International credit assessment agency / ICAA Cyprus

Have you received demands for money from International credit assessment agency / ICAA Cyprus on behalf of Expo Guide?

If so, you might like to read this thread first.

Don’t forget to read the 400+ comments too.  Hopefully you’ll be reassured that you’re the victim of a global scam. This means they can’t take you to court in any country because THEY are the ones who would be sent to prison :-)

Find out more about these scams from Richard Corbett MEP.

It also means that the ‘ICAA Ltd Cyprus’ acting on Expo Guide’s behalf to try to bully money out of you doesn’t actually exist.  Nor does ‘Fobble International’ or ‘Waldberg and Hirsch’ or any of the other names they pretend are debt collection agencies.]

Their ‘websites’ are simply fronts to make you think they are a real business and out to get you.  Don’t be fooled.


  1. Flora says:

    Hi there, one of my co-worker made a mistake to fill up the form from Expo Guide without knowing this is a payable contract because the detail of the payment term written in very samll words, they intend to cheat us. And now, ICAA represent Expo Guide threat to take us to court. What can we do? Do we need to pay money? Ifwe do, my co-worker wil lbe fired bu my boss. Please help to give some suggestion. Did you experience similar situation?

  2. tina says:

    Hi,I have situation like you, and I don’t know what to do, do you maybe have some news regarding your situation?

  3. v.james says:

    Hi there, I also had a similar expeience. It is prominently mentioned as free insertion and just to confirm the data they have collected and published without our knowledge and consent. On receiving mail from Expo Trade, that the insertion is payable, on the same day a reply mail msg was sent to them that we are not interested, which they have avoided, and this clearly shows their intension of cheating. Please give your suggestion to handle and get out of the rigmarole.

  4. Sam Deeks says:

    My suggestion is very simple:

    You don’t need do ANYTHING except ignore them. But you do need to understand and believe that these people can’t DO anything to you. That’s the most import thing here.

  5. bob says:

    aye mine has been going on since 2008, with occasional letters etc, same as most people, i had got in touch with the Gift fair people in Auckland after the first lot of letters arrived and told it was a scam.
    But its all made me very wary of returning any document nowadays.
    And now its all back again with e mails from this ICCA. and a lady helen Simpson.
    has anyone ever phoned the office they report to have, but seriously best to ignore the whole thing.sadly reading the posts they have managed to terrifly slot of people

    ah well onwards and up

  6. helen says:

    Hi here, I also received similar calling and mails from ICCA, a man on the behalf of ICCA said their company tried to find a solution between EXPO GUIDE and us, I asked them why they still help them to solve this problem although they knew all the traps EXPO GUIDE took? They just said because EXPO GUIDE is their client. Finally, I still didn’t agree with the solution which they supply, and they threat me that they will transfer those documents to their leagal department. I hope if there is any association could help to solve this matter completely, not still a scam coming again and again.

  7. I Read the small print says:

    HI All. How can you all be so Stupid? If you don’t read what you’re signing then you deserve everything you get. Call yourselves business people? Little children more like, who need leading through life by the hand, just so you don’t trip up… Get a grip people. Take responsibility for your own mistakes. Stop blaming others!

  8. Sam Deeks says:

    Vespasian was a debt collector wasn’t he? Thank you for the clues. Your IP address resolves to Cyprus (why am I not surprised?) You’re well-educated, with English clearly as your mother tongue, you’ve used an email address with a connection to debt collecting and a UK ISP, you demonstrate contempt and hostility for the victims of this scam plus you’re here commenting! All of which pins you as one of those tri-lingual kids ICAA has making threatening calls on commission. Was I close?

    Now, your obvious bias aside, I have to say that you’re 1/2 right in your comment: people who don’t read small print are half responsible. The other half of the responsibility however falls on the people behind Expo Guide and people like you in ICAA who wake up every day and consciously set out to frighten people into giving you their hard-earned money.

    When all’s said and done I believe that just because people tend to make mistakes doesn’t make it ok for other people to deliberately set out to exploit them.

    But, ‘vespasian’, that’s just a personal life choice we all have to make, isn’t it?

  9. I Read the small print says:

    Wow! I looked into this because a friend of mine had received the paper work from expo guide, but like me, he reads before signing. Now all of a sudden you accuse me of being a champion for these people? What is your agenda Mr Deeks? How much does your S.E.O cost you every month and how could such a cost possibly benefit you? Fess up Mr Deeks what’s in it for you? Oh and by the way…Vespasian was Emperor in Rome from Ad69. He had the colloseum built. But as to collecting debts….Not that I know of! And to set the record straight I run my own driving school. Like Vespasian, I don’t collect debts. One last thing. At no time did I give you permission to publish my private e mail address. Kindly remove it. Thank you.

  10. Sam Deeks says:

    My agenda? Save people money from scammers. Simple. Yours? You seem to think it’s ok for people to rip of careless people. Like I said, that’s ok for you but not for me.

    How much does my SEO cost me? Nothing. It’s a blog.

    I appreciate me telling me your reason for coming to this post. I’ll take your email address off happily (doesn’t matter to me).

    Lastly – what do I get out of publishing this stuff? Nothing except the considerable satisfaction of having saved another person from sleepless nights and wasting £1,000 at the hands of these bullies.

    Like you, I received the Expo Guide invite. Like you I’m too observant to fall for con tricks like that. But unlike you, I put my observation to work for other people. You just came here and poured scorn on them.

    Seriously, what’s so hard for you to believe about that, vespasian?

  11. I Read the small print says:

    Firstly my apologies for the delay in replying. I wanted to take the time to explore this issue a little further. This whole “scam” seems to revolve around the fact that these individuals have not taken the time to read the order form and the covering letter that accompanies it with due care and attention. Now I’ve done a little research and in some countries(Austria for instance) there is legislation in place that states to not do so from a business perspective is in fact negligence. Leaving legislation aside surely common sense would tell you to read something properly before signing it? Now if Expo Guide are relying on people not reading something properly it’s a pretty weak scam don’t you think? and in my opinion hardly needs a moral crusade to right it. Let me ask why you don’t start a similar campaign to ensure that people DO read the fine print? I find it interesting that sites such as this which claim to protect individuals, actually do the oposite because all they do is encourage people to act without any sense of responsibility and in doing so you are helping to perpetuate the nanny state, which in my opinion is not a good thing because you simply engender a society who can’t asses risk or accept responsibility, because it’s never their fault. Tripped over a kerb? sue the council! Burnt your mouth on a hot cup of coffee? sue the coffee shop! Where will it end Mr Deeks?

    You have repeatedly told people not to pay and that Expo Guide won’t take them to court. Let me ask what if EG do take people to court? haven’t you been negligent in your advice and will you pay all legal costs for them?(By the way where is your disclaimer in this regard? I can’t seem to find it!

  12. Sam Deeks says:

    Thanks for commenting, Vespasian.

    You comment explains why these scams originated Austria then.

    Like I said before, I agree with you about personal responsibility. But in this real world, people aren’t all as vigilant, aware or water-tight as you are. The difference between you and me (as I’ve pointed out before) is that you seem to be arguing that its ok for someone to set out to fool unwary people whereas I don’t. Or are you seriously arguing that these forms AREN’T designed deliberately to mislead at all?

