just accept it from the start & not even try fighting them even though they are in the right & Amazon know it.

    If that is not bad enough you then get a complaint registered against you even though you are obviously innocent if even that single 1 complaint pushes your average over 1% over the previous year you get a warning if its over 5% then your account either gets a temp or as more often is the case permanent suspension I was very lucky the 2 pushed my average down to 95.3% & with some begging messages to those who were happy with me but had not left feedback there response pushed me back up to (if I remember correctly) around 98% but I was lucky many others have not been. Want to hear of a really silly one I know this is true because i know the guy he takes over a warehouse on a long term contract so he is stuck with it he cant just walk away & go somewhere else he wants to sell on Amazon he has never done so before but he is banned from doing so why because at sometime in the past somebody else who previously used either that warehouse or the phone number of that warehouse was kicked off of Amazon. He got a totally new phone line put in still banned because of the address & now so is the new phone number as well. Ok he beat it in the end by using his home address & number but what a pain & incidentally when he tried to discuss it with Amazon they did what they always do to sellers when they know they have messed up ignore messages/emails & don’t reply & as for calling them they transfer him to another department who never pick up even if you put it on speaker phone & sit there for hours it will not get answered.

    Like I said before at this time of year I agree there are some dodgy ones on Amazon & for that matter Playtrade as well to name just 1 & as for ebay well from Oct to Jan any seller with less than 100 feedbacks & 97% (after all nobody is perfect however hard you try) pos feedback should be avoided.

    Unfortunately its almost imposable to ever be 100% safe wherever you buy or sell but even though I hate Amazon as I find them totally unprofessional & no matter how obvious it is that they are the ones who have got it wrong they will never admit it & if like me you have the cheek to send them a polite email stating all the facts & include the proof of delivery as I have done twice then you either get told they do not accept Royal Mails proof of delivery as proof of delivery or if like me you then have the damn cheek to send them another polite email asking them why not then they just wont reply complain about that & all you get is a message saying they are not prepared to enter into any-more discussion about this & have closed the case any further correspondence will not be entered into and that’s when your nice to them imagine what they would be like if I had been honest & told them what I really think of them.

    Anyhow once again good luck in the future & please remember just like buyers sellers are not all crooks but unfortunately the few mess it up for the vast majority

  152. Nhs whistle blower says:

    Amazon have been sending death threats in the way of using book covers as a vehicle for conveying messages of violence and terror.
    This sort of intimidation in form of adverts is being used to coherse and induce fear in a person that sues the state or raises public interest concerns . Rogue masons that have networks can do his .
    Collect all the evidence and report to the police if it happens to you . Sussex uk

  153. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Whistleblower – thanks for the loopiest comment I’ve ever received on my blog. It great to think you took the time to actually write this.

  154. shaun says:

    I don’t know what whistle blower is on but I hope I never take it

  155. Cat says:

    Sorry for late reply,
    I don’t believe I am going over the top.
    Having spoken to Amazon customer services on the phone numerous times I now understand why folk don’t get anywhere with them, half that work there don’t even speak English.
    I have come across a good many people this year who have all been ripped off by bogus sellers on Amazon.
    I contacted Amazon again yesterday and was put through to a supervisor who spoke like Stephen Hawking’s and his reply was ‘ We can’t keep track of all our Amazon sellers’.

    Shaun- In reply- I am not stating that all sellers are bad but there are a good few fake sellers out there and really Amazon should be keeping an eye out on their site.

    Amazing how a company can get away with not only treating the buyers like shite but also the sellers, and this company own a good few more companies and dodge paying UK tax, I also read somewhere online that the government also funds an amount to Amazon.

    Anyway reason for posting is to make sure this happen to no one else.
    I had no problems finding Amazon phone number in 2009 and no problems finding it now.

  156. Sam Deeks says:

    Agreed. It’s a pretty distorted opinion – I approved it for light relief.

  157. rhomany says:

    I’m just replying as it seems many people are still coming to this page in search of the eluzive amazon contact number for the UK.

    If you follow the directions in this post and log into amazon then google ‘Amazon callback number’ you now get taken to a page with an email option, a 0870 number option and a LIVE CHAT option! You can even send them links to pictures etc as I just did for items damaged by their courier.

    It’s taken just a few minutes to sort out. in fact, it took me longer looking for the info on Amazon’s site than to google ‘amazon complaints’ then come here and google ‘amazon callback’!

