NB Notification Bureau

Is NB Notification Bureau telling you you’ve won something?

Don’t believe it.

You probably entered a free competition some time ago and gave your address.

The result is that a company called McIntyre and Dodd have sent you a letter telling you that you’ve definitely won a prize.


It will cost you about £15 to claim your prize, which, if you believe many of the people commenting here, is likely to be nothing. Those who did receive ‘prizes’ received things worth considerably less than they paid to, er… claim them.

So there I was in my local Police Station this morning, making a formal complaint against a threatening organisation (see this thread) when I came across the leaflet (above) in their information rack.

Had they ever heard of McIntyre and Dodd Marketing (part of a PLC valued at £13m)? No, of course they hadn’t.

And that’s why M&D are laughing all the way to the bank (with your money).

6 months after the Office of Fair Trading announced it was trying to take M&D to the High Court to put them out of this exploitative business, there isn’t the slightest sign of any progress.

Week after week, I watch the traffic surge on this site as another hundred thousand or so people receive their ‘prize claim’ letters through their doors and the more suspicious turn to Google to see what’s being talked about.

Those are the lucky ones: they get to keep their £15 for something more important.


  1. JACKY DIROM says:


  2. Sam Deeks says:

    Good question, Jacky. The answer is: I don’t know, sorry. I think you’re going to get that charge off your credit as soon as you top up again… Looks like you’re going to have to write it off to experience, unfortunately. If it’s £15 to make you think in the future before taking the bait, you never know, it could save you a lot more in the long run.

  3. george mcdade says:

    dear sir, I`ve recieved at least four letters from NB notifing me of prize winnings all letters were binned the only competition I entered into was a word game in the Sunday post. the people who run this company should face legal action

  4. mia joseph says:

    Dont fall for that old chestnut…they have sent me at least half a dozen letters claimimg that I have won a prize – after the first letter I called them and spent at least £6 on the phone call – NEVER AGAIN…YOU PEOPLE SHOULD BE SHOT!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ian Gillis says:

    Hi Jackie, do not top up your mobile phone yet, if you have access to another phone, i.e. someone on the same Network who has free Customer Service access or a landline, phone your Network Providers Customer Service Dept up first. Explain to them what has happened and that you are being charged for receiving “Incoming Premium Texts” and they will be able to block your number from receiving such texts in future. All Mobile Network providers can block these texts at no cost to yourself but choose not to do so unless you request them too. It’s all a big money making racket for everyone other then the phone user. Just remember in future if you change your number or Network always make sure they block your new number from receiving these Incoming Premium text messages.

  6. CAROL REAY says:

    I agree with George Mcdade i have received dozen’s of those letters& binned them.In these very difficult times people can easily be taken in.These so called people are wicked.


    Dear MR Deeks,
    Thank you for your advise and web site it has resolved a problem that my partner and I had concerning some junk mail from NB NOTIFICATION.
    Well done you have and are helping a lot of people from being ripped off.Thank you again

  8. Sam Deeks says:

    Thank you for your comment Bernard.

    You see so much going on that’s wrong and eventually you reach a point where you just can’t keep quiet about it – even if you upset the people who are hell-bent on ripping people off.

  9. Suzan Dandy says:

    My 90 year old mother-in-law keeps receiving “prize award” letters from NB Notification Bureau. I have phoned them and told them to remove her name from their lists but to no avail. So…..


  10. your warning site should flash up straight away & i thought i should tell you another YESLOANS!!!!!!!! they promise they can get you a loan & even tell you the monthly payments! then you pay £65 up front and then you get a letter telling you they will be in touch! THEY WONT!!! And if you phone them you get put on hold forever!! i was an idiot to fall for this but they are still advertising as a company and that is a lot of £65’s to take from people who are struggling and looking for real help & not to be scammed DONT GO NEAR THESE SCAMMERS!!!! YESLOANS.CO.UK DO NOT TOUCH

  11. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Sarah. Thanks for you comment… I’ll take a look at Yesloans of course.

    Meantime, here are some comments I found very quickly from people who share your feelings. If they’re true and typical, what this company does seems to be clear: they entice you with an ‘example’ loan, then they get you to pay £65 ‘admin fee’ for an actual (realistic and probably unaffordable quote) which you then don’t take up.

    Pay-per-quote. Kerchinnn-nnng!

    Like so many unscrupulous activities on the web / in the real world, this is probably ‘legal’ at the same time as clearly dependent on the kind of customers who are less able or likely to understand the process or small print in order to cash in.

    And that’s the problem with ‘capitalism': so long as it’s legal, who gives a sh*t about ‘ethical’?

    You’re right to flag these people up. Sadly, there are literally thousands of businesses operating this way that I could research and list right here. From almost ANYTHING to do with lending money, ANYTHING to do with gambling (on and offline), almost ANYTHING to do with online business directories, Google search engine positioning, plumbers, electricians, builders… The list would be almost endless.