    The only people hurt by these posts and the comments from all those hundreds of ‘customers’ who universally feel they’ve been scammed / ripped off / tricked (call it what you will) are Expo Guide, World Business Register, TEMDI etc – because they’re costing them money. I know that, they know that and you know that.

    So why so much effort to try to make me look like I’m the evil one? Did you even notice that I respected your request to take off your email address in your previous comment? That’s an example of just how evil I am :)

  13. I Read the small print says:

    Mr Deeks

    You ask, Do I think it is ok to deliberately set out to deceive someone? Of course not! Does it happen?(this being “real life”)Yes it does! How,in this instance, can we stop it happening? By nothing more than reading what’s in front of us! Nothing complicated Mr Deeks. No special secret skill required, just the patience to read the text .

    As I said before, if it’s a scam, it’s a weak one. Does this really deserve a moral crusade or should we just learn to take responsibility for our actions? We run a business. We could be signing away that very business and all because?……… Personal responsibility or the eternal cry of…. “It’s not my fault”!

    I leave it to you to decide.

  14. Sam Deeks says:

    Here’s what I’ve decided.

    Earlier, you claimed your friend received papers from Expo Guide but like you, he was far too smart to sign them. If that was the case, then he wouldn’t have received any communication from ‘ICAA Ltd Cyprus’ since they act as debt collectors for Expo Guide and he wouldn’t have been in debt to Expo Guide.

    In which case, it’s far more likely that you would have Googled ‘Expo Guide’ and commented on any one of my posts about Expo Guide. Of course you would – especially since there are literally hundreds of people for you to get your rocks off blaming there.

    But you didn’t. You came here and posted here. Since there are no links from my posts about Expo Guide to this page, I can only surmise that you came here directly after searching Google for ‘ICAA Ltd Cyprus’. Why would you Google ‘ICAA Ltd Cyprus’ if you’d never fallen foul of Expo Gude? The only explanation would be that you have an interest in ICAA Ltd.

    Add to that the fact that you’re a native English speaker – just like those young ex-pats that Expo Guide has sitting in Cyprus bulling people over the phone, introducing themselves as debt collectors for ‘ICAA Ltd’. Then add to that the fact that the last two IP addresses you commented from resolve to Cyprus.

    Then, you’re the only person here blaming Expo Guide’s victims for the fact that Expo Guide has ripped tens of thousands of them off to the tune of more than £1,000 each. And, finally, you’re also the only person here to condemn me for trying to save ordinary business people from unnecessary stress and financial loss.

    You’re welcome to continue commenting if you want, but it won’t make any difference to the impact of this post in Google ;-)

    ICAA Ltd Cyprus

  15. I Read the small print says:

    2+2=6, no wait it’s 3 damn what was it again? Totaly lost the plot Mr Deeks? Secret agents? working for a company you claim doesn’t even exist?(please do pray tell how that is possible) Credibility shot to hell Mr Deeks? Oh and why do you keep editing/changing your posts? Does it really take you so long to construct a credible answer? oh and please explain one other thing. I supposedly work for a company that in your own words doesn’t exist so they can’t be where they claim to be, which is Limassol, Right? Now where do the ip address resolve to? PAPHOS? and LATSIA. You also claim I’ve condemned you. Where? Your credibility is shot to hell and you didn’t even need my help!

  16. Sam Deeks says:

    Lol. I edit posts to make sure that I get my point across clearly.

    Either way, you’re entitled to your view – which (just to refresh readers here) is that the victims of this scam deserve what they get for not reading the small print and I’m wrong for advising them not to pay.

    Like I said before, your comments here aren’t going to make any more people pay ICAA Ltd.

    Its a pity that you’re unlikely to reveal your identity (that’s another difference between us, by the way). We might have a better conversation if you did :)

  17. I Read the small print says:

    We might have a better conversation if you did :)

    I doubt it mr Deeks. It’s like conversing with a teenager……lols? smileys? whatever next! I’ll ask you again Personal resposibilty or the cry: “It’s not my fault”?

  18. Sam Deeks says:

    One more thing. You questioned me about location:

    “I supposedly work for a company that in your own words doesn’t exist so they can’t be where they claim to be, which is Limassol, Right? Now where do the ip address resolve to? PAPHOS? and LATSIA.”

    Whether or not ICAA Ltd is a bona fide business, the evidence points to the fact that the people calling the victims of this scam and demanding money for Expo Guide are doing so from Cyprus.

    I have no idea WHERE those people physically are in Cyprus. It could be Limassol, it could be anywhere else. It doesn’t matter.

    I pointed out that your IP addresses resolve to Paphos and Latsia to make the point that you’re somewhere in Cyprus. If you knew about IP addresses, you’d already know the following two important things:

    1) IP addresses resolve to a hub or server used by your ISP, not to your physical computer. This is usually a reliable indicator to the country you’re posting from.

    2) By the same logic, the computer you commented from each time *could* just as easily be in Limassol as anywhere else in Cyprus.

    So, to remind you of what I said:

    • ‘ICAA’ calls originate in Cyprus.

    • Your comments originate in Cyprus.

    Nothing in that disproves the possibility of your working for Expo Guide – however, the above things plus your lack of empathy for the victims of this scam and your hostility towards me for doing something to help those people does start to suggest that possibility.

    I’m just telling you how it looks and will leave it to anyone who bothers to read this thread to form their own impression of who you are and what your agenda is for posting here.

  19. Sam Deeks says:

    C’mon Vespasian. That’s me right there on the front page of this blog. Nothing to hide.

    Your turn.

  20. I Read the small print says:

    I never denied living in Cyprus. You are going round in circles and inventing things. Hostile toward you? NO! Lack of sympathy(Not empathy) for people who bleat about being ripped off when it’s their own fault it happened) ABSOLUTELY! I reserve my sympathy for those who genuinley need it. Those with terminal diseases,those made homeless through force of nature,those who suffer in war zones etc etc. Need I go on? I’ll leave you to your band of “Business people”to have your group hug and wish you all well for the future. JUST DON’T FORGET TO READ THE SMALL PRINT.

  21. Sam Deeks says:

    Ok – well consider yourself group-hugged anyway :) :) :) :)

    And yes. People really should read the small print.

  22. Sam Deeks says:

    Amusingly, here’s an email I came across just now on a Facebook group campaigning against European Business Guide (another version of Expo Guide from the same people). Note the first and last paragraphs particularly:

    “Dear Ms Valerie,

    I trust that all your questions have been answered and you should take responsibility for your actions instead of blaming everybody else but you for what you ordered on your own free will.

    We will report you to the authorities in charge and we are curently working on a law suit against you for I also trust that the payment shall be collected from you for nobody but you is to blame for your erros and misunderstandings.

    I also suggest in the future to read the documents you sign to avoid causing financial damages and such unpleasant situations to other companies.

    Denisse Toutzec”

    Now, where have I heard those sentiments before?

  23. Mark Ferguson says:

    I’m not quite following this with regards to Mr. Vespasian, did it turn into Mr “I Read the small print”?