  158. Sam Deeks says:

    Yes, it’s an oddly well-kept secret. Anyway, back when I blogged about this it did seem difficult to find a way through to the right information. I wasn’t alone, evidenced by the continuous stream of traffic coming here in frustration. I’ve always said that once you get to them, Amazon customer services are great. Your comment re-iterates this – and the difficulty of visually looking for that information on the site.

  159. GEOFF says:

    Sam you’re a National Treasure for finding this telephone number. I got connected through to some guy on a rickshaw miles away in distant parts. I think he was using a peddle-operated electricity generator but sorted the problem out. Although there was only an electric cable missing Amazon are sending a whole complete kit out again and I have to return the original incomplete unit. They must have money to burn on postage! Thanks once again>

  160. Sam Deeks says:

    Welcome Geoff :)

  161. Anna says:

    how can in one two part order delvier one part and then for the second send emails seeking info for verification and same time say out of stock.

    many calls emails and from week befopre xmas to now new years i have games but no console to play it on!!!

    thank you fro the number i will make that all event hough faxes they requested had not worked at all.

  162. paul says:

    49.00 has been taken out of paul j*****s account by amazon and he hasnt ordered anything please reply a s a p

  163. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi there. You need to contact Amazon customer service – try using the number in the post (above) – they’re very good, I hear, when you get hold of them.

  164. Dr Weiguang Wang says:

    To whom it may concern,
    I purchased a MacBookAir Power Adaptor online via Amazon website in early November 2012. The product was not working. I contacted the seller. She asked me to send the goods back and promised me that they will refund the cost. I sent it back on 29/11/12. Since then I have emailed the seller for a couple times and did not hear anything from them. The Royal mail tracking system shows that them received the goods.
    Could you advice me how to deal with this matter?
    Many thanks,
    Weiguang Wang

  165. Sam Deeks says:

    I’d use the phone number at the top of the post and get in touch with Amazon’s normally very helpful customer service people. Good luck.

  166. colin Smith says:

    Just to inform everone thanks to the originator this number still works tried it today 16th January 2013. I obtained a reply almost immediatly but get ready to swap lots of numbers and travel to other web sites.

  167. Sam Deeks says:

    Thanks for that update, Colin. Glad it got you through

  168. Biffa says:

    Weiguang Wang, replying to your post, I would check your bank account/credit card however you paid for the product you ordered, Amazon have another annoying habit of refunding a return without actually talking to you, this has happened to me with my sons birthday present, he waited for weeks for it to come back fixed…

    …it didn’t and if you’d seen his face you’d get an idea of the effects of Amazon’s increasingly awful customer service.

  169. Shaun says:

    Dr Weiguang Wang
    Amazon do not accept royal Mail Proof of Delivery As Proof of Delivery good luck you could have a real battle to get your money back or any repair/replacement.

  170. bryan hewitt says:

    Just to confirm, the 0800 number is still working; phoned today 6th Feb 2013 re an e.mail confirmation which I received claiming I had placed an order for Kindle goods to be delivered to an address in the USA. They answered after the second ring and within a couple of minutes, the very helpful lady was able to reassure me that the e.mail was bogus and that my account had not been compromised. Must say that the e.mail was very impressive and was indistinguishable from a genuine Amazon document. An excellent service from the customer service lady.

  171. Rural voter says:

    Thanks so much for this number. I used it today to telephone them to complain about spam and privacy invasion via unwanted on-screen adverts.

    I had already tried to opt out, during a purchase from a retailer who uses their website. But they still deluged me with e-mails and ads. I fear the ads. will not stop just from one simple telephone cal – ethical companies would allow you to accept cookies for the convenience of logging-in, but would allow you to opt out of so-called targeted ads. – which seem irrelevant to my future purchasing plans as they reflect what I bought last month or last year.

    The call centre I reached was in South Africa. The lady who answered was as polite as she could be but sounded stressed.

    I’m thinking of consulting a lawyer about whether I can sue a company for electronic harassment / stalking if it keeps putting ads. on my screen despite being told to go away. Amazon is not the only culprit.

  172. Sam Deeks says:

    Mmmm. Thanks for your comment, Rural voter.

    I get what you mean about the ads but…well, that’s the ‘small print’ of using their sites. I don’t know the details but it seems to me that using anyone’s website these days = you give permission for them to grab your browsing information which turns into target ads. There’s no ‘No, I don’t agree’ option. If you don’t agree, then don’t use the web or use an ‘Ad-blocker’ software. The problem with ad-blockers (it seems) is that THEY demand access to all your browsing history for their purposes, so you can’t win.

