ICAA Ltd Cyprus: If you’ve received a demand from these people..

Is ICAA Ltd Cyprus demanding money from you on behalf of Expo Guide?

If so, you might like to read this thread first.

Don’t forget to read the 400+ comments too.  Hopefully you’ll be reassured that you’re the victim of a global scam. This means they can’t take you to court in any country because THEY are the ones who would be sent to prison :-)

It also means that the ‘ICAA Ltd Cyprus’ acting on Expo Guide’s behalf to try to bully money out of you doesn’t actually exist.  Nor does ‘Fobble International’ or any of the other names they pretend are debt collection agencies.

Their ‘website’ is simply a front to make you think they are a real business and out to get you.  Don’t be fooled.

So to beat them at their own game, I wrote this post to beat them to the top of Google for their own (fake) name. Lols.  See the results below.  Now, anyone receiving threats from them will go to Google, type in ‘ICAA Cyprus Ltd’ and find this post BEFORE they find their dummy website.

That, by the way, is how you use Google to get the truth in front of the lies.


  1. ELAINE NADIN says:

    Hello Sam,
    Thanks for phoning my husband back and putting his mind at rest. We really appreciate the trouble you have gone to in making people (like us) aware of this awful scam.
    Kindest regards
    p.s. X

  2. Peter Nadin says:

    Hello Sam

    Came across your website this morning following my reaction to the
    final demand e-mail from ICAA Ltd Cyprus, and then the same day a
    phone call from Barry Walter Senior Credit Manager ICAA Ltd Cyprus,
    acting on behalf of Expo Guide.

    Cutting to the chase! I was just about to take the time to reply by letter this morning to ICAA Ltd, when I came across your website, and the subsequent conversation that we had.
    What a relief to hear this is not for real.
    This has been going on now since 24th Nov 2008 and the Expo Guide File is now 1 cm thick with correspondance and final demands.

    I am eternally grateful and applaud you for your proactiveness in helping other people like me who fall for this type of Scam, quite innocently.

    Peter Nadin

  3. Sam Deeks says:

    You are most welcome, Elaine

  4. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Peter – glad it helped to reassure you. Since I first posted about Expo Guide a lot of people have visited and been increasingly reassured by the various comments and research.

    Interestingly, when I first posted, it was primarily from a position of warning people off paying stupid money for a totally unrealistic promise of extra business & Google visibility (as I was de-frocking quite a few bulls**t online business directories at the time). It quickly became apparent this wasn’t just a case of really, really bad value for money but a global, 10 year old scam with a dozen recorded variants (and many more mutating at any moment in time).

    Since then, I’ve left it mainly to the feedback / experience of the hundreds of people who have posted here to pass judgment on the sort of scam they’ve fallen victim to.

    For the last two years, I’ve been waiting for even a single satisfied Expo Guide ‘customer’ to come here and say they don’t think Expo Guide is a scam. It hasn’t happened, of course. I’ve also been waiting to hear from anyone who has been taken to any court anywhere for non-payment of an Expo Guide demand. That also hasn’t happened. All I’ve had is a couple of threats from people presumably connected with Expo Guide angry with what I’ve done and a couple of insiders contact me to confirm exactly what I’d always suspected about Expo Guide (and ‘ICAA’s’) simply, abusive bullying psychology and how they convert that into profit.

    Enjoy your worry-free evening :-)

  5. Catherine says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences everyone. I just receive an email form ICAA, ltd this morning. I’m in the same case you all are with Expo guide. This started in Summer 2008. I will just ignore their email.
    Thanks again.

  6. Alex says:

    Dear Sam,
    I was just contacted from this Cyprus co.
    I did not pay a penny so far, and it will stay that way.
    I also know 20 people who will do the same.
    Thank you for your effort, so everyone in the world can know the bussiness of expo-guide

    Thanks a lot,

  7. Cathy says:

    I got the e-mail from ICAA this Tuesday, I am afraid very much, and try to explain something with them. Thanks for your sharing, Sam. The one thing I have to do is to igonre their e-mail and didn’t contact them any more, right ? Or may I have to do something to cancel the order as they said ?