    Anyway, what a git. Not all contracts are fair and binding in law and I’m pretty sure that Expo Guide have contracts that will not stand up in court. Why Mr “I Read the small print” even bothers is a bit of a mystery. As it says itself, there are other things in the world more pressing, especially if you are clever enough not to sign dodgy contracts. Methinks it protesteth too much.

    Me? I just like to argue with gits!

    Feel free to publish anything about me you care to dig up. I, unlike other posters here, have absolutely nothing to hide at all!

  24. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Mark. Yeah, sorry. ‘Vespasian’ was the first part of the email address that Mr. ‘I read the small print’ used.

    I know why he bothers: he’s one of the people behind the calls and the letters and he’s fucked off that this blog is costing them – HIM – money, that’s why.

    What made it obvious?

    1) He was the only person to ever post here unsympathetically
    2) He came via a search for ‘ICAA Ltd Cyprus’, not via a post on Expo Guide as he claimed (meaning he already knew about this post)
    3) He was posting from Cyprus, home of this scam and the calls and letters
    4) He was fluent English (as are the people recruited to make the calls)
    5) He used the exact same justification (‘it’s your own fault, you deserve to pay…’) contained in those ‘debt collection’ letters

  25. Kartika says:

    Dear Mr. Deeks,

    Thankyou for your kind infomations, I need it so much because i’m the one of the other victim. Now a can take the breath again because there’s no to worry about anything. By the way, what should i tell to them whether they call me again?

    God bless you.


  26. Sam Deeks says:

    Kartika – don’t answer the call.

    If you must answer it, then just stay silent and let them waste their money.

    Ultimately, it’s entirely up to you what to do. All I can tell you is that if you answer the call and they sense that you are scared / worried / angry, they will continue bullying you.

    They will keep doing this until THEY believe that you are not worth calling. It’s up to you how quickly they get to that point. If it was me, I would be playful and keep them talking while telling them that I wasn’t going to pay AND I was hoping to tie them up on the phone as long as possible to waste their time.

  27. Anthony says:


    since 2008.

    this scamer operate on the victims fear.

    just relax and enjoy the sun.

    EG bully no one & ceases to exist.

  28. Ken says:

    Does somebody know Anna whose mail address is

    My case is the same as the one who made a mistake to fill up the form from Expo Guide without knowing this is a payable contract.

    She frightens me saying if I don’t pay by end of this week, she will continue the process with a legal letter affecting my company’s credit rating and full amount of the 3-year contract of $4,713.00 plus interest, penalties and legal costs.

  29. Sam Deeks says:

    “The lady harassing us is Ms Maria, account manager and her email is
    This is one nasty rude b—-h who keeps on sending us daily emails since we made the mistake of calling them to cancel the insertion.”

    ICAA is a fake debt collection company, same people as Expo Guide. Please don’t be afraid. They bully until you either 1) Pay or 2) Don’t pay. But they will bully either way – you have to prepare yourself for that. They’re powerless. You must just ignore them; nothing will ever happen to you. They have never taken ANYONE to court (because they can’t). :)

  30. Peter says:

    It’s unfortunate that this opportunity to expose a scam digressed into shouting matches – I see that all too often – but I am grateful nonetheless for the information.

    I did not sign anything that (in my case) “originated” in Mexico. Letters and applications were stolen from a conference I attended in Chicago 4 years ago, that’s where it all began for me. It’s quite obvious on the documents they produced to me that a cut & paste job was done, inserting the legalese that they claim is the foundation for their “legal rights.” Equally the same with the supposed web pages. Nothing produced that anyone couldn’t create through quick cut & paste.

    I ignored all the snail mail efforts, it was the phone call earlier today that rattled my cage. Yes, a well spoken woman who I believe is from the U.S., though she did say she was calling from Europe. (Blocked number) Anna White

  31. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Peter. Yes, someone couldn’t help themselves and had to try to blame the victims of this scam for their own misfortune. Nasty. My advice is to just ingnore them. If you communicate, they will bully you even harder because they’ll be nearer to ‘closing a sale’ (as it were).

  32. Amit says:

    Hello Sam. I keep getting calls from Helen Simpson and this was the last email I got from her :


    28 July 2011

    ref 324066

    Dear Mr Magnani,

    It is now obvious from you not only ignoring my calls today and now switching your mobile off, you are avoiding payment of your outstanding debt.

    Again we feel we have tried our utmost in assisting you to resolve this matter with our client Expo Guide – OUT OF COURT.

    You have failed to co-operate with us on behalf of our client.

    You will now be receiving a Legal letter from our Lawyer/Legal department at ICAA.

    You will have 5 banking days to respond/to make payment.

    Payment by T/T or Credit Card (make sure you write your reference number on document)

    Failing this, your file will be returned to our client on Wednesday 03 August 2011.

    You will then be receiving in the near future a summons to appear , or to send a legal representative to represent you/your company in the court of law, as our client will proceed to redeem the full outstanding amount of USD 4,713.00 plus legal expenses,

    Yours faithfully,

    Helen Simpson

    Senior Credit Manager

    ICAA Ltd.

    Tsacon Court

    187A Leontiou Str. 4th Floor.



    P.O. Box 53397
    3302 Limassol


    Phone: +357 25 27 06 66

    Fax: +357 25 27 07 77



    Should I ask the lady to just shut up and go to hell ? ???

  33. Sam Deeks says:

    Amit – be playful with them. Make them think you’re going to pay… get them excited and then tell them to go to hell.

  34. Cori says:

    I have been going through letters with EG for a few years now too with my organization. They claimed to publish our group for free at a convention (which the convention had not heard about them!) A friend of mine who is a lawyer had me send early on a registered letter stating that the organization will not pay.

    From then on, if they try to contact me via letter, it is $1,000.00 penalty for each attempt because legally they cannot contact you to get money from you unless they take you to court. But, by then, their penalty will be more than what we would have to owe!

    It had been several months since I heard from them, and then I got an email from xxxxxxxx today. Freaked me out, but after reading this, I feel much more at ease. Thank you for the confidence and support. And another letter goes in the file, just in case…

    [Editor’s note: ICAA person’s name removed on the request of Cori]

  35. Sam Deeks says:

    Cori, don’t worry! You’re safe. I’d recommend you just ignore them and get on with your life ;)

  36. Cori says:

    Thanks! I plan to carry on. Thanks for the support.

  37. Casandra says:

    Hi Sam,

    Thank goodness for your posts!

    I received a fax from Expo-Guide last year around July. In big letters at the top it said “UPDATE YOUR DETAILS”. This was during the time we were preparing for Electra Mining Africa and I was receiving lots of documents to update our details for the magazines here which go out for free at the show. I filled it in and faxed it back.

    Next thing I knew I had an invoice. I immediately contacted Specialised Exhibitions (the event organisers) and they advised me that it was a scam and I should ignore it. Just in case I sent a letter to them requesting that they immediately cancel the listing as only a director can sign into any contracts here in South Africa nad that contract was therefore void.

    Every now and then I received an invoice with interest added on and I just ignored it. But today I received an emails from the below demanding payment so it doesn’t get handed over. Before replying I Googled them and came up with your site. Well let’s just say you saved me from alot of stress!