    You should do what I do, ignore ads. Simple as that :-)

  173. polly says:


    just found this forum and was looking for some advice. My daughter bought a Tablet from Amazon Marketplace at Christmas and it has stopped working/charging. Spoke to Amazon about the 12 month warranty it was under to be told it is now outside their 90 day A_Z guarantee and as it was bought through Marketplace it was nothing to do with them.

    Contact with the seller in China has brought a response that they will repair it, but only if we pay £25 for the postage. I have argued with amazon that under the distance selling regulations a buyer does not have to pay for return postage for a repair. They just keep saying the contract is with a marketplace seller and they can’t force a seller to pay for return postage.

    Clause 6 in their participation policy states that they do not have to mediate between a buyer and a marketplace seller outside the 90 day A_Z guarantee. So apparently there is no legal obligation on them to do anything.

    And I have since found out that the credit card protection scheme does not apply to purchases bought through Amazon’s Marketplace either.

    I think we have decided it’s a lost cause, but I am so cross about the way they avoid responsibility that I’m writing a letter of complaint anyway and I wanted to ask a couple of questions about things in their Participation Agreement.

    When you look at the participation rules that sellers have to sign up to, there is a couple off clauses that I’m trying to understand with regards to complying with English law. Would anyone have an idea if these clauses would include, or apply to, the Distance selling regulations and the Sale of Goods act.

    “Clause 1.2 Compliance with Applicable Law

    You further warrant that the sale or distribution of the item is not in breach of applicable law (including, where items are sold internationally, the law of the destination country). This responsibility includes, but is not limited to, ensuring that (a) any items sold are safe, (b) any items sold bear a “CE” or any other mark where required by applicable law, (c) any items sold are appropriately packaged and labelled as required by applicable law, (d) any items sold otherwise comply with all applicable law regarding their sale. You will audit the products that you sell on a regular basis (at least monthly) to ensure ongoing compliance with this obligation. You will also advise the buyer of any age or other restrictions that apply to the sale of any products that you sell. Amazon makes no representations that items not appearing on the prohibited items list in clause A.4. or in applicable guidelines contained in the Help Section may be sold or distributed or offered for sale under applicable law.”

    “Clause 5.3 Unless the buyer and seller expressly agree otherwise, the following terms and conditions will apply to the contract between the buyer and seller for the sale of the relevant item:

    (c) The sale will be subject to any warranties implied under applicable law; and

    (d) The contract between the buyer and seller will be governed by the laws of England (and expressly excluding the United Nations Convention on the Sale of Goods) and the parties irrevocably submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.”

    On another webpage about how Marketplace sellers should handle returns, they specifically mention the DS Regs and have placed an outside link to the regulations on their site, the webpage says ;

    “You should also be aware of your obligations under the Distance Selling Regulations.”

    “To find out more about your obligations under these regulations, click here.”

    Sorry about the long post, but my question is, does anyone know exactly what the phrase applicable Law applies to?

    Regards Polly

  174. Shaun says:


    As the seller is outside the U K it is highly unlikely that they can be forced to abide by U K law & Amazon as normal don’t seem to care as long as they are getting there cut. Best of luck but to be honest I don’t think you have much chance of getting anywhere

  175. Polly says:

    Hi Shaun.

    Thank you for your reply. I realise that there’s no chance of getting them to do repair without me paying for postage, so. I’m not even going to try. I’m just going to write to Amazon and complain. I know they will just quote clause 6, but I still intend to say what I think about this practice and I just wanted to know what the clauses meant so I could be correct in my interpretation of them.

    When I write to amazon I just want to point out that there is no point in including clauses about sellers having to be aware of obligations with regards to uk law, if they are not prepared to implement the sanctions they saw they have available to them.

    Amazon say they have it in their power to suspend accounts if they breach the particicpation agreement, if they did so more often, then perhaps these sellers would adhere to the distance selling rules more readily.

    I also intend to write to my MP about marketplace sellers and Amazons role in all of this. If they are denying any responsibility then perhaps it’s time to consumers were properly informed about how these overseas companies operate.

    Consumers should be protected and these sellers are avoiding all uk consumer law and consumers are not even protected through the credit card protection scheme. All this information should be clearly visible on Amazobs site in plain English, not hidden away in the participation agreement in lawyer speak.

    Perhaps I’ll have to ask trading standards about these clauses, It’s probably best they know what happening anyway, so they can keep an eye on this sort of thing.

