How do I close my CreditExpert account?

Don’t expect CreditExpert to tell you.

I’m really pissed off with CreditExpert – and doubly pissed off with myself.

A year ago, I needed to check my credit rating and went to CreditExpert. They caught me out with the old ‘to get a report, you have to sign up for a free 30 day membership (which will turn into a paid membership if you forget to cancel…)’ ploy.

I must have been distracted or, more likely, under pressure when I entered my card details. Either way, I paid for my report at the time and went about my business. A year later, I finally noticed the £7.99  a month that I’ve been paying for a year – for something I don’t need and haven’t used.

As soon as I found out, I went to CreditExpert to close my account. “Here we go” I thought, after scanning the home page and finding absolutely nothing about how to close an account. No surprise, really. So I tried the ‘Need help?’ tab on the first page. This took me to a page of FAQs – none of which dealt with cancelling. Then I typed ‘How do I cancel my membership’ into the search box. This brought up a page of stuff about why I shouldn’t cancel. That – I have to say – is a sure fire way of making sure that I will ditch CreditExpert and never use it again.

The final straw, however, was to discover that while it was clearly stupidly easy to sign up online, there was – deliberately – no means at all of cancelling online. No, to do that I have to wait until next week and spend 15 minutes or more on the phone for the pleasure.


  1. rondog says:

    cheers for this info i done exact same thing got phone number and called all cancelled nice one

  2. Sam Deeks says:

    Welcome, Ronnie

  3. Kelly says:

    Thanks for this! Life saver!

  4. amanda says:

    I have the same problem.I joined what I thought was a free trial,gave my bank details without thinking and now am out of pocket by 14.99 each month for a service I used twice.I had no email or anything to tell me the free trial had ended.Am I going to be paying this for ever more?I have tried to email to cancel it but the email address comes up with an error.I can’t afford to shell out that amount each month.Any suggestions please?

  5. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Amanda, yes – just follow what I did.

    Call 0800 561 0083 and just wait until you get through.

  6. amanda says:

    Thank you,I will do that asap.

  7. joey says:

    write them a letter to cance,it worked for me

  8. lee says:

    ah ha we all get caught in the same trap, i have been paying them 15. 98 from my debt card details for the past 15 months and used the account twice , i will b calling them today to try and cancelthe account , no doubt i will have to sit on the phone and listen to all the poxy options for 15 mins but i will prevail and try and stay calm . i thought these companys were there to help , obviousy not, just a load of money grabbing schemers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. steve boreland says:

    i would like to close my account on the 21 april 2012 .

  10. Sam Deeks says:

    Phone that number, Steve! :-)

  11. Dominique LeVack says:

    Credit expert is an Expert Scam.
    I too have been stung by this company. I never recieved a pin number, or letter and they have been taking money from my account for 6 months. I could not cancel by email, and had to ring up and spend 20 mins on the phone.
    Credit expert is as unworthy as these other internet scamming companies, that sell get thin quick, chinese teas, Acacia berries and numerous others.
    The only way to stop this highly immoral trading is to blog, tweet and publicly denounce them, both here and the USA.
    D Le Vack.

  12. lauren Harris says:

    It’s increadible they claim a free service but you need to put in card details. A scam. Correct.
    Thaks for the phone info
    I tried to cancel. previously .. took ages to find the 0800 number as I couldn’t cancel through bank..
    Was talked into a reduced service for £1.99…
    Just totally cancelled it now but got the number from this site as their website was down and I couldn’t access any info.
    Finally I have no more DD coming from them… !

  13. Sam says:

    God knows how long they’ve been taking that from me! Years I reckon….not anymore though, thanks for the info

  14. john says:


  15. Sam Deeks says:

    Uh, yes John. The phone number that I finally found worked and I too cancelled but that isn’t the point I was making in this post but thank you for your comment anyway.

  16. Simon says:

    Thanks for the info by they way.

    Hmmmm, well I was lucky they answered the phone quite quickly. Hate those recorded infomercials they just waste time. I think this company counts on people forgetting to cancel their membership in order to make money. Had to pay £14.99 in the end : (

    Not a happy chappy!