    “I read the small print” – you are one hateful person. I do read the small print but EVERYONE makes mistakes. This time I got caught.

    Chris Michael
    Senior Credit Manager

    ICAA Ltd.

    Tsacon Court
    187A Leontiou Str. 4th Floor.

    P.O. Box 53397
    3302 Limassol

    Phone: +357 25 27 06 66
    Fax: +357 25 27 08 81

  38. Sam Deeks says:

    HI Casandra Thanks for your comment. Your experience is all standard stuff for these global scammers. Please try to ignore them, that’s all they deserve from you or anyone else.

  39. Casandra says:

    Thanks Sam.

    This morning I have another email from them saying they are will to accept a once off payment of accept a 1-off payment in the amount of USD 1,571.00

    I will ignore them :-)

  40. Another EXPO fool who didnt read the small print says:

    Vespasian thank you for your kind words ;) NOT! (Yes I use Smiley faces as well)

    I have to say this high standing company EXPO Guide have done a great job with me. I too signed without reading the small print but can say for sure shall not be doing it again! We all learn by our mistakes.

    A scam is a scam, anyone involved should be held accountable. If indeed EXPO did not set this up as a scam. Surely after complaints and blogs have been popping up since 2008 any decent company would have changed its documentation and procedures so not to mislead. Looking through the various posts on many sites on this topic, it seems that a number of people have had exactly the same emails from expo as me? They must be well practiced by now a!

    I do hope someone puts a stop to this.

  41. antony says:

    A few days ago i received their the first of email notice ,i ignored it until she call me this afternoon.
    Thanks sam, your recommendation is help for us.

  42. Sam Deeks says:

    M, thanks for that. You like little child with smiley-face!! So what if I’m commenting from Cyprus?!?! Lols.

  43. SANJAY says:

    For most of us on this forum have same problem. we had twice. one about 4 years back we discussed in length in our organization. The culprit ( the employee who signed) was handled very roughly for his carelessness. Our boss did all this handling.The case died itself as we found one circular from Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council, to be vigilant and not to pay anything. Next year again the same thing happened this time the signatures were of our boss himself. The question is how can this happen? a case that had been discussed so loudly in the organization for so many weeks/months, how can be repeated? Did he really signed them? He did not remember signing such document. Or this was presented in such a manner that he does not remember at all.

    It is very simple 1. Either some of papers are not signed at all. 2. Others presented in the manner it never gave the impression that it include any cost commitment.

    From 3 years we have not paid anything. This company says it is still giving service. Most of us denied to continue immediately we came to know for such contact was signed, because most of us even till date don’t know what type of service/website are being run by these people and what is being shown on this website.

    The intention of these people is not business but they are forcing people, a way of modern extortion of money by threatening, in different country where they can’t hire a lawyer or can’s pay the exorbitant legal charges. The innocent people want to have peaceful nights by paying them. what’s is all this. I am sure we should put them into criminal proceeding for all these charges. We have enough people and papers to do so. Someone should take the lead.

    To read the conditions written in small letter, the first thing is why these are written in small letters? that too for so many years? how many of us have such a strong language writers for our mail, how many have lawyer who can write to international clients, how many have lawyers who will talk to cients internationally, how many have international credit assessment agency. how many people who run website will have anyone like this set up.

    Court will go into deep and can know how much of their percent collection is through these lawyer’s threat. The poeple who have paid in all these years can be contacted through court and will definitely tell the story of extortion and make these peole pay for the sleep less nights they have provided people.

    Daily we are signing various website ‘accept’. how many of us have read them even for once?

  44. Sam Deeks says:

    Good point, Sanjay. We sign our lives away without even thinking about it these days.

  45. Elaine says:

    We were caught out too, and have written to Mexican Authorities etc (as that is where the original letters came from) now they have changed address to various locations around Europe.

    I had a lovely man called Rick Andriotta call me on Friday looking to “come to a resolve and perhaps cancel some of the debt”. Being well aware of the fact that this is a scam, I shut him down at every opportunity by repeating “it’s a scam”. He threatened me with “you’ll regret this” (as I wan’t listening to his advice). Told me my superiors would me contacted, I asked him who my superiors were as I was my superior, another threat of “you’ll see”. I kept laughing at him, don’t think he liked it! He asked for our lawyers names etc, of course I handed them over…..NOT, he asked for my name to which I replied “Finance Director”.

    Today I received an email into our generic email address with a very Americanised threatening letter. I forwarded this to our original exhibitor, whose name & logo Expo guide used illegally and they came back to me with this blog (had already found it myself and started typing furiously.

    My next step is to ignore and if he/they call again they will receive a silent call!!!

  46. Sam Deeks says:

    Nicely done, Elaine. Can you imagine sitting down to your list of bullying calls for the day, knowing that your job is to try to scare people into giving you money so you can meet your nasty little targets and buy some beer with your scammer friends at the weekend in sunny Cyprus?

    These guys use all kinds of things to make it *ok* to do what they do – including (and I suspect this is part of the ‘training’) telling themselves and you that it’s really your fault for not reading the small print and, well, they’re kind of doing you a favour making you more careful next time…

  47. Asad says:

    Hi All
    I am also getting letters and phone calls from this Expo guide company. But thank you all for informing me. Now i am in a better position to deal with them. Thanx once again.

  48. Margaret says:

    Our company has also been receiving threatening letters & calls. About a year ago, after many attemts to cancel through regular mail, sent a registered letter. I received no response. We then started to receive calls from Anna White ( who is trying to ‘make a deal’ on the outstanding amount that we never signed up for. I will not be paying & will give the ‘pretend I’m listening’ as advised above.

  49. Sam Deeks says:

    I like that Margaret – “make a deal on the outstanding amount that we never signed up for”. Brilliantly put.

  50. ernst says:

    We (a nonprofit Austrian vintage car club where I am treasurer) are actually involved in such a demand by icaacy. The lady who is calling and mailing is German native speaker. All the scam in perfect German…

    Thank you for this blog – now we know what to do…

    In our case a (I suppose) former member (unreadable signature) of our club only changed the printed wrong adress to the adress of our president (which still isn’t the adress of our club). That was all. He didn’t change the wrong contact data. He didn’t fill out date or place of signment. And – obviously – he did’t read the small print…

    Usually a contract has two sides, one of payment and one of goods and services.

    What we never got – something like an equivalent for the (outstanding) payment. Something like a publication of Expoguide.

    Has anyone seen something like that?

  51. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Enrst – I think some of these scams go as far as putting your details on their website (takes 5 minutes of effort) and hope that will convince you that they’ve done ‘their side of the deal’. Of course, since it’s all a nasty scam anyway, it doesn’t make any difference – especially since neither you or anyone else I’ve ever had visiting this site actually WANTED their ‘services’ in the first place.

    I guarantee you that they won’t produce a ‘hard copy’ of any directory because that would waste too much of their ‘profits’ and because the scam works without needing it. They know that a small percentage of people (about 3%) will pay a lot of money just by them mailing and phoning threats. That’s a good income.

  52. Aten says:

    Same story for us, we just ask for information, and then we received the invoices and recently the call. We wrote them saing we will proceed against them for acose and for publishing our brand without any permission. We are as far from the most of you as in Peru, so they are trying this all around the world. As somebody says, if just the 3% of us acced to pay it will be a lot of money. We will do nothing more from now.