    Regards polly

  176. shaun says:

    Polly I missed it but apparently they got a mention on that Martin Lewis prog on T V last night something about poor customer protection

  177. Sam harrison says:

    I have recently been a victim of freud to amazon it would be very apretiated if some one could help me contact them as i cant find any way possible to contact them. Thank you

  178. shaun says:

    Sam try calling them on 0800 496 1081

    However as I have been both a seller & buyer on Amazon I wish you luck it seems to me from both sides of the fence that Amazon have no regard for anybody & as long as they get there cut they dont give a damn about how they treat people.

    Im sure Amazon would claim that I have an axe to grind as I was recently banned form selling on there because i refused to give a refund after a customer claiming they did not receive the item even though it was signed for on delivery claims it never arrived but also as a buyer I have also had problems with them in the past when they failed to deliver on the guaranteed date or on one occasion at all. & if you get a faulty item then you are really in for a battle best thing is often to go to Trading standards although even they have limited powers as Amazon are hiding in Luxemburg & therefore almost untouchable.

    Just to clarify something I was putting anti Amazon comments on here long before they pulled the plug on me selling on there & im not totally convinced that my comments about them are not part of there reason for them taking off there sellers list

  179. Liz says:

    I use Amazon UK all the time and usually I get a good service from them on the rare occasions I need to complain or return something . However, this week I ordered a curtain pole from one of their market place traders. I chose white but when it arrived it was oak coloured. I tried to return it but discovered that I would have to pay the postage for it. This is not a cheap item to post as it is heavy wood.

    The seller denied it was their responsibility to I went onto their A-Z guarantee scheme, Ha!!! Guaranteed for whom? They say they only help when an Items delivered was faulty or not the right item. I wrote them three times saying white isn’t oak but they have now told me that they are satisfied that I got the Item I ordered, and have closed the case. They even told me that if I email them again they will not respond! How is that for bad service. As for the pole, It is cheaper for me now, to sand it down and buy a small pot of white paint and do it myself!!!

  180. shaun says:


    That sounds typical of Amazon.

    Try contacting your local Trading Standards Office I’m sure that they will agree with you & incidentally don’t forget to mention you were told you would have to pay return postage.

    I’m sure that the distance selling Regulations say differently

  181. PedrCymro says:

    Amazon Customer Services, To date I have had no problem getting through to them!

    The ring back service workes great!

    Customer Services are always sympathetic, curtious and apologetic!

    BUT THEY DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH!!! By the sound of their responses to my questions, they must be using a script, or have a list of stock answers written down, Or could it be that they just don’t listen to my questions?? So please Amazon please use a country that can speak English!!!! there are loads all over main land Europe who speak English better than the English!!
    As a Welshman I am tempted to ask for a Welsh language telephone line especially as Amazon have such a big presence in Swansea but LOL, I guess that’s a bridge too far!!! However I am so frustrated with their Customer Services lack of coherent English that at this stage I would settle for a fluent English service PLEASE.
    Here’s hoping that Amazon has the brain power to have someone monitor places like this and report back to the ivory tower on its content!!

  182. Pat says:

    Thank you Sam Deeks. This number is the Amazon number 0800 496 1081 I rang this number and explained calmly about discovering that £49 was taken from my account and that I was not aware I had agreed to a Prime trial. The woman, Zainoe, was courteous and readily accepted that I was not happy with paying £49 and there and then organised a full refund. It will take a few working days for the refund to come through. An email arrived immediately containing confirmation of the refund but also had the following “Refunds usually go through in 2 to 3 business days so you should see this credited to your account on your next statement. Please note, this does not include your bank’s processing time.” I will watch what happens.

  183. Hieronymus P. Organthruster says:

    I rang 0800 496 1081 as described. The call was answered within 30 seconds by a Scot who helped me with the billing issue my query was about.

    He was courteous, helpful and understanding, far more so than many other customer service reps these days (e.g. those of my bank or mobile phone provider).

    That one call did wonders for my view of Amazon as a faceless warehouse full of cardboard box filling robots. It means I’m now even more likely to spend money there. Simple business sense really, isn’t it.

    If only everyone other UK business brought their helpdesks back to the UK. That’s all I can say.

  184. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi H.P. (if I may call you that rather than your full name lol) – yes, it’s great service isn’t it? Shame so many people have to come via this site to get the number – still proof that wherever it is on their site it’s not easy to find. It should be easier than Googling it…shouldn’t it??