  8. Sam Deeks says:

    From what I’ve seen, Cathy, ICAA and Expo Guide are part of the same operation. An ICAA ‘insider’ told me a lot about how it works. It’s all designed to scare you into thinking they can and will take you to some court action in your country when in fact, all the evidence shows, they can’t and they won’t. The only thing to fear in this scam is fear itself – and that’s how easy it is for them to make money.

  9. I Read the small print says:

    Interesting! My post has been removed because I pointed out these people have been naive and stupid? hmm I wonder what yuou’re agenda really is?

  10. Sam Deeks says:

    I didn’t remove your post at all, I published it. I think you posted it on another post about ICAA. I have no agenda – but you CLEARLY do.


    So you can apologise if you like (but I doubt you will) :)

    Later note: Of course, he didn’t. He just continued to rant about how it served everyone right for not being more cautious and try to make out that I had some dirty agenda for helping people.

    His ‘line’ was almost word-for-word the same as expressed in various communications people receive from Expo Guide. And he was also commenting from Cyprus – you won’t be surprised to learn.

  11. Great to find your side after entering in Google “ICAA Cyprus”. They (EXPO Guide) try to fraud money for years. Our laywer and official staff from the International Funkausstellung (IFA Berlin) informed us in the past that this is a fraud and they will lose any court case. So we ignored all their letters.
    Now got the fax from ICAA signed by a person named Markus Becker and…
    … happliy finding your site.

    Good job!

  12. Sam Deeks says:

    Thank for the comment Alexander, glad you found the information helpful

  13. Patrick says:

    Thank you very much to advise this important information. It can help many company to fall into the trap of international scam.

  14. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Patrick – I think you meant “help many company NOT to fall into the trap…” :) – but thank you, and thanks for commenting.

  15. Cari says:

    Thank you very much for all the info provided here. I totally agree that people need to pay way more attention to what they sign, but that does not give any person or company the right to scam others, and that is what this EXPO company is doing. They are trying to scare business and people into just paying this stupid fee and companies do it because they don’t want to deal with any credit issues. We will not be wasting any more of our time listening to anything anyone from either of these “so called” companies has to say. Everyone has a right to profit and make a living, but people also have an obligation to be decent. It will be a wonderful day when people like this have the tables turned on them.

  16. Sam Deeks says:

    Cari, sadly the tables probably won’t ever be turned on these people. The best we can hope for is to just keep intervening to cut them off from the cash. Google is our friend here, enabling us to raise awareness, reassure worried people and show that no-one has ever been (and will never be) taken to court by any of these scammers.

  17. Vicky Stylianou says:

    Hi, came across your website after searching for info. on the company ICAA Management ltd. They are advertising for employment on a Cypriot website, so I just wanted to say well done for posting this information!


  18. Sam Deeks says:

    Vicky, thanks for that. Business must still be good for them, then. No surprise. Glad you found our information and it made you think twice – you REALLY don’t want that shit on your CV for the future.

  19. Susanne Oberem says:

    Hi Sam and all EG/ICAA-haters,

    since summer 2009, we´ve been chased by EG and since Sept 2011 ICAA has been involved. Thank you very much for all the information. It makes us feel a little realeased. However, since some weeks, we receive phone calls from ICAA and last week we received a fax with another threat that they will take further legal steps.
    How shall we deal with the phone calls? Just tell them we don´t discuss anything with them? Or just say nothing?

    Does anyone has an idea when it will stop? How many LAST payment reminders and LAST offers will they finally send without making themselves even more ridiculous?

    Thanks a lot.