  53. Sam Deeks says:

    Aten, don’t bother expressing anger towards them – to these guys anger = a cover for fear and they’ll bully you harder. 3% of people DO pay and it is a lot of money. Hopefully these posts cut into that 3% substantially – especially if now you ignore them and don’t pay.

  54. Dear mr. Deeks,

    Thank you so much for this website. We are a big trade school in the north of the Netherlands. One of our employees signed a form from Expo Guide Mexico in 2009 in error, he thought it was just about correcting company data (just like everybody else). In 2010 we started to receive letters from Expo Guide Mexico, they wanted € 1181,- yearly for an advertisment on their website for a contract of three years. Thanks to a lot of information on the internet I discovered it was a scam and told them so in a letter. They still kept sending letters, so in the summer of 2011 I wrote in a third letter I would not respond anymore. Then on thursday november 10th we were called by a guy named Rick Andreotti from International Credit Assessment Agency. At first I thought he was just an independent debt collector, he sounded pretty reasonable and friendly so I tried to explain the situation. He did not really listen and offered some kind of settlement. I refused and told him we did not want to settle and would not pay. Despite that he wrote us an Email (marked as urgent) to the general company E-mail adress on the same day offering us a settlement for € 2.362,- It was passed to me to take care of it since it had my name in it. So I looked them up on google and found your website. Now I know ICAA is part of the scam and that is really reassuring. We got a second E-mail last monday november 14th and I don’t care anymore. Thanks to you Sam Deeks.
    PS I also found it very amusing one of the scammers themself has reacted on your blog. I just love to read his frustration.

  55. Demoscience says:

    Dear Mr. Deeks,

    I am from China. We are facing the same threaten and a lady from ICAA Cyrpus who told us she was representing their customer Expo-Guide Mexico emailed and called us everyday. The story is as same as described here above and even the letters they gave us were as same as received by others. Even today we have received from them threatening us to meet in court.

    We never give them any reply and in phone we have told them we would never pay one cent to them.

    My suggestion is that if they dared to sue anybody, then everybody here will stand up and support the victims (of course except Mr. “read the small print”.

    Thank you very much. Mr. Deeks. You are doing a right thing.

  56. Sam Deeks says:

    Good to hear, Demoscience.

    One observation (that applies to everyone here): you’ve got to get past this ‘if they dared sue anybody’ thinking!

    It’s not even in the frame. And so long as people think (and talk) like that, the scammers still have a chance. Sorry to be blunt, but that’s how it works.

  57. NILESH VAJA says:

    Dear Mr. Sam Deeks

    We are one more victim of this scam. Since last one month they are sending us legal notices and call us 3 to 4 times a week. Once i send them a mail stating that you cannot legally mail us or call us for payment. If you do we will fine your $5000 per communication. after that also they are sending us mail. As Per your advice and We have started ignoring them.

  58. Joe Jackson says:

    hi Sam you said [I guarantee you that they won’t produce a ‘hard copy’ of any directory because that would waste too much of their ‘profits’ and because the scam works without needing it.]

    well I received a CD from them in 2010 (maybe I’m just special) it’s just the most useless thing. Probably sent to make me think I was getting something for the money they are trying to get from me.

    I, like so many was initially caught out with the small print but managed to catch it on and follow it up with a letter to cancel, on my business headed paper. They managed to ignore this and also the one from my solicitor a few weeks later. They even managed to bill me for a 2nd year renewal.

    Anyway ‘hats off’ and smileys to you Sam

  59. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Joe

    You’re absolutely right – the CD’s only purpose was to make you think they’d done ‘something’. These people will do whatever they think will create uncertainty and fear in the minds of their victims. Someone decided that sending out a few CDs is enough to tip some nervous victims over into paying and, in some cases, they’re right – so it’s a worthwhile strategy.

    I hope other people reading this can see that sending letters and solicitors letters only works against you. It tells them you’re a) alive b) at a given address and c) worried.

    Well done for not paying and do visit again to let people know how you get on.

  60. Paul Roberts says:

    Further to my email on 19.09.10, I have continued to receive letters from Temedi demanding payment every 3 months or so, all ignored of course. I have now received the ridiculous letter from “UN Legal Services” mentioned by others above, offering me cancellation of the “Contract ” for 861 euro! This will also be ignored. Hope this information helps.

  61. Maria says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thank You

    I would like to thank you very much for posting this. You saved me from getting heart attack, god bless you!

  62. Sam Deeks says:

    Maria, you’re welcome. Your comment is why I post about this scam. I’m glad to have been able to help.

  63. safar says:

    Thanks sam for your great effort…
    Today I received the 3rd letter from ICAA.
    Waiting for future letters & phone calls :P

    Good afternoon

    Despite several calls and emails trying to resolve this issue with you I advise your file is moving to the legal department for review with our client. I have called and been unable to speak to anyone but my telephone number has been taken and no one has returned a call to me.

    Our legal department will review this account with our client and decide the next course of action they wish to take.

    Kind regards,


    Tracey Vedamutu

    Senior Credit Manager


    ICAA Ltd.

    Tsacon Court

    187A Leontiou Str. 4th Floor.



    P.O. Box 53397
    3302 Limassol


  64. HC says:

    Hi, my case started in 2010 & right fm the first letter they sent to me I felt its a scam & now comes this ICAA. My advice is just ignore them don’t speak to them & never never reply their emails or letters.

  65. Bharath says:

    Hi Sam,

    Firstly thanks a lot for your help.

    I am an advocate in India, my clients were harassed by these people i have now sent them a reply notice but is there any way of stopping this and can you kindly explain how they work or what sort of a scam these people are running.

  66. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Bharath
    No, there’s no way of stopping them – except by letting them know that you are certainly not going to pay. Even then, you’re likely to get letters from them every half a year or so on. If you read through the posts about Expo Guide on this site (use the search function) and the comments you’ll see how they operate. Forgive me not repeating myself again (as I’ve explained it many times before) :-)

  67. k john baby says:

    We need to put pressure on the local government to stop these criminals from robbing innocent
    business people, many of whom cannot read the fine print in english whch will be a foreign language for them.

  68. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi k john baby – thanks for your comment. I don’t personally think there’s much hope in trying to get governments to stop the scammers. Much better to spread the word and use social media / internet to stop people from paying them.

  69. Shannon says:

    Thank you so much for this blog Sam!

    We fell for this scam back in 2008 and I did everything that was suggested; sending certified letters and all that. We would still receive threatening letters for a while and I just ignored them and filed them away. After not hearing from them at all for about a year, we received a call today from Anna White with the ICAACY. Of course that threw me off guard, but I told her it was a scam and she said “no the real scam is the blog”, which I didn’t even know about, so thank you! I told her we never received any services to which she emailed me a link where our company’s name is.

    I told her I would not be contacting my lawyer and that we would not pay them a cent. I was still nervous, but after reading all of these comments I see this is just the next step in their scam. How are they getting away with this??!!

    Thanks for all of your help, now I’ll just laugh at her when she calls!

  70. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Shannon – you’re welcome.