  185. Coco La Blanc says:

    Sam – Many Thanks for putting upo this website. I have been struggling for the past 7 days to remedy the following situation with very poor customer Service response from Amazon :-

    Amazon’s appalling Order Process and Customer Service – Ongoing !

    11:25 (0 minutes ago)

    to cust.serv03+AE.
    I have, contrary to my wishes, been charged for a 2nd BENQ 24″ Screen which I don’t want NOR did I authorise !!! Please take the necessary steps to reimburse my Bank account with the £288:80 + Interest that your Company has taken/removed illegally from my account on the 7th Jan 2014 !!! Please inform me as to, specifically, which Ombudsman governs your Company’s Business. I am extremely disatified with your Company’s response to my complaint and the appalling order process which does NOT explain extra charges prior to ordering. I did NOT authorise a 2nd payment nor did I order a 2nd screen and require the money to be returned immediately. The 2nd delivery (ie. Order: xxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxxx) was never delivered as the Courier Company Yodel, at my request, stopped the Delivery at their local Centre for return !!!

    If I do not get satisfaction within 24Hrs I will be contacting the following :

    Email “” – MD is called Brian McBride

    Email “” – Executive Customer Relations

    Email “” – Jeff Bezos CEO Amazon.

    I will also write a full complaint to the following address claiming my refund/expenses in full. Ltd.
    Customer Services
    Patriot court
    1-9 The Grove
    Berkshire SL1 1QP”

  186. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Coco – did you get through on the number given? People have universally said they got good service when they did. Otherwise, do let us know how it goes. Best of luck.

  187. Coco La Blanc says:

    I followed the process for sending an Email and promptly had it returned as ‘not received/seen by their ‘Customer Services’ – what an absolute sham/scam !
    I have, a few mins ago, sent a full copy that includes about another three unaccepted complaints directly to the three Email executive addresses I highlighted on here. I am awaiting the reponse BUT am at this moment still £288:80p down however am using the 1st BenQ screen (eg. excellent quality) to type this !

  188. Thank you so so much for finding the contact number for Amazon i have been trying in vain searching the site to find a customer service number to be able to talk to someone regarding my goods that i have paid for but still not recieved after endless emails to the seller with not even a courtesy email reply i finally manged to have a break through speakng to someone.

    Thankyou once again for sharing this information i searched for days for this number your right they hid this number very well !

    Kindest Regards Victoria

  189. Sam Deeks says:

    You’re welcome Victoria. Every person who arrives here after fruitlessly searching for that number proves to me that I’m not mad, they really didn’t make it easy :-) Glad it helped

  190. Anthony Clinton says:

    Emailing Jeff and C.North, I found total waste of time, even though Jeff is Chief Exec. Geoff was copied in on every email, but I got passed through to a Liam OShea, who is meant to be an Executive Customer Relations. Was totally unhelpful, unprofessional, not aware of UK Consumer law I had to advise them that I was right in insisting their courier collected from me a faulty computer. (They wanted me to post it back). Took Amazon 5 days to deliver when I had paid for a 48 hour service. No real apology, no compensation, even though I had to stay in for 3 days.

    During this email conversation, Liam was absent from the office, no one acknowledged my emails or responded, not even professional enough to arrange cover for colleagues not in the office.

    Result, will never use Amazon again, bad service, bad customer relations. Why would I want to give them more money in the future.

    More consumers in the UK, should walk away from companies who do not deliver the service. That is the only way these companies will ever learn.

  191. toby says:

    I placed a few orders with Amazon on a Thurs eve. I placed two orders. My card got declined so I phoned Amazon and explained I would receive money in my account on Fri so he said ‘ring us and we will reorder your goods’. I didn’t contact them but they still took my money but for three items, leaving my account empty so from 6 am on Sat till midnight every two hours I was on the phone trying to get refunded. About 3 in the afternoon I received the money but I was still receiving emails from Amazon from the seller to tell me I must wait 3 to 5 days for my order to be cancelled!
    So 2 points to this: 1) they processed my card without my permission 2) the advisors gave me different stories 6am till midnight.

    (edited for clarity!)

  192. shaun says:

    Toby sounds typical of Amazon & if you think that was bad you should try selling on there they treat sellers even worse than eBay does. I quit both & now only use Playtrade

  193. Sadia says:

    What a load of bollocks!

  194. Sam Deeks says:

    Lol. I couldn’t work out if this was spam or not but thought I’d approve it in the interest of fairness. A lot of people here don’t agree.