  20. Sue Gowans says:

    My oragnisation has been chased for months for money from these people. From what I understand about them they are able to add their literture to legitimate correspondence from organisations and a colleague of mine signed their form in error. I never had any intention of paying it as I suspected it was a scam. and I am please that your web site has confirmed it. Many thanks

  21. Matt Leger says:

    After receiving letters claiming we signed a contract from Expo Guide, I received a call and email from a Daniella from ICAA. I knew that Expo Guide was a scam, but to get bogus collection agencies from Europe to hound you for fake companies, what a shame!

  22. David Pelling says:

    Yes I also got caught. Did a big exhibition in the UK then went on Holiday. On returning found this letter suggesting a free entry in an expo guide related to the exhibition. Having lots to do after the Holiday I inadvertently signed it and sent it off. FREE!!!!
    Since then my office manager found something i the UK about this scam and I have sent a letter to them informing them that we will not be paying. I have also contacted the Trading standards in the UK.Your blog has allowed me to strengthen my position as I have now received 3 demands for payment with “interest” added. I guess I will shortly hear form ICAA Ltd.
    I am happy to “sit it out” but I just hope that all I read is right and that no court action will take place.

  23. Sam Deeks says:

    David – thanks for commenting. Like I’ve said before: spend some time looking for one single, credible (and I don’t mean ‘Roland’) example of someone – anyone – who has ever reported being taken to any court by these people…. you won’t find it. Let THAT be your reassurance (along with all the stories here and elsewhere). You don’t need to take my word for it. I’m just an interested bystander :-)

  24. Bill Filek says:

    Thank you for the info. I am in Canada and this collection agency is actually calling me from Cyprus with threats of legal action if I don’t pay.

    I thank you for your insight.


  25. Sam Deeks says:

    You’re welcome Bill. Look at it from their point of view: it’s a phone game. Costs nothing. They sit there safely in Cyprus and play psychological games with defenceless people far away. If they do it well enough, they get a percentage of the €980 ‘settlement’ they scam out of scared people. Better than working for a living; probably even quite addictive. Long distance bullying.

  26. Maria says:

    Dear Sam,

    last year I wrote at your forum that I have been a victim too. Imagine that I didn’t know anything for them and I paid them from my own salary the first invoice because I signed their “free” papers..They continued to send me invoices but fortunately I came across your forum and I realised how foolish I have been…This month they continue to send us emails from ICAA (the fake company in Cyprus) and I do not answer them of course. Before ten minutes a person called James Danien called me and said me to pay them..I got so angry and told him not to bother us again..He said that this case will be solved at the courts..I’m fed up with them…What can I do for not bothering me again?HOW STUPID THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Maria, thanks for commenting.

    I was sorry to hear you paid the first instalment. Of course, that tells them to keep bullying you which is why you still get calls. In their eyes, you’re a hot prospect.

    I try to advise people to put themselves in the scammers’ shoes. If more people could do that, then fewer would pay. And you’d see that they’re anything BUT stupid. Their technique works – partly because, even NOW, they are bothering you so much that you ask what can you do to stop them? So long as you’re bothered, they’ve got you.

    Sometimes people take offense at this advice – as if I’m not sympathetic enough and I do apologise if it seems a bit direct. But you have to wake up to the fact that these people have honed this process to an art and predicted (accurately) each one of your natural reactions to their attack in order to turn it against YOU and to THEIR advantage.

    As I’ve said many times before, they will only stop when YOU stop sending the ‘I’m bothered’ signals – and, with all kindness and respect, from your comment that isn’t yet.

  28. Maria says:

    Thanks Sam,

    so the only thing you advice me to do is to stop answering the phonecalls? I do not answer their emails.

  29. Sam Deeks says:

    You’ve two choices Maria:

    1) Answer their calls (and let them frighten you into paying)

    2) Don’t answer their calls (and wait for them to take you to court).

    It’s up to you: all I can say is that there is no evidence anywhere to indicate they have ever taken anyone to court in this situation. I know why this is – but the problem is that you don’t yet. And that’s why their scam works.