    Yes, funny isn’t it. This blog is the real scam of course. It’s ME that’s making hundreds of thousands of euro a year bullying people until they’re so stressed they get ill and pay up. I just didn’t notice. Silly me.

    The reason I put up this post in the first place was because I knew that I could create a platform for you – and people like you – to share your experiences. I knew that, over time, this would allow other victims to come along and to be able to say what you just did: “after reading all these comments I see this is just the next step in their scam”.

    Every day I get emails and comments from people thanking me for helping to lift the cloud of fear, the stress and misery that these scammers have put them under. Some of you have talked about weeks of worry without sleep, of levels of stress that damaged your health. Some have talked about losing their jobs because of these scammers; of feeling ashamed of having been so stupid and put their companies in such a position. Those of you who have been under this pressure will know exactly what it feels like and how great a relief it is to know that you no longer have to feel that way.

    As I’ve said many times before, you either choose to give in this world or take. I know which side feels better.

  71. Kim says:

    Hi! My name is kim of the south corea.
    Also, i received the email from the same icaa cyprus.
    And with the comments of yours, i decides to ignore the scam.

    Thanks for your comments.

  72. Kim says:

    Special thanks for sam deeks!

  73. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Kim – thanks for your comment. I am pleased that this body of evidence from other victims has helped you.

  74. Barbara says:

    Hi all together, thank you for this blog. My english is not very good, hopefully you understand my question and anyone can give me an answer. We also are victims of Expo Guide. After two years of ignoring them we got emails and several calls of a nice man from ICAA, with an offer to pay half of the 2-years fee to finish the process. Up to now I coold stand against all those letters and emails. But I got a problem after receiving the call of the man ho spoke in a very nice and understandful manner. So up to now where I read the blog I decided to pay an “acceptable” amount to finish this theatre. But after reading you blog, I think I will not pay at any time!
    Only question I have – has anyone of you got contact from the mexican justice? – Can that happen?
    Thank you for any answer.

  75. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Barbara, check back through all the comments here
    and do thorough Google search and I’m confident that you, like me, will find NO evidence of anyone being taken to any court in Mexico or anywhere else.

  76. Barbara says:

    Hi Sam, thank you! I expected to get an answer like this. No I am sure not to pay and not to answer to anybody of those “nice” companies. Thank you for your help.

  77. Ann says:

    Hi Sam, first at all i’d like to thank you for blog it helpful to my worklife because it not good to me if my boss know the missing thing i do :(
    Last week i got call from Helen Simpson ICCA she want me to pay 3,148 $ to Expo Guide but i have no response to her (regarding all the suggestion and comment from your blog) after that she sent me the letter legal by fax. that make me crazy and panic. Actually i’m not very well in english Anyway Sam do you have any information for the person who still remain to ignore them what happen next?
    Appreciate for you suggest.

  78. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Ann.

    Be assured, NOTHING happens to the people who refuse to pay them! It’s a scam; these people have no legal power at all. They just pretend they do.
    Please read all the comments to the following post:

    You’ll notice there isn’t a single example of anyone going to any court over this and it’s been around for over 10 years. Have strength and ignore them as much as you can, then 6 months later come back here and confirm that you haven’t been taken to court – like the hundreds of thousands of other like you.

  79. I read the small print says:

    Well Mr Deeks it’s interesting to see you’re still championing the cause of the hard of thinking and if ,as you claim ten years later this “scam” is still happening and still no court action has been taken by ANY authority world wide, then surely that should tell us all something. Could it be that it’s not regarded as a “scam” by the aforementioned authorities?(hence the lack of action) or is it just that you really have nothing better to do than massage the ego’s of a group of so called” business people” who appear incapable of “running a bath ” let alone a business(let’s be honest. Who signs ANYTHING with out first reading it? The Terminally dumb maybe?) As I stated previously.

    These individuals could have been signing away their livelyhoods, but for reasons best known to themselves they signed on the dotted line( How stupid can you be!) without paying attention to the detail(And as we all know “The devil is in the detail”) and as a result deserve everything they get in my opinion. I say again Mr Deeks you would be far better served by telling these individuals to “Read the small print” and accept responsibility for their actions.

    And Yes I’m still teaching people to drive in Limassol.

    And NO I’m not an employee of these people nor do I have a vested interest.

  80. Sam Deeks says:

    Ah, welcome back Mr. Vespasian!

    I disagree that I’d be better served by telling these people what you’ve just told them (again). I’m ok with doing what I’m doing – providing a platform where they can prove to each other that nothing happens when you don’t pay these scammers. I’ve also invited anyone who has been taken to court by the scammers to tell their story. Currently, the score stands at 100% ‘nothing happens because they’re scammers’ and 0% ‘we were taken to court and a judge decided the scammers deserved our money’. Perhaps you think I’m sitting on a pile of comments from people who the scammers have legally prosecuted? Nope.

    Imagine if you had 100,000 or more customers who suddenly refused to pay YOU Vespasian. Wouldn’t YOU have managed to get at least one of them into court?

  81. I read the small print says:

    Thank you for the welcome Mr Deeks and your swift reply.

    You asked me;

    Imagine if you had 100,000 or more customers who suddenly refused to pay YOU Vespasian. Wouldn’t YOU have managed to get at least one of them into court?

    Fair point Mr Deeks. Now let’s just turn it around and ask “Had I 100,000 customers who I’d scammed wouldn’t at least one have managed to get me into court”? or wouldn’t the authorities have taken action by now?

    I say again your actions are futile as people aren’t learning and the authorities aren’t prepared to listen and as my mum used to say…. ” A burned hand teaches best”

  82. I read the small print says:

    Oh and by the way. I meant to mention in my last post that ICAA do indeed exist. As I’m Limassol based I called at their offices under the pretext of having them collect my bad debt. So I can confirm if nothing else they are where they say they are and appear to be who they say they are.

  83. Sam Deeks says:

    Mr. V we know there are people in Limassol calling themselves ICAA who bully people worldwide for money for overpriced ‘services’ they never wanted. That’s what this post is about. So you rang those people which tells us only what everyone posting here already knows.

    You also know full well that my actions aren’t futile – a lot of people have chosen NOT to pay Expo Guide based on what they’ve read in the stories of others posting on this site.

    Anyway, you’ve had your say and, if you read back through these posts, all you’ve done is made a few people despise you for your views. If you think you’re somehow going to undermine these comments then I think you’re mistaken because no matter what you think you can say about me or my views, you can’t discredit the comments shared by victims of this scam and that’s what matters here.

    You’re welcome to continue arguing if you like and you have a point – too many people really are too incautious when signing for things. I’ve said before, we agree on that. I’d be happy for you to contribute here if you could find a positive way to use your insight to help people learn, instead of kicking them when they’re down.

  84. I read the small print says:

    Mr Deeks. Firstly please read my post properly (You’re obviously as lazy in this regard as your other correspondents) As I did quite clearly state that I called in at their offices.(see you didn’t even need my help to make you look foolish! You managed that all by yourself.) With regard to the futility point, I think we’ll have to agree to disagree as from what I can see, you have in comparative terms influenced no more than a handful of people.

