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If you want to read an incredible list of complaints about Paypal, please check out the hundreds of reader comments on my site

Three years ago I posted ‘How to complain about Paypal in the UK‘ because I knew there was little or no information to help the thousands of furious customers out there unable to get their hands on their own money. I researched as hard as I could, but – apart from the Financial Ombudsman Service and (at the time) the Financial Services Authority, I drew a blank.

Since then, the list of complaints about Paypal has been steadily growing. What’s depressing is that each victim of Paypal’s outrageous behaviour tends to suffer in isolation. The stories are almost unbelievable and the sense of frustration and helplessness is overwhelming.

But recently, there’s been some good news, some really good news. Last September, this UK woman took Paypal to her County Court for holding her ‘frozen’ funds. Wow. What are you all waiting for!?

And not only that, other commentators report the Financial Ombudsman Service taking effective action and forcing Paypal to release their frozen funds. Wow again!

If you’re here because you’re having problems and because Paypal’s dreadful practices and lack of customer service is driving you mad, then please join the new Facebook group and help to put pressure on this monster organisation.


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