    Sorry to sound unsympathetic but I can’t say it any clearer that this. You have to understand this: I know you’re scared. So do they. The difference is that THEY set out to make you scared to take your money off you.

  30. Maria says:

    No Sam, I m afraid you misunderstood me..I know that they are fake. I know that they do not have the power to do anythin. The victims are millions..I just posted to ask what can I do to stop their threads..and I realise that you advise me to do nothing. Thanks and sorry..

  31. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Maria, no worries.
    The quick answer is that it appears there is nothing you can do to stop their threats in the short term.

    I believe that the quickest way to stop their threats in the longer term is to ignore them completely. They WILL eventually put their limited resources into ‘prospects’ they believe are more likely to pay than you.

    Having said that, you can be sure that they will periodically try to ‘re-activate’ you again using their least expensive method (mailing) – particularly since they’ve already scored a success with you in the past. If you show ANY response to that mailing (even “I know you’re a horrible scam, go away”), you can be sure they will once again step up their investment in you (i.e. they will put real people onto phoning you to bully you harder).

    Good luck!

  32. Maria says:

    Sam thanks for all..I will continue to ignore them.What a global scam!!!!!! It’s a pity that after all these victims they are still free to act…

  33. Demoscience says:

    Dear Deeks,

    I am in China, we also are suffering from ICAA Cyprus. I have never reply any emails to them. They keep on sending me emails. Firstly, they request us to pay for two years USD3714 with interest for deferred to pay, and they offer us an option to pay for two years insertion at USD3,148.00 and today they give us a new offer for one year USD1,574. 00, they called us and threaten us to put this case into court. I have told all my staff just don’t reply to them, don’t answer their phones, Just ignore them as they are cheaters. I think they will keep on sending us email. I will put their email address into reject list of our email box. But before that, I will wait for their more emails to see how they will act.

    Thank you Mr. Deeks, I can sleep well now.

  34. Julia Kim says:

    Dear Sam,
    Thanks for your information. I live in South Korea.
    I was worried like above people. Because I send the signed letter because it was written just FREE I saw in the promotion letter that we participating exhibition.
    Today I received the Reminder letter.
    So can I just stay and ignore these letters from expo guide?

    Do they really contact us with lawyers in the future? Thanks for your advice.

  35. Sam Deeks says:

    Julia, you’ll get threats from ICAA (who are very connected to Expo Guide). Just ignore them. They’re scammers, using fear to rip you off. There is no evidence ANYWHERE that these people have ever taken anyone to court. There’s a simple and very clear reason for this: they can’t.

  36. Ex Employee says:

    A note to all of you concerned about ICAA Ltd ect.

    I was a previous employee of this company and can ASSURE you that this is a complete scam. Operated from a small office on the 4th floor of a block in limassol cyprus.

    As staff we were trained about expo gude from mexico and the way that they operate. The staff are given generous wages and bonus’s if they can make over 15k per month.

    Please do not give in to them. I left the company as did many others due to the curruption and the fact we have a consiense. The man in charge of the mission his real name is Lazlo, and the guy behind the wheel lives in Germany. Payments are made to Mexico, the office is in Cyprus, none of it adds up really.

    Good luck all xx

  37. Sam Deeks says:

    Thank you Ex Employee for posting this. You confirm what I already KNOW – but I hope that the readers of this blog are reassured by what you’ve written. Most, if not all, of these scams go back to one person – Meinolf Lüdenbach.