    As for being despised by some of these individuals…Sorry but I’m not about to lose any sleep over it (Don’t you think they would be far better served directing their energies in ensuring they don’t make the same mistake again rather than at hating me for pointing out their stupidity?)

    Now here’s my positive insight for you Mr Deeks.

    I think we would all be better served if you redirected your time and resources to helping eradicate some of the more serious issues the world faces (Victims of natural disaster, poverty etc etc) Rather than simply massaging the ego’s of a few sad individuals intent on abdicating responsibilty for their own stupidity.

  85. Sam Deeks says:

    Mr. Vespasian. So you went there which proves there are people in an office who call and bully other people. We know this.

    So you don’t mind being despised. Fine. I don’t care either.

    Re. your positive thought: I’ll carry on using my time the way I choose to help thousands of individuals, not change what I do to suit one angry, hateful person. The fact that you think saving a scared, stressed small business €1,000 is ‘massaging their egos’ is slightly lacking in empathy.

  86. Melanie says:

    We also have been dealing with this craziness since one of our employees signed the paperwork for Expo-Guide. We tried to cancel – but of course there was no access to them ….. anyway we just left it – kept getting the invoices – laughingly each time it got filed away with the other stuff mailed from them. Earlier this week – we received the ICCA letter & I got scared – thinking we should offer to pay for 1 year …. then I had another employee look at it & it didn’t take very long for him to say SCAM SCAM SCAM ….. we googled on internet & came upon this blog – which has us laughing even more ….. glad we did not give in & that we now have the knowledge to deal with this thing. I am just waiting for the phone calls to start coming in …… hahaha!

  87. Anil Gupta says:

    Thanks everybody for opening my eyes. what has happened to you has happened to me too.
    Our organisation is a non profit organisation working in metals and metallurgy in India and have been receiving lots of mail threatening legal action. I now sit assured that it is a scam.

  88. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Anil – you’re welcome. And don’t worry, they can’t do anything to you – except send more stupid demands and make more stupid phone calls.

  89. Joe Jackson says:

    Just had the latest 2012 cd version of the guide sent to me. Nothing has changed from the last one, apart from the date. This is madness, even though its rubbish they still go to the bother of producing it & posting it out!! Why??

  90. Tiffany says:

    My name is Ngoc and I’m from VietNam
    Yesterday I received an phone call from a lady name Helen Simson. She’s from ICAA
    She said shen was calling from EUROPE but with nice American accent. I just thought who the hell actually she was.

    God blesses me that I found out this blog. Anyway, I decided to ignore her at the first time.

  91. James Webb says:

    I’m the sales manager for an exhibition in the UK and I’m glad to have come across this blog. Expo-Guide seem to troll through our exhibitor list on an annual basis and con our exhibitors. I make a point of informing all exhibitors who sign-up with us not to sign anything sent by Expo-Guide. If all exhibitions took some responsibility for this then far fewer people would sign the original document and consequently, put these people out of business.

  92. Pradit says:

    My name is Pradit from Asia. I have the same situation as all had, I received the call from someone from ICAA Cyprus. She told me to pay 3,XXX UDS. Thank God, I see this bloc.

  93. Vera says:

    I am from Argentine. I have the same situation as all had, somebody fone me from ……… and told me to pay lots of dollars, THANKS I SEE THIS BLOC. thank you very much

  94. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Vera. You’re welcome – you just relax and stop worrying. They can’t do anything to you. Just ignore them.

  95. Elena says:

    Dear Sam! No one ever waste his time here if he is not a victim of expo-giude and ICCA or works for them. Obviously this person I read the small print is one of the employees of ICCA. Why would a man teaching to drive in Limassol come here in 2011 and then in 2012 and keep typing frustrated posts if he has nothing to do with those scamming companies?? Surely he has his interest doing this.
    Yes, we all are stupid not reading small print, but we are not THAT stupid not to recognize a scammer among us.
    P.S. Excuse my English!

  96. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Elena. Exactly correct. I also know that HE is a SHE. On top of that, I know WHO she is.

  97. Elena says:

    I had a feeling its a woman, and you proved it :-)
    Why people cant do anything better in their life than doing such awful things? Cheating, threatening innocent people, lying, intimidating people who feel scared, bullying them… How disgusting!

  98. Sam Deeks says:

    It is disgusting and I try sometimes to imagine what it would be like to be so…angry and unconnected to other human beings that you could make them suffer so you could get money. There really does seem to be some kind of line that I just can’t and won’t cross. On one side there are people who try to help other people when they’re in trouble. On the other side there are people who strike when someone’s weak or in need. You’re either one or the other. The person who commented here is one of those who preys on other people.

  99. Vera says:

    I am Vera from Argentine, the same huppend to me with ExpoGuide, they send me every day an email saying that I have to pay U$S 1571, and I never published in that guide. If somebody knows wath to do please sen me an answer

  100. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Vera
    The answer is: DO NOTHING. You are safe; these people are scammers and can’t do anything to you. They have no legal power – they just rely on bullying you and your fear to get money from you. Read all the comments here

    to reassure yourself that when you don’t pay, all the evidence is that nothing happens.

  101. Vikram says:

    You are doing a wonerfull job.
    Thank you.

  102. Sam Deeks says:

    Vikram, you’re welcome. Thanks for the nice words.

  103. Jelly Phan says:

    Hi all, my company is the new victim. When I got the first warning letter from them, I scared a lot. However, I did search on Google about this and found your blog here. So I just ignored them from then. This afternoon, Mr. Helen Simpson called me and blah blah blah (you knew what all of them said) and then sent an email to me. It scared me again due to international credit assessment agency. But fortunately, I felt so released when reading your comments and so on. I just wonder how long we will suffer from this scam? They will keep sending emails and calling like this for my entire life? This phone is my company, so I can not just ignore it.

  104. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Jelly
    You will get calls for a while until they realise they won’t get any money from you. Best way to prove that is to hang up immediately. If you talk to them, they will hunt out any fear in your voice and bully you more. It’s how they work.
    Stay strong – they can’t do ANYTHING to you.

  105. ian Bancroft says:

    Hi Sam,

    great job! – we are also enjoying occasional contact from the ‘nice’ team in Cyprus. I have called UK trading standards today and waiting their update. Life’s hard enough without greedy liars trying to keep me awake at night! You’re very helpful in offering support – keep up the enthusiasm!


  106. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Ian – glad to be able to help. Tell UK trading standards to contact me directly if they want any further information.

  107. Ayla Kroet says:

    Dear Sam,

    I am also a victim of this scam. I attended a fair in Amsterdam Rai and got an invoice from Expo-Guide which I ignored right away. But now I am stalked by the ICAA!!

    What can I do to stop their phonecalls and e-mails. I’ve been ignoring them from the start but they are now everyday in my e-mail box and called me twice. Can somebody track down these people to stop them. I am bussy enough as it is already…

    Hope we help you out in any way…

    best rgerads,

  108. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Ayla – What can you do to stop their phonecalls and e-mails? Nothing, I’m afraid. That’s the reality you need to accept. I recommend you mentally file these people under ‘irrelevant’ and keep on ignoring them. Let go of worrying when they’ll stop because you have no control over it. They’ll stop when they die or run out of money or figure someone else is a better investment. Do everything you can to move on and enjoy your life :)

  109. Ayla Kroet says:

    Dear Sam,

    Thanks for your advise. Do these people know who you are? I am thinking of replying them the link to your blog. Maybe that will help.