    Hi , i too have had several letters from NB and binned all of them, but this time i have sent the letter i got today back to them with a nice suprise inside, i smeared letter with doggy doo doo,hope they get the message this time, they keep sending me S**T so im sending S**T back!

  13. Sam Deeks says:

    YEurrrrrrghghghghgh grim! Much as I dislike M&D, I can’t help feel sorry for the postman more. Not recommended :-(

  14. david says:

    Like to say for two years I have been recieving NB letters stating I definatley won a prize. Never replied to them what so ever. Now my unclaimed prize runs out on 31st August of this year. Will I miss my letter of notification, or probably my award will be extended. What we need to know is why such companies can exist.

  15. johann mcmaster says:

    I have been getting letters from NB for sometime now. I decided to check them out on the computer i am sooooooooo glad i did.

  16. steve kay says:

    these are nothing but dishonest ARSEHOLES, and i’d love to meet one of them in a dark alley one night. i’d nigh on murder the little bastard.
    there you go….. see what they think of that !

  17. Sam Deeks says:

    My site stats show yesterday and today a big spike in visitors searching on “notification bureau nb” so, it is with a heavy heart that I once again must conclude that for another week at least the OFT hasn’t managed to shut them down. Sigh.

  18. donnamarie says:

    close the basterds down my freind nearly fell for it before i checked online…close them down scum………:(

  19. Sam Deeks says:

    My stats have registered 1,100 visits so far today to my posts on Macintyre and Dodd’s various ‘prize draw’ ripoffs. At £14.95 a head That must have cost McIntyre and Dodd Marketing Ltd about £16,445. Owww.

    Sorry, M&D but this is the internet and people have a right to know.

    I often wonder what it’s like to be you, going to sleep at night knowing how all these people feel about what you’re doing. Are you scared?

  20. kay miles says:

    dont put up with the sh.t nb notifications send as its all scam , just bin it along with the rest , you dont get something for nothing do you …………..

  21. marcus says:

    I can’t believe these blaggers i just received one through the post this morning. When i opened it i knew strait away. also all that wasted paper theirs enough tree’s being chopped down as is >>>>SCAMMERS<<<<<

  22. GRACE says:

    My daughter has also received numerous award letters from this company telling her she has won a substantial prize. She knows nothing about this junk mail as the letters are sent to my address. THANK GOD FOR SUSPICIOUS MUMS. lol

  23. Lisa says:


    Just wanted to say for over 12 months I have received letters from NB Notification Bureau saying I have till 31st August to claim, I have binned every letter, I entered a competition via my moms magazine of Peoples Friend, this is a magazine aimed at the over 50’s so you can imagine pensioners as you say being scammed out re these offers, bad on the magazine Peoples Friend for allowing such competitions to be published in their magazines which I have since written to them stressing my concerns.

  24. keeley says:

    My mother has also received constant letters telling her she has won a prize. lUCKILY she consulted with me before sending them her details as I said I would look into it for her…and really to no surpirise I gathered it could well be a scam! Will be binning the letter I got today

  25. kev says:

    yup got another one thought ill check them out ow dont bother just bin em ps yes loans do not give them your bank card details they will take money as and when they want and banks arnt botherd also yes loans is also linked to moneyworries ltd so beware

  26. amanda says:

    so glad ive checked them out on here, they need locking up!!!!

  27. anthony mcginty says:

    this is crazy what i am reading here i getting a letter this morening as well and i get these once every few months there getting on my nervs i once range them and got to speak to what was customer services ha ha what ever when there answers the said(hello) thats was it not hi nb bureau, no company name nothing very bad attitude on the other side of the phone was for sure then i new this was not what it realy says it is

  28. Julie says:

    I have received loads of these letters and haven’t replied to any. I’ve had various deadline dates to claim by which all are miraculously extended. I remember when I was younger (and naive) I was duped into spending £15 to claim a prize that was £300 holiday vouchers – well that was about 15 years ago and I’m still waiting for them lol. Any prize you have to pay for should ring alarm bells

  29. Sam Deeks says:

    Indeedy, Julie, indeedy :-)

    Like I’ve said before in this thread, this is BIG business. What you know is that whatever number they mail out, they get enough takers who call the premium numbers to make it pay. The company was valued at something like £13.5m last year. For every one of you who’s come to this website (2,000 in the last two days alone) and decided NOT to waste your money, there are probably another 10 who haven’t come here and have paid.

    In a few weeks, they’ll change the name from ‘NB Notification Bureau’ to something else like ‘Charity Prize Administration’, print a few million and start all over again. I’ll hear about it from one of you, write another post and a few thousand more people will find out about MacIntyre and Dodd Ltd and their ‘prize draw’ promotions. Until….maybe, who knows…possibly the Office Of Fair Trading might eventually close them down.