  38. I read the small print says:

    Strange isn’t it? We had the conversation we did mr Deeks just today and yet just a couple of hours later( in a separate thread I might add ) and after ten years( Your own estimate) and opportunity, after opportunity, after opportunity. Suddenly ! ( Drum roll…. Taadaah!) for the first time ever! ( Roll up Roll up get your tickets here) an ” ex employee” appears on this forum to “Expose”ICAA” WOW! What a coincidence! What’s their ip address Mr Deeks? You were keen to publish mine! Tell us all please! Just where is this individual based? (please provide a google map just as you did when publishing my IP address) Do you smell fish Mr Deeks?.. NO? Then may I suggest a visit to the ENT Clinic( ear nose and throat for those not in the know) Ye Gods! You really couldn’t be more transparent if you were made of crystal….. Tut Tut Tut! I expected better of you Mr Deeks!

    By the way. May I ask a question? Who pays for your SEO in relation to your crusade against icaa/expo guide? I’d be interested to know (As I’m sure would others)

  39. Sam Deeks says:

    Mr. Vespasian, it’s all quite a lot simpler than you imagine. It goes like this:

    • You think it’s ok people being ripped off by ‘companies’ set up to rip people off. I don’t
    • I posted on my blog about it to let victims of these scams share stories and empower themselves
    • My motivation is that I don’t like rip-offs and I do like relieving people of the stress and fear these scammers put them through

    In answer to your question, nobody pays for my SEO. I write a post, Google finds it. ICAA and Expo Guide don’t like it because they didn’t work this bit out before they started scamming people. If they’d understood blogs and search engines better, they could have made it a lot harder for people like me to get these posts high up in Google… but they didn’t. I saw an opportunity to help people and took it.

    So let’s look again: the scammers don’t really understand SEO and you don’t also understand SEO. Another remarkable coincidence!

    And you forget, Mr. Vespasian, I’ve already had long and detailed conversations with people who have worked in that exact same office in Limassol. People who set out to make some easy money and then found out too late that they’d screwed their reputations online by putting their real names to ICAA documents. Doh! They told me what they knew in exchange for getting their names out of the Google indexes. Fair exchange. They, like you – and like Expo Guide / ICAA – didn’t understand how Google works.

    I’d like to ask you a question (one I’ve asked before): why don’t you post using your real identity?

  40. I read the small print says:

    Ok Mr Deeks Let me answer you point by point.

    1) I don’t think it’s ok to rip people off.(As I’ve said before) I’m simply contemptuous of those so foolish as to sign something they couldn’t be bothered to read properly……Actions and consequences! Mean anything to you?

    2)I am aware how SEO works. I have had overtures from various companies offering to push my website( a website I don’t have I might add) up the rankings on google and as a result I’m aware of the costs involved. So unless you yourself are particularly good at highlighting key words/phrases etc etc, this is an on cost for you. I ask again, who pays for this?

    3) You have claimed repeatedly that ICAA does not exist and yet now you claim to have had and I quote “long and detailed conversations” wih individuals you claim are ex employees. You contradict yourself Mr Deeks or are you being less than honest?

    4) My real identity? Tell me what diference would giving you my name make? None! (Unless of course I was stupid enough to give you my address. Which I’m not!) I run a business Mr Deeks and I don’t want it disrupting by vengeful fools wanting to vent their ire on me just because I happen to disagree with you/them.

  41. Sam Deeks says:

    1) You are contemptuous

    2) You are only aware how rip-off ‘SEO’ companies work, not how or why a blog such as this gets a post about ICAA Cyprus Ltd to the top of Google for people searching for exactly that term. For the last time; I pay NO-ONE to do ‘SEO’ work for me because the ONLY SEO work I do is to carefully choose the title of the posts I write, anticipating what the user will be searching for. And I’m not even an expert in this area. Anyone who knows how Google works will know how and why these posts get in front of ICAA’s victims so easily. The fact you don’t and keep insisting that I pay for some mysterious thing you call ‘SEO’ (implying that I’m being funded somehow by someone else) proves you have no real idea.

    3) I’ve mostly claimed that ICAA are the same as the scammers, which is what I continue to believe. I have had long and detailed PHONE conversations with people who have sat in that room in Limassol and made those bullying phone calls just as that last commenter says.