  195. Darryl J says:

    4 years on and your blog is still helping people.

    I had purchased a disc lock for my motorcycle from them and unfortunately it broke whilst attached to the bike. They were pretty useless, and in the end I googled the customer services number. I have read you blog and all the comments. It makes me smile knowing that there are still true crusaders out there. As for my result, well after them hanging up on me and allegedly missing a call back despite my phone not ringing I eventually got to speak to one of their mythical beasts. Ok so round one didn’t go to plan, but armed with the sale of goods act and a calm but self assured demeanour I was able to get my full refund and a £25 good will compensation to cover the cost of cutting the lock off.

  196. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Darryl – great isn’t it? Useful stuff on the internet stays useful a surprisingly long time. I have another post showing how to cure an apparently fatally-broken MacBook DVD drive with a credit card and reading glasses cloth that regularly brings squeals of gratitude from relieved people.

    Glad to hear of your outcome!

  197. tko says:

    Huge thanks from me…i was beginning to get demented trying to find a customer service number on Amazon’s site -so much time….your post was a god send .

  198. sing says:

    Am SO frustrated with Amazon, and their e-mail replies. Due to an Amazon “technical hitch” when placing an order, the order went through before I was given the opportunity to review my order in my currency, and see what the delivery charges and VAT was. WHOOSH, gone, taken my money, thank you very much! To make matters worse…the page before payment showed “estimated delivery dates” for each of the 15 items as being 30th June – 1st July. Yet when WHOOSH happened, money gone, order through without my permission….the “estimated delivery dates” ALL CHANGED, to 1 or even 2 weeks later! i.e. too late for me! I have contacted Amazon 6 times now, on that e-mail address,. and either they give me the cost of one item in my currency, or they list the items, but after 6 emails they have still not understood my question or frustration, THAT I WANT TO SEE THE TOTAL i.e. the total that they should have showed me before I gave them permission to take my money! They also keep saying that the estimated delivery date could not have changed, as this isn’t possible! I have no screen shot of the page giving me these earlier dates, so can’t prove it, but I’M TELLING YOU ALL OUT THERE – BEWARE – THE DATE THAT AMAZON SHOWS BEFORE THE ORDER GOES THROUGH, CAN CHANGE AFTER THE TRANSACTION HAS GONE THROUGH. It happened, despite Amazon refusing to acknowledge this or apologist. Has Amazon got too big? Are things not what they used to be?

  199. Saleire says:

    Hi Sam,
    I have another problem with Amazon…and it’s taken me at least 20 emails of auto responses, personal responses, a million forms filled in and sent back to them, and I still can’t get the problem solved.
    It’s a simple one: My publisher put a book on Amazon for me…then I stopped sales of the book as I was re-writing it and didn’t want two versions of the book out there. So I wrote to ask them to take it down….and more than 20 emails later..I still can’t achieve that. Amazon UK only took one email…but Amazon US are still messing around.
    All I want is the picture of the book taken down…it’s my book, my art, my file even…and yet, they won’t take it down. The publisher even wrote to them..twice..through vendor!!
    Agh! So..if anyone has a direct email to any manager of Amazon US…I’d be happy to write to them also! In fact all the emails of managers on Amazon US…or the CEO..or anyone who will actually do their job, would be a great help.
    How hard can it be to think for yourself and not pass the buck…seemingly…the hardest thing in the world for the people who work for Amazon US.

  200. Tess says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. DID I SAY THANK YOU? You saved a disabled person an awful lot of aggravation and frustration. I normally give up trying to get customer service numbers and end up paying for something I don’t want. You have saved me £79 which is a lot of money to me. Thanks again. X

  201. Sam Deeks says:

    Tess, that’s pleasing to hear! Excellent. :-)

  202. Jan says:

    Thank you Sam!
    You have restored my sanity!

  203. Mary Bartlett says:

    Many thanks for your very helpful information, I’ve just spent a very frustrated hour or so searching the website and have encountered everything you described, , hopefully I can now explain to a human that I seem to be receiving phishing emails which surprisingly doesn’t comply with any of their suggested FAQS, I’d have expected a company of their size to have this option…… I will keep you posted regarding their level of interest – I’d hope they’d be concerned but having seen the Help options on their webpage, I have my doubts…….

