Big Marketing Mistake No.3

Big Marketing Mistake No.3: Develop something you like but your market doesn’t

Too often, people come up with ideas for things that they think other people think they need.

Think ‘Life Coaching’.

Life Coaches love life coaching. They passionately believe in the benefits they’ve got from it. Naturally, they believe everyone else would too.

The Big Mistake.

There’s nothing wrong with Life Coaching – other than that most people don’t think they need it or want it.  You simply can’t make people believe in what you believe in.  Ask Clive Sinclair.

One place I’ve seen this happen a lot is any number of new online business networking sites that have sprung up over the last few years. Each one lists its ‘member benefits’. They assume I share their belief in their benefits. Most of the time I don’t.

Which brings me to the second part of this Big Mistake: ignoring any evidence that says I don’t share your ideas about what you think I want or need.

What does this evidence look like? No-one buying your products or services, for starters. And people taking the time to give you feedback. Which reminds me: a third part of this Big Mistake is to argue with that feedback. Stupid as it sounds, most people do it.

It’s quite a challenge to make an electric 3-wheeler.  It’s even more of a challenge to make one that the public wants to buy.


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