    4) The reason you don’t show your real identity is because you’re afraid of abuse from people who disagree with you? You run a business you don’t want disrupting by ‘vengeful fools’? Well, welcome to this thread; a group of people trying to run their business until a they were disrupted by greedy, immoral, heartless fools trying to bullying them into parting with their money. You should have lots of empathy.

    Anyway, Vespasian, you’ve had your say and made your point. Thank you for taking the time. Just to let you know in advance, I’m not going to publish or reply to any more of your comments because I’ve got better things to do.

  42. Joe Keenan says:

    Clearly Vespasian has a great deal of issues on his mind. I would suggest that as a businessman (term used very losely) he should not focus on trying to publically break us down on this forum as the consequences are yet more publicity against him and (Drum Roll…… Ta Da…. a higher google ranking and without parting money for SEO work). But then again why would anything that he does be logical?? Wonderful exchanges here!!! Thanks Sam and keep it up

  43. Sam Deeks says:

    Thanks Joe. I’m not going to approve anything else from him. My intention here was to help victims of the scam and arguing the toss with him just gets in the way of that.

  44. Ex Employee says:

    Hi There ,
    I notice that you have on going issues with I READ THE SMALL PRINT, well let me name an shame this person along with a few others.
    He is actually a she her name is Danielle Bailey along wither her team leader Claudia Suarez, Danielle lives in pafos and commutes to Limassol and the IP address will quote that area as they all come from the capital of nicosia.
    They are paid 1500 eurp per month plus a 1000 euro bonus for hitting there targets,
    There is due to be a new contract guide coming out called the Trade Fair guide to make you aware, another potential danger, or THREAT should I say , and ICAA are planning a relocation and name change to CY Financial Capital, ?? I will keep you in the loop.

    I dont want to give my name as some of the team there have close links with my family and could cause a lot of damage.

  45. 2009 we were approached at a national dental exhibition offering a free listing. Since then have had continual repeat invoices for the free listing. Now we are getting the hard line from Tracey who has reduced our amount owning to 1100 Euro – big deal. To try them at their own game I offered 200 Euro to settle making sure the Email was Without Prejudice. This has been refused and they are starting legal proceedings. This is obviously a scam.

    I work a a consultant for a large American company and I will be passing this over to them as well as letting the dental profession know about this scam.

  46. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Graham
    It is one nasty old scam that has been making big money over the last 10 years for the scammers behind it. Your mistake (sorry to be blunt) was a) to sign the form in the first place and then b) to get into communication with them. That’s the only channel they have to bully you. The way you WIN is to shut that channel (and of course, ignore their demands for payment).

    This site contains comments from hundreds of people just like you who have been scammed – and not one of them (or anywhere else online) reports being taken to court. Simple reason: they can’t, nor ever had the intention to. They know that – but they bully people until they’re so scared they’re willing to ‘settle’. Don’t give in – but don’t communicate with them at all from here on in.

  47. AYKUT OGUZ says:

    Dear Mr. SAM,

    First of all, thank you that you are giving clear informations about that kind of criminals.
    I want to explain what happened: As everybody gets, we got lots of letters from Expo Guide. Without reading small sentences below, we signatured and stamped these letters. And they insert our name to their websites and sent us invoices. When we saw that we contacted them just to pay for 1 year and cancel rest 2 years. And they said ok , you should pay as soon as possible that amount for 1 year. But at this stage we checked expo guide in web and saw that also lots of goverment websited warn not to pay any money if also you signatured sth. When i saw that i sent a mail to them that we dont send any money and if they send one more mail we will start processes with our lawyer. Than Icaa contacted me to find a middle way. I told all the things without listening them and closed phone. Now they are sending me mail i signatured sth and must pay it with delays. They still didnt remove my company name from webside but i already ignored their mails.
    I read lots of comments but i couldnt find exactly a comment as mine. Because i clearly stamped and signatured their non useful order. Now i want to ask you if i should start some processes with my lawyer not to meet with a problem for future or i dont care any of mails or phone and go on my life without doing and law process?

