Tips for installing Vodafone’s USB Modem stick on your MacBook Pro

vodafone-usb-modem-lite-h11) Make sure that Vodafone have assigned numbers to your sims.  Didn’t happen for us.  It took an hour of 0870 phone calling to get that part sorted.

2) Use installer disk to install Vodafone Mobile Connect software (put icon on your dock)

3) Use this software to ‘connect’ to internet with your dongle

4) Try running browser…ah.  Not connected to internet.

5) Go to Network in your system preferences

6) Choose ‘Vodafone 3520′

7) In ‘Telephone number’ box, overwrite what’s there (in my case it was something like “*/***99*#”) replacing it with “*99#’.  Account name is ‘web’, password is ‘web’

8) Click connect and it should work

So how come this installer disk placed the wrong phone number in my preferences?? Another half an hour on the line to (very helpful) technical support lady at Vodafone confirmed what I suspected: that Vodafone really haven’t been that bothered about supporting Mac users.

Or giving them any readable instructions either.  Which is a pity because it then falls to people like me (and other bloggers) to fill in the information vaccuum.  Oh, and if you’re trying to do it with Snow Leopard, you’ll have even more trouble. ;-)

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