  17. Sam Deeks says:

    Yep. Glad you were able to cancel. CreditExpert aren’t alone; a lot of businesses make money from people like you and me (especially me lol) who are too disorganised to check where our money’s going. From their perspective it’s a ‘stupid tax’ :-) Wise up, us!

  18. Vincent says:

    Thank’s for the information on how to cancel. I’m on a reduced membership for £2 now which seems good for fraudulant activity…apparently. Gunna roll with it for a 3 months then prob cancel that, not even sure why I said ah okay then…I’m 21 and what I’ve learnt in this world so far….If a service seems cheap, or free….its too good to be true, but most of us are suckers for it…specially me :P Just all I can advise is check your online bank every day…takes 2-3minutes of your lunch break.

  19. Sam Deeks says:

    Yep good advice there Vinnie :) I think the person I blamed first was ME for being so slack in the first place.

  20. Bupe says:

    boycot credit expert with their humogorious fees £14.99 per month? for what??i too got sucked into that hole and cancellation was not as quick as signing up trust me on this! it wasnt worth it……in the future I will just send £2 in the post for a written one to come in the mail…….

  21. Alex says:

    Thank you for the info.
    Just a note for those who have signed up with Equifax credit agency.
    You can reach Equifax customer services team on 0844 335 0550, choosing option 3, between the hours of 8am to 8pm, Monday to Sunday.
    In my opinion all credit companies are expert scam and this is another type of business to make money. It makes you wonder why they don’t give a phone number to contact them and you have to make a lot of search to find a contact number. It is a shame that government can’t control these crooks to make life easier for everyone.

  22. Leeroy Santana says:

    That was easy….. maybe a little too easy? Called 08444810800 (no longer a free phone number) option 4 ( I think) & spoke to a guy called Phil. Answered the call quickley & was very professional. The ID check he did on myself was a bit naff, stuff you could have got off a Facebook page but that aside when I asked to canel he was fine. He did offer to reduce the cost to £7.99 for exisiting members & then to £1.99 for just alerts. I didn’t think it was that bad to be fair but I had decide to cancel altogether. Just had the confirmation email from them confirming cancellation & no more payments will be made….. we’ll see!


  23. Lataanya says:

    I emailed Credit expert to cancel my mien and my husbands membership. I am sure I have given them written details that I wish to cancel they should not be allowed to continue to charge me using my card details, as it is not a direct debit. I am going to check the laws ect on this.

  24. Peterh says:

    Thanks for the advice. got the number and will call. must be one of the hardest things to find. but you advice was excellent.

  25. Sam Deeks says:

    You’re welcome Peter

  26. uldis says:

    i call this nummber 08444810800 and they cancel for my trial membership

  27. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for the info , was just about to sign up and thought I should see what people make of it first. Glad I read this! I had literally filled in the first page but when they asked for the card I thought …no.

  28. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Rebecca – your choice. I’m not saying CreditExpert isn’t value for money – I needed a credit report and I paid for one, so it was value for money. I just don’t like any products or services that sign you up for monthly payments when you only want ONE thing, ONCE – and then make it difficult-ish to cancel. All legal, just distasteful way of making a bit more profit in my opinion.

  29. Larissa says:

    I wish I had read this before I signed up to the 30 day “FREE TRIAL”, they gave me no warning that they would start charging me £14.99 yet they have. Sent them an email and all I got back was an automated email with a number, that CHARGES to call! This is disgusting, you think its a genuine service and that you can opt out after the triall but they dont even warn you!! Think we need to spread the word about so more people dont fall into the trap we did! I am fuming with it as cant even cancel direct debit from my bank as it says there isnt one. So crafty its disgusting ripping people off like that especially in these current financial circumstances.

  30. Kevin Guy says:

    I received an e-mail about the new package and decided to cancel; I telephoned on 0800 561 0083 and spoke to an advisor almost immediately.. explained why I was cancelling and after a few security questions he confirmed that my membership had been cancelled and no further payments would be taken, and a confirmation email came through as we were talking. Very quick, very easy.