    Thank you so much reading all my mail and for your kind feedbacks.

  48. AYKUT OGUZ says:


  49. Sam Deeks says:

    Aykut, read the post and all 633 comments here:


    I have given my advice 1,000 times over. Please read the comments on the above link. Basically, do NOTHING. Don’t pay, don’t communicate. The comments will explain why.

  50. AJOY says:

    Dear Sam Deeks,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you…….thank you soooo much. This is all I can say about your website. It has been of great help and service to all of us. If you happen to Visit Malaysia – please do send me an email and I would like to treat you for this service !



  51. Sam Deeks says:

    Ajoy, you already treated me with your gratitude and the knowledge I helped ;-) Thanks for commenting, and good luck – and thanks for sharing your experience too, it helps those victims who are yet to come along.

  52. Sam Deeks says:

    Great link to this thread by a Japanese blogger – including the best summary of the Expo Guide scam I’ve yet read (thanks to the beauty of Japanese-language-meets-Google-translate):

    “In small print, it is a purchase order expensive it is to sing like a grain of rice”

    You’re damn right it is. My life is better for this post-modern description.


  53. Mike Sandhu says:

    Fantastic reading.Time for a real drink! Thanks cos I am a victim and am pissed off and they mislead me.

  54. Sam Deeks says:

    No problem Mike. I hope it reassured you.

  55. Mike Sandhu says:

    Hi Sam,

    Went through ALMOST all your comments and contributions from victims all over the world.Somewhere I read that you can only do so much as to lend support/advice.And there was a suggestion from you that we bring in the media in our respective countries to highlight this and perhaps even to the relevant Ministry in the countries concerned.I believe that all of us in our countries can join forces to combat this.
    if this goes along with your thinking I for one would like to spearhead this in my country. Any advice SIR?

  56. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Mike
    Thanks for you offer! What would be great is to find a business journalist in your mainstream media and get a story to them. The only way it will help is if it gets out to a very wide audience in the business community. The difficulty in doing that is why I decided to do what I could with a blog and the cute-ness of Google ;-)

  57. John Francis says:

    I was scammed by Expo Guide a few years back. I thought they’d gone away but today I got a call from a woman who said she was from ICAA. My signal went while she was explaining that there was some kind of debt that I had that she was going to assist me with. The call dropped and I guessed that this was a return of the EG pain in the neck. She called back within a minute or two and told me I needed to pay attention to what she was saying. I said that I didn’t know what debt she was talking about and she hung up after saying the following ‘Look! I’ll send you a letter and you show to your lawyer. If you don’t want our help then you can p**s off’. Charming. Not very credible behaviour. If you hear from these people I urge you to just ignore them. They can only survive if people cave in to their aggressive tactics.

  58. Ahmed says:

    We are a software company from Egytp and we participated in GITEX 2010 in Riyadh, and after that we got the first letter in 2011 from expo guide that looks like a request for “free” listing information update that contains small lines at the end talking about an order that of course you won’t notice.
    Later on came the invoices and the warning letters -all by mail- which we didn’t relate to any of our orders because we didn’t deal with anyone from Mexico and we didn’t purchase any directory listing so we just ignored them.
    Until that email from ICAA came in its fancy and scary legal words and a scan of the first letter that we sent to them and in the email they are asking us to pay USD 3,671.31 !!! and we got frustrated a little bit.
    But at the end we didn’t do any “legally” considerable purchases or orders; none of the authorized signatories nor the owner signed anything and the company didn’t stamp any papers, so why we shouldn’t be afraid of anything, however not realizing yet that they are such a deceitful people we replied to them explaining to them what happened and asked them to close this silly issue.
    After that I arrived at your lovely post :) which relaxed me alot and it prepares me to continue to ignore the expected coming disturbing communication from them, I guess I’ll enjoy playing with them a little.
    THANKS :)

  59. Nick Castell says:

    Can anybody tell us, who the REAL CEO of the ICAA in Cyprus is??????