    Even if the OFT did, I guarantee you that these people will create another variant of their scam and get going again. It’s in their blood; it’s all they know.

  30. Sarah says:

    Wish i had looked on here before i paid by text. i knew it was too good be true:(. won’t be doing that again! How can they get away with it.

  31. jacqui says:

    hi, iv had 3 letters from this scammers thank god i looked at this site some peoplearedesperate and would try thier luck and get ripped off by these scum bags

  32. jim says:

    I am so glad I looked up Notification Bureau on Google, and found this site. I have received many letters from these ‘people’ and it all looks so real. DO NOT BE TAKEN IN.

    Why can’t the pair who run this set up end up in jail.

    Put it all into the rubbish bin.


  33. Becky says:

    I am really glad looked as this, i was about to go out and buy a postal order for 6.50 to sent to them to claim my digital camera. They have sent numerous letters all stating we have won a prize ranging from thousands of pounds, cars etc. All though not a great deal of money, id rather keep it than give it to any fraudsters who make money like this.

    They sent letters asking to reply to them to get the claim number and send them to loose first class stamps but they always sent them back – glad i looked here, my mum was all willing to send it off although i was a bit sceptical from the beginning, i began to believe it might be real,due to their persistence in writing, the address they told us to reply to was Ross-on-Wye which isnt far from us,but the letter they sent back had a Birmingham post mark on the back?

    Thank you anyway – had i not seen this – they probably would have been receiving some of my money in a couple of days!

  34. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Becky – thanks for commenting. You’ve put your finger on the basic sales psychology here: persistence works.

    Good for you for thinking again and keeping hold of your money, glad that this site helped a little. Do your bit to let other people know about this in whatever way you can.

  35. Becky says:

    Yep, Will do just cant believe i even considered it in the first place at all. Just wanted to reply to say thanks and well done to you for replying to all these posts yourself. (:
    Had i, and many others, not seen these pages, they’d probably be receiving alot mnore money.

    Thank You!

  36. abu says:

    Hi I keep getting these aswell,but rather than sending dog poo,I send back all the chicken and pizza leaflets that come through the letter box,and no I dont put a stamp on either.

  37. leeann says:

    NB Notifications have sent me 6 letters so it is costing them not me, but i think i will send them all the other stuff that come through my letter box . Please people dont phone or txt….. let them spend there money on post …

  38. Derrick Cox says:

    O.K. I fell for it and sent my £15. The prize was a holiday, being
    disabled and unable to travel, I returned the prize and explained my position asking for money to be returned (under their 100% guarantee stated if not satisfied with prize) Have so far received
    offer of three holidays all differant, It seems every time I ask for return of cash I am sent another holiday voucher, by doing

    this they keep to their claim to send me a prize for my £15..

  39. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Derrick – write it off, and congratulate yourself that you’ve see the light and won’t be fooled again. And do your best to make as many of your friends and relatives aware about this scam as you can. That way it’ll be £15 well spent

  40. Becky says:

    Hi, just to let you know, we have received another letter from the same address in ross-on-wye signed Rodger Davies. This time headed The British Awards Council. It says at the beginning we are ‘required’ to return the claim form, then a couple of paragraphs on, says if we dont reply, our details may be removed from thier database – as if we are going to lose out! Cant believe they’ve sent a letter from the same address but under a different name! Just to keep you informed!

  41. Sam Deeks says:

    Thanks guys – will blog about this one right away!

    Any photo of the letter / logo you can send gratefully received

  42. Loraine C. says:

    Thankyou for the information regarding N.B. I have returned their slip telling them exactly what I think of them and I am also adding their name (with description of the scam) to all my emails and placing a warning on my facebook page.
    I would also like to warn you of another scam that was pulled on an elderly gentleman I know. He is 84 yrs old and suffers from dementia. He rang in reply to the (so called) prize draw of a company called “Sunny Escape Holidays”. They said he had won a cruise to Florida for him & 4 family members but to ‘prove’ that he was who said who he was, they needed him to give his credit card details……..?? Poor man did as requested & only when his credit card bill came in did he realise that he had been charged £700.00 for a holiday he never recieved. Luckily the credit card company has conceded that they should have picked up on the fact that it was an American Company and out of the normal use of the mans credit card so he didn’t have to pay but PLEASE warn everyone about this cruel conn…..thankyou again….Loraine.

  43. Dawn Gillett says:

    I have just recieved my third reminder and must admit I was tempted to reply, I’m glad I checked it out first, all the letters I get form these horribel people will now go strait in the bin

  44. michael says:

    shoot them so old people will not be scam

  45. Andy Smith says:

    Interesting/scary to see this was blogged about nearly 5 years ago. Received my first letter from them this week, and thanks to the information here will file it on my fire. At least it wil serve some useful purpose.


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