  31. Sam Deeks says:

    Thanks for the comment, Kevin. Glad to hear it was easy for you… didn’t feel that way for me but times move on. :-)

  32. Richard says:

    In most other areas of society this would be called ‘bullying’. The big company snaring you with a free 30 days then denying that you have cancelled thereby subtly taking money from your account on a monthly basis.
    The obvious scam of course (with hindsight!) is to get the bank details “just in case you decide to become a customer”. If a company asks for bank details there is NO WAY IT IS LIKELY TO BE FREE!
    What they are doing is not illegal but playing on human nature’s fault to not fully check out the intention of large ‘trusted’ companies.

  33. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Richard. I’m not sure I agree with you that it’s bullying although *IF* a company refuses to acknowledge your cancellation, that’s shabby practice. That’s not MY experience of Credit Expert however. I agree with you that they play on human nature and the tendency of most people to sign up without really thinking through the consequences but they’re by no means alone in this.

  34. jules says:

    Credit ‘expert’… absolute scam I called to cancel just a few days after starting the free trial.
    4 months later I discover they are still taking £14.99 by a POS transaction so I cant see it as a DD!!!
    SCAM – AVOID!!!!!
    I cant call them today because its boxing day, but I’m betting they are going to deny that I called to cancel :(

  35. Shelagh says:

    Phoned to try to cancel this for my deceased mother. Did not get anywhere! They refused to cancel until they received a death certificate. What is the point? Her credit card has been cancelled so no more payments are available. He refused to accept this and when asked if he would be trying to take payments for eternity to no avail, he said, “yes”!

  36. Nigel says:

    Callcredit has rebranded as
    Gives you a decent credit report for free. Cant recommend them enough as it still provides the credit history info Im after, but no complete scam of a fee that Experian charge. Their price rises over the last 5 years are near proof that the whole setup is worked around taking advantage of unorganised people. Extra protection my ar$e!

  37. Kam says:

    If you change your mind in future, they keep your username live so you can re-activate the account. They never completely delete it – bastards !

  38. Abu Sufian says:


  39. NigelCz says:

    I think more people should read the terms and conditions before rushing into something you have to enter card details for. I know not everyone reads all the small print but every bad case on here is covered in the ‘t’s + c’s’.

    With the cancellation problems, think about it …of course you can only ring to cancel. For one it’s for data protection, how do they know its you for real that’s cancelling. And secondly how many e-mails these day’s are corrupted!! You really want to be sending account information over an e-mail.

    I dont think they are bad at their practice I just think people easily blame other’s for there lack of concentration. They have an excellent customer service if you wanted to query incorrect info on your report or if you needed advice on your report.

    Read the terms and conditions next time.

  40. Sam Deeks says:

    You are right, Nigel, no doubt about it. If we were all on top of our financial outgoings and tracking all our commitments on the calendar we’d be in good shape. Thanks for the comment.

  41. Mike anderson says:

    I’m currently with credit expert and have emailed them at least 5-10 times in the last week and they respond with I’m sorry your having problems logging in, em no credit expert your incapable of reading my emails.

    My story begins as my address is not apparently recognised by credit expert after consulting the council and getting my electoral roll details its still wrong and thus I have no credit history yet I have a current account and credit card, I have been trying to solve this for weeks and weeks and nothing back from them it is annoying and frustrating as the bank use both equifax and experian who are both wastes of time and space. I pay my overdraft off in full every month and still can’t get any sort of credit from anyone. So the time has come to get rid of these idiots as its a waste of £15 a month.


  42. Sam Deeks says:

    Sounds like some poor customer service there Mike. I hope you get them to reply to you so you can get your money’s worth.

  43. Andrew Sutherland says:

    It seems a pity that senior execs in Experian don’t understand how damaging this practice is. They should be replaced by more enlightened managers. The shabby practice of deliberately making it difficult to leave (like everyone, I had to go to 10 times for effort to leave than to join) they expose a deep insecurity about their own value. If they concentrated on meeting their customer needs with a good value product, they wouldnt need to resort to such underhand practices to try and keep taking monthly payments. Distasteful, selfish, insecure and ultimtely an unsustainable business practice, especially for a company whose entire value is based on their assessment of the trustworthiness of others! Experian Shareholders … get rid of your 1980s style, short-termist management. They are killing your company. It will make a great MBA case study of foolish brand management in 10 years time. Meanwhile, I advise, when you sign up, to phone them to cancel within 24 hours of joining, and make sure you make clear to the person on the phone that you want your opinion to be logged. Maybe their incompetent managers will finally get the message.