  204. Jackie says:

    Oh wow….just what I was searching for….. along with many others! Can’t wait to try phone nos in the morning. Placed a small order last week, email to say despatched and estimated delivery date. Next day email to say due to circumstances beyond their control unable to send. But…..if I still wanted item to go back to site and re order, cost was refunded within couple of days. This aroysed my suspicions immediately as order didn’t show as cancelled on my account and was still available to order. Lo and behold, yesterday got call from fraud dept. at my bank!!! Two attempts to use it….one in USA and second in St.Kitts. Also £1 transaction to Amazon was pending!!! After searching Amazon I managed to use the call back and ended up talking to a guy in the Philippines. He had not a clue of what I was trying to explain, requests to speak to UK agent was deemed impossible. Asked to speak to their fraud dept. and was told they are not allowed to put calls through….what???? Have managed to send 2 lengthy emails to Amazon via their web site but so far no reply to either. Yet when I did a warning review against the item I ordered I got an email within minutes to say it couldn’t be posted as it contravened their rules!!! Really??? My bank account being compromised by someone employed by Amazon contravenes my rules!!!! Watch this space as I’m up for a fight over this…… And thank you.

  205. Phil says:

    Thanks Sam!
    Those phone numbers worked a treat. Thought I was going mad with the Amazon web-site with the non-functioning option buttons for all options and I was severely in danger of disappearing up my own ….!! Using one of the phone numbers you have highlighted, the situation was resolved in minutes.

  206. Harmeet says:

    I got a Samsung vaccum clean from u.this pipe is broken ,handle is broken.When I clean my room with vaccum suddenly the motor come out again and again it’s give me lot of problem .Can u change my vaccum please

  207. lisa says:

    Its quite bad how little info or help to contact amazon as its a well known name , its kinda off putting using amazon ,Iv bin unable login my account not bing able track my order But found finding help of amazon woz not easy
    just my own thoughts on amazon.

  208. simon says:

    I have now asked Amazon to credit my account for £58.21 for my time since they have exhausted all the free effort they are entitled to. i calculated that this is what i earn so it is the going rate for my time.

    Apparently they have a problem getting payment from my credit card, I have accessed the link they sent me but it is to re-order. I dont need another copy so clearly this is the wrong link to send me, I just want to pay once for the goods received – for which I have already done my bit.

    Wonderfully helpful post, thanks. Why do businesses waste so much money getting service so badly wrong – surely they should at least be incompetent as cheaply as possible? That is what I ask from my team anyway.

  209. Sam Deeks says:

    Amusingly you didn’t get your vaccuum from me, Harmeet, you got it from Amazon. I’m NOT Amazon.

  210. Sam Deeks says:

    Phil you’re welcome :-) It’s an old post – but it’s evidently STILL helping people out!

  211. Sam Deeks says:

    Jackie, you’re welcome. Hope you get some satisfaction from Amazon.

  212. Dear Sir/Madam
    This is Brilliantly written!
    Exactly the type of words I would use!
    You hit the proverbial Nail up Amazon’s Arse!!
    Its a wonder that any of us still use their service. Problem is there some excellent Products at good deal prices.
    In the meantime may I suggest if anyone is so lucky enough to meet the Managing Director of Amazon, Whose probably working for Alquieda deep beneath the mountains of Snowdonia! Please stick a 2lb stick of Semtex up His Arsenal and retreat to s safe distance before reading Him Your letter and His Rights (which are none!)

    Yes please notify of New Outrages against Amazon and any Scams or ways We the customers can pull the wool over Amazon’s prying eyes:

    Yours Sincerely
    Mr Mike Curtis

  213. Michael Curtis here again*
    Ok this is the number I’ve just used and I
    Live in London U.K.
    # 02070847911 (free call)
    However AS USUAL I was connected to a young Lady
    In The Philippines!
    Now to all the People who have said follow instructions and it works.
    “Bollocks – as the customer care line gave me just a web link which gave me another wobbling web link!
    My Wife’s Filipino and I’m going to blame Her again for everything!
    If you have problems with Netflix based in Texas I god damn believe,
    They were n
    ot just immediately picking the phone up. Understanding with problem went online with you. Solved the problem and I Always had a nice chat with the Female Operators ! Often We would discuss Who should or shouldnt be President of U.S.A.
    How many People had been Shot dead & I agreed the reason Football Hooligans still exist in U.K. If They were quite simply Shot for being very Violence.
    What has this got to do with Amazon. EVERYTHING!! because They get everybody around The U.K They are making Potential Killers out of ordinary Customers, Housewives simply talking about holding a Party. Except the F*****G Items have not been delivered by guess Who!!s
    So There’s A massive fight amongst the Cops turn up but don’t bother to shoot anybody . So Amazon has got a lot to answer for:
    I’m going to buy direct from the busineses I’ve used and know They are Compitent and Profesional ”

