Other category on iphone – how do I delete it?

iPodrepublic shows you how to delete ‘other’ data clogging up your iphone – because Apple can’t be bothered.

Well done iPodrepublic. Shame on you Apple.

If you’re here because suddenly up to half of your entire iPhone or iPod memory has been taken up by a mysterious category of data called ‘Other’ which you can do nothing with, then you’ll be pleased to know there is a solution. Has it got anything to do with the manufacturer, Apple? Oh no. That would be too much to expect. You can lose yourself in their stupid ‘user-controlled’ forums for as long as you like but you won’t find the solution. Worse, you’ll find the wrong solution – like restoring your phone and losing all your calendar and contact data.

So thanks, iPodrepublic, for publishing the solution. I just followed all the instructions and cleared nearly 4Gb of ‘other’ data – equivalent to 3 movies I wasn’t able to carry with me to watch. Thanks, Apple you morons.

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