  44. Sam Deeks says:

    Ah, Andrew. A critique I would have been proud to have written. Most excellent and to the point.

  45. Matt says:

    I am furious regarding their practices and intended on delivering a comment to reflect that here but after reading Andrew’s opinion all I need to do is agree. Well said.

  46. S Phillips says:

    I signed up this morning (obviously before reading this) and I’ve had the same email address for 4 years. Since I signed up I have 66 spam and counting from joining up with Credit Expert and they’re still coming in as I type this. All the spam is from high interest credit card companies and payday loan type ads which I’m really not interested in. Ironic really as CE is meant to be designed to help people manage and take control of their finances not make them worse.

    I’ve emailed membership@creditexpert, and and they replied to just say the membership has been cancelled immediately and sorry for any inconvenience. Well now I have to change my permanent email address because no matter how much you try to unsubscribe to this crap you’re guaranteed to still get it and entice other companies into spamming you as you’re basically confirming your email exiits when you try to get rid of them by filling in those stupid forms. Annoyed isn’t the word. Anyway that’ll teach me to use my real email for anything ever again.

  47. Louisa Smith says:

    I cancelled using the number, two days before the trial was due to finish, and low and behold they still took the money now have to call again to get my money back!! Not happy

  48. Mallory Summers says:

    I phoned & cancelled credit expert on 4/3/13, but they still took money again on the 19/3/13. I phoned and told them that I had already cancelled and was told that they have no record of my call and there had been no account activity at all. CROOKS springs to mind!! I now have to prove to them I phoned them on 4/3/13 so they can check the recording back ( hassel for me), to gain a refund. I wonder how many people they have robbed this way.
    Please avoid using these robbing, lying, gits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Tony says:

    called and cancelled only ever used once 14.99 a month for 6 months.

    if calling from a mobile instead of 0800 number try 01538 817583 this is the land line connection.

  50. m a smith says:

    Rung Credit Expert today and spoke to Sair. Wanted to cancel my membership but he kept going on saying we can give you a extra 30 days for free.. Bunch of jobs worths if you ask me.

  51. Julian says:

    Credit Expert are the biggest bunch of scum bags that you can come across..they promise expert help to rebuild your credit but it is not true! They also managed to flog me an insurance policy to protect me against identity theft when my credit rating was so low that I would not have had an identity worth stealing!

    After a period of redundancy I got a job and caught up my repayments and actually settled in full three loans that I had within 12 months. I kept payments up to credit cards and actually owe less than 7k in total. However in 12 months my credit rating was dropped and then left to crawl up to 427 much to the amazement of an independent financial advisor who I got to look at this. They consistently reported me as owing thousands of pounds more than I actually did and there so called friendly expert advice was rude and disinterested…it is the classic example of a vulture pecking at the desperate…don’t bother with them!

    If trading standards was worth its metal they would investigate this bunch of bandits as should the insurance ombudsman for misspelling policies not to mention the wholly wrong data they hold to keep you with them. It does not detail how you can cancel and they work like some crazed hospital that would be serving its interest to keep the patient sick so they go on paying for treatment they think is making them well!