    Have a good Day

    MIKE Curtis

  214. Tracy McNeil says:

    Thanku for this num amazon charged me for a game my son bought on line with a gift voucher.then charged me with a79.00 amazon prime account nerver asked for or used.having problem getting refund.could not find phone num on there sight .found it on here got to speak to customer services .and promised refund so thanku.t.x

  215. Mel williams says:

    Thank you Sam Deeks for that Freephone contact No. – I was finding it impossible to cancel my 30 day free trial period for video prime, when I followed the online instructions I just got told there was a problem wih my debit card details and to enter another card number before I could proceed – this was crazy as there is nothing wrong with the card and why were they trying to take money out anyway? The ” Contact Us ” system was just sending me around in circles with no way to get hold of them either by phone or online . After phoning that number I have been assured it is now cancelled. Thanks again.

  216. Irene collier says:

    Know what you mean about contacting Amazon customer service (is there one?). I returned an item in May, received mail confirming receipt at their depot and informing me a refund was being arranged – yes but when? Not appeared in my bank statement of 6/6/15. Nothing since re this refund! Try contacting them? More luck arranging contact with my GtGt. Grandfather! I’ve given up! Thought businesses pride themselves on their accessibility. Would seem Amazon too big to care!

  217. C says:

    Many thanks, Sam!

    The 0800 number worked and got to actually talk to someone in a couple of minutes. Tried to cancel Amazon Prime that I was not even aware that I had when I found a £79 payment on my credit card statement. I was promised that it was going to be cancelled and I should receive a refund in 2-3 working days.

    Again; thank you Sam!!!

  218. pradeep says:

    Your customer service about delivery is at worse condition in our followup of delivery of supply and courier service are cheapest..i am badly wasted my time in your delivery..

  219. Paul Taylor says:

    I have been a customer of for over ten years. I had experienced no real problems with the company until I tried to order an item a few days ago. A warning message flashed up to inform me that there was a problem with my email address/password combination. I made repeated attempts to log in without success. I contacted Amazon by phone and was told that my account was on hold and under review (my account is a standard Amazon buyer’s acccount – I do not have a seller’s account). The operator said that he could not tell me why my account had been put on hold but that an ‘Account Specialist’ would contact me by phone within 24 hours.

    24 hours came and went and no one called me. Since then I have emailed for an explanation (no reply). I have called three times and on each occasion I have been told that no one has any idea why my account has been put on hold.

    I have used the Amazon chat facility twice and was promised that someone would call me within 3 hours – no one called. Then I was promised someone would call me within 2 hours – no one called.The operator said “I haven’t a clue why your account has been put on hold.” He said that he “would be lying if I gave you a time when someone will call you back.” He implied that a previous operator had lied when promising that someone would call me within a specified time period.

    Five days later I am none the wiser as to why my account has been put on hold. I am unable to elicit any meaningful response/explanation from

  220. mrs shirley hll says:


  221. Paul Taylor says:


    I posted a message on your blog a few days ago about Amazon and I see it is still under moderation. Is there a problem with it?

  222. nicola payne says:

    I completly agree with the writer’s original comments.

    Amazon have made it bar on impossible to manage issues via their website. The architecture of the website has been done in such a way that people have to jump through hoops and navigage considerable obstacles to raise an issue. Clever architecture if you want to be able to prevent people from raising concerns. Well done Amazon!!!!

    I was charged for a product which I cancelled a year ago – £79, which is not a small amount. I am still trying to work out how to raise this issue. I managed ok with the US Amazon who batted me back tot he UK but can’t manage the same issue with the UK.

    It’s disgraceful. They should have a functional ‘contact us’ / help button which you can use for open issues – without having to manage your issues / queries via their limited option mechanism.

  223. Geoffrey says:

    I cannot access my account at because I have a problem called LOOPING.(LOOPING IS WHEN THE SYSTEM CONTINUALLY OFFERS YOU A FURTHE ALPHA/NUMERIC CODE TO ENTER).
    I was able to speak with a young lady in South Africa who opened me a new account, I now have the same problem with the NEW account.
    Can I find an email address for Amazon NO I CANNOT, I am sure Amazon thinks everybody can log in I DEFINITELY CANNOT help HELP hElP

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