    We don’t speake about this femal (so called) ”director”, the secretary (!!!) Maria Sabbidoy, who is mentioned in the company register Cyprus.

    In reality t is such mentally deficient Hungarian, named Laszlo Peter, Peter Lansky (and many other names), but


    Regards NC

  60. Nikolaus Castell says:


    Yesterday I have asked you for the real name of the real CEO of ICAA in Cyprus. An Hungarian mobster.
    We are interestend to close that company somehow, because that company is the most disgusting company we have ever met.

    But because you are all so agreed in the same opinion about ExpoGuide (it is so easy to hunt somebebody in a hysteric and unfettered witch-hunt, feeling better and stronger and more in the right in a very big group of hunters) I should tell you honestly, that I only hate ICAA, who bothered us with all dirty tricks because of the missing payment.

    We have no hate and uncontrolled emotions like you against a company like Expo-Guide. The world is full of such companies (have you ever red the ”general terms and conditions” of your bank or insurance? Do it!).
    What can a business-man say, when he was mistaken just by an 1 page form (with enough time and experience to study it)?
    He could (and should say): ”Oh, maybe I have made a mistake. But I will not blame me in the public what idiot I have been. I will pay or I will fight against the claim of money. But I have to stay fair and normal.”

    It is not fair, to cry, because my ‘own ‘mistake” is the fault of SOMEBODY-ELSE. In my eyes that has absolutly no niveau and is ridiculous for an adult experienced business man.

    But the worst is how the public behave. All of them sorry, but that is ALL OF YOU, believe to know, that only they are right themselves and ExpoGuide and who-else are the criminals, but are not even able, to know the diffrence between CIVIL RIGHT and CRIMINAL (PENAL) LAW.

    Before you judge and discriminate against another-one you should MINIMUM observe, that MISLEADING (does not matter if in this given case yes or no) is CIVIL LAW ——– and SCAM is CRIMINAL LAW.

    I really dont love ExpoGuide, because they gave me an unwanted lesson but what you all do, is lowbrow and awkward. And that is why I have only the same opinion like you concerning private persons or very small tradespersons, but not real businessmen.
    And in all (!) cases I will never speake from ”SCAM”, as long a judgement, who concernes to me and to my concrete case, will not allow me to say this.
    Otherwise we are the delinquents ourselves, because slander is REALLY culpable (CRIMINAL LAW).

    We can also lose with a little bit decency.That is my advice for you.

    Nikolaus Castell

  61. Sam Deeks says:

    Interesting post Nikolaus Castell. It sounds very familiar. The ‘you’ve only got yourselves to blame and, well, maybe they actually did you a favour teaching you to be more vigilant in future’ tone. Not only have we heard it before but it is a point of view that unites all the people who have worked for Expo Guide and ICAA (the same people) because it’s the core of their ‘training’.

    I don’t think one SINGLE person of the tens of thousands of ‘victims’ of Expo Guide would agree with your point of view. The only people who have commented here in the past who DO agree with your point of view I know for a fact were employees of Expo Guide.

    If you’d like to sue me or anyone here for slander go right ahead. I think the general opinion of the business community and the forces of law and order is that Expo Guide (and all their ‘sister’ scam directories) are just that: scams.

  62. Sam Deeks says:

    It’s also interesting how your technical distinction between criminal and civil law negates what this site and others has helped to do: to save a large number of people from being conned / cheated / fooled / scammed* out of a couple of thousand euros each. No matter how you phrase it, Expo Guide is ripping people off through a combination of trickery followed by bullying. I don’t care for your distinctions; I’m for the ordinary people who don’t deserve or need to suffer the bullying of cynical cheats.

    * use whichever word you prefer

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