We’ll see how they respond to my recent poor Club World experience

Fri 21 Aug 16:00: Fill out online form

Fri 21 Aug 16:21: Receive email from BA with ‘case’ reference number

BAletterWed 26th Aug 15:49 Receive email from BA (click thumbnail left to read in full)


I recently travelled BA from Mumbai to London in ‘Club World’ class.  By comparison to a competitor airline I flew long-haul that same week, it was a poor experience.  So poor, in fact, that I was moved to write to British Airways and offer them feedback (under their heading ‘complaints comments and claims’).

Now, we all know that BA – like many airlines – is in dire trouble in this current economic crisis.  So much so that it recently asked staff to volunteer to work for a month unpaid to help ease the company’s crisis and keep it afloat (sorry ‘in the air’).

If my flight with BA last week is anything to go by, then it’s also starting to show in the customer experience.  I’ve given them my feedback but what can they do?  What would you do?

Working for nothing to try to save your job is one thing.  Expecting customers to join you in that heroic struggle is another.

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