  52. kathleen sullivan says:

    Dear Sam, like so many people here, I too got sucked in. My daughter advised me to check my credit online as I’d been turned down for a contract for a mobile phone because, unbelievably, I had an excellent credit rating, but didn’t have any loans or mortgages in the UK over the 5 years since my return. So we used the ’30 days free trial’, end of, so I thought.
    I then received a letter telling me my 30 days was up and I would be charged monthly. I emailed them asking for my card details to be removed and charges not to be taken from my account as I did not wish to use the service.
    I got a reply to say my account would be closed.
    Angry as myself as you were Sam, because I’ve become to slack at checking my account carefully, so overlooked the charges of £14.95 a month, which have been taken every month since January, it is now July. I’m hopping mad, have sent more emails threatening to take legal action and expose them in the press, which I know will fall on deaf ears, but it relieved my anger temporarily. I will be on the phone to them tomorrow and will ‘lose’ my debit card and get a re-issue with a new number to ensure this rotten company never take another payment without my consent.
    How do these companies get away with this? Many thanks, Kathleen

  53. Emily says:

    I signed up for a 30 day free trial, and it said you can cancel any time through the membership area or something. I physically cannot use a telephone, so would not have signed up if I’d known I needed to phone to cancel.

    My partner called on my behalf, and was told that if you send an email with the word “cancel” in it, it will be filtered, and sent an auto-response telling you to call.

    He had to get a manager to authorise a cancellation via email. I have just done it now, so will wait to see if it works…

  54. Ron Singh says:

    Credit Expert are a bunch of g(sh)its! Even if they get 10% of people who cancel after paying their first £14.99 (as I’m going to cancel first thing in the morning and if they try to talk me into paying more, they’ll get what for!), they’re still making bundles out of us unsuspecting public.

    Why is everyone trying to rip us off!!!??? Even the companies that say they’re trying to help us!

    Beware the smiling dagger, except there are a lot of smiling daggers out there now. I don’t want to have to remember to cancel a ‘free’ trial, I just want someone to help and if they say it’s free, I want it to be free. Everything nowadays has a price unless you read all the small print and hidden details. Does my head in!

    It’s a good thing their lines are closed now or someone on the end of the Credit Expert phoneline will be hearing how they’re just as bad as the energy firms and loan sharks..

  55. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Ron. I know how you feel. Being forced to join (with debit card details) in order to buy a credit report makes me mad – just as being forced (by some sites) to create an account before you can buy from them. I *should* be disciplined enough to walk away from any of these ‘offers’ but they know there are times we need to do something quickly and our resolve disappears.

  56. Liz says:


  57. David Scott says:


    Are you or have you had problems with ” EXPERIAN CREDIT EXPERT ”

    Please come and have your say NOW …. here

    OR look us up on Facebook ” Experian-Credit-Expert-30-Day-Free-Trial-is-a-Scam ”

    I am disgusted at the way we have all been treated, please come and support this page, so we can fight back.

    Best regards
    David Scott

  58. jay says:

    I cancelled immediately as I knew it was a sneaky con. However, they still took 2 minths of payments. Just noticed but will ask my bank to reverse the direct debits. This is wht the DD Guarantee is. I’ve done it before. Got all my money put back in. It’s then up to the company to chase you if they think you still owe it. Which they won’t.

  59. Lynne says:

    I haven’t used my account for that long I had forgotten about it!!!! I have just rang them on this number 03444810800, cancelled the account and it took no longer than 5 minutes to do

  60. Chris says:

    I tried phoning and cancelling mine, they told me it had been cancelled and had not, after a further 3 payments i realised, so i went to the bank and told them, they gave me the 3 payments back and just cancel it every month now

  61. Anna says:

    Me too. Signed up for a one off..bad Anna forgot to cancel. Up until this point, I can accept that the situation is MY fault.

    Once I had realised that the money was flying out of my account every month, I cancelled the DD online with my bank – so it was gone…or so I thought.

    I received an odd email about reviewing my account. I scanned through my bank statement and found to my horror that the money was still being taken. So I wrote an email. Then I wrote a letter. I honestly thought that written notification that they were not allowed to take funds was enough.

    Today I saw that they have still taken the money even though I have moved house, changed my bank card and my surname after getting married!! So I called the number that I found on this thread and after asking many, many questions they claim that no further funds will be debited.

    The point, I feel is that everyone makes their move to stop the action and believe that this will be the end of it. The truth be told – you can only speak to a human and check your account month after month to ensure it has not occurred again.

    Ordinarily though, one would assume that they would get into trouble for such unethical behaviour.. has ANYONE had any joy getting their money back? Mine would add up to a tidy sum!

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