    Best regards,

  110. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Ayla – yes, these people know me. But it doesn’t do any good to send links to this blog – think about it: what are you trying to do? Convince them they’re crooks as if they didn’t know? All it does is tell them you don’t (truly) believe they’re criminals because they (correctly) read it as you actually trying to convince yourself.

    The result? They tell you not to ‘listen to slanderous, libellous blog-sites’ and they bully you harder with even more threats. I would if I was them too – it’s basic scam psychology. If you want to make a difference, use your own professional network to spread awareness of this scam to stop people getting snared.

  111. ian Bancroft says:

    Hi Ayla,

    I have had the same treatment from ICAA – it really worried me. they eventually emailed me ‘legal’ letters. I contacted Sam the same way you have – he’s right – and he’s a star for reassuring people like you and me (and hundreds more…)

    IGNORE THEM IT’S A SCAM!! they are bullies and they focus on you if you give them any sign of weakness. Sam is right: IGNORE THEM COMPLETELY, THEY WILL GO ON TO SOMEONE ELSE AND YOU WILL BE LEFT IN PEACE.

    Kind Rgds


  112. Sam Deeks says:

    Thanks for adding your view, Ian. I’m afraid it is basic scam psychology. When you (the knocked-off-balance-and-taken-off-guard-innocent-victim) think you’re displaying anger, outrage and resolution you’re most likely exhibiting fear and distress only YOU don’t think you are. I promise you, this scam was designed to put you into that state and everything those people do is designed to amplify it. Don’t feel bad about it: it’s not your world. You don’t make a living out of exploiting peoples’ fear and weakness the way they do.

    You should feel good about that :)

  113. Ayla Kroet says:

    Dear Sam,

    Ooh trust me I did spread awareness around me. I called the Modefabriek fashion fair and they are going to take matters to protect their customers. I also contacted with the dutch television network that it might be an idea to visit these people with some media attention..Anyway I will ignore them but I hate the fact that these people can get away with this.

    Thanks for the advise anyway. case closed :)

  114. shelley says:

    Hi, I have been caught by these guys too. Four years ago one of my guys signed the form and tried to revoke it. We wrote to them and emailed and heard nothing for about 3 years. This week I have been threatened with being sued for non payment for 3 years worth of promotion on the Expo Guide. We don’t run Expos and we do not travel overseas to attend expos. I have been offered the reduced fee of one years worth of being on this register. I was about to pay when we decided to check if this was a scam. To hear nothing for 3 years and suddenly we are in debt for a significant amount of money has shocked us. Reading your notes, and I hope you are right, we have decided to ignore this scam.

  115. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Shelley (hi everyone else reading this)

    This is a PERFECT example of how (and why) the scam works.

    You get snared and then as reasonable people, you write to them saying ‘Hey, you got this wrong, we don’t want your thing…it’s wrong, not ok, a fraud’ or whatever. It doesn’t matter what you say; all it does is demonstrate that you’re afraid. Then it doesn’t matter how long it takes them to come back to you, because when they do, they’re half way to making money. A bit of bullying with ‘legal’ threats and you’re ready to ‘settle’. To you, that’s €1,000 to fix this worry and get them off your back (even ‘pay for making such a stupid mistake’). To them, it’s €1,000 for doing very little.

    Shelley, very glad you stopped here. You don’t have to wonder IF I’m right about this; I am. 100% of every bit of evidence here and everywhere else on line proves it. The difference between you and me is that I’m certain and you’re not. That uncertainty is precisely what these people set out to exploit.

    I’ve been helping people for over 4 years and each time I ask just one thing: trust me, don’t pay. And then, when NOTHING bad happens to you (as I predicted) please come back here or anywhere else blogging about these scams and say very clearly “I worried and was about to pay, then I didn’t and waited and guess what NOTHING HAPPENED”.

    Out of countless hundreds of people who come here, find reassurance and get saved loads of money, a tiny tiny percentage (thanks Liiisa from Sweden for example) return and give back to others the single piece of reassurance that you’re currently looking for. As soon as their own personal fear has gone, most people lose interest and certainly can’t be bothered to go out of their way to help others. That’s, in part, is why this scam is so successful.

    If you (or anyone else reading this) really want to make a difference – and if this blog has helped, then please go the extra mile and return in a few months to confirm the truth that nothing bad happened to you by not paying.

  116. Paul T says:

    Hi Sam,

    Hope this helps but like many people I to fell for this neat little scam, I read several forums etc who all have the same message which is “Do Not Pay, Do not respond to any communication”

    The only thing you need do is nothing at all, having received many emails from initial reminders to the ones threatening court action etc etc over a period of almost 3 years, ignore them all, do nothing and save yourself a lot of time and money.

    I have had no correspondence of any kind now for over 18 months.

  117. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Paul – great and thanks for leaving a comment. Folks – take note of what Paul says, not what I say :-)

  118. Hi Sam, I read your request to return and give back to others the single piece of reassurance they need and I am happy to fulfill it. Yes we were targeted bij Expo Guide Mexico and later by International Credit Assessment Agency. I already mentioned it in my post on on november 15th 2011. Now more than a year has passed and indeed nothing happened.

  119. Sam Deeks says:

    Jacob – good sir!

    Thank you for doing that, very decent of you to take the time. Emma and others, take note :-)

  120. Steel says:

    Dear Sam

    At first Please understand my bad enlgish cause i’m not native speaker.

    Regarding ICAA , actually I got stupid action that had did wire transfer to EXPO GUIDE account to clear somthing since 2011.

    2011 my staff got a letter some advirtising from EXPO GUIDE and replied letter because we just moved new company.

    We changed company address and replied and this is quite stupid response. We still called from Helen from ICAA Cyprus and finally got offer that may possible to reduce Invoice to half value and we had agreed it.

    Finally we wired 50% and also got Confirmation Letter from ICAA Cyprus which our file just closed it.

    The problem is We also got some mail from EXPO GUIDE about payment demand and then I tried find some ICAA on GOOGLE and found your blog here and that’s why try to ask your advice.

    I know we are kind of beginner and we did foolish and also I know we never do ANYTHING if know this blog before paid 50%.


    How can I do about this matter? I think never take money back but I want to do anymore about letter, mail, phone by EXPO GUIDE.

    Is there anything trouble if just ignore all about contact from EXPO GUIDE in the future?

    Your valuable advice will be highly appreciated in us.


  121. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Steel.
    I understood your comment, thank you. Please be assured there is NO trouble from just ignoring all contact from Expo Guide. They will try to contact you, but you can continue to ignore them without fearing anything.

  122. Steel says:

    Dear Sam

    Quitely thanks for your advice. Yes. I will ignoring all contact from EXPO mow.

    I hope you have a very happy new year and take care of yourself. Goo bless with you.

    Thank you very much.

  123. Steven says:

    I met same problem from Expo Guide since 2007. I don’t response to them. It’s fraud. They send me a legal letter from US some time, and from ICCA Cyprus some time.

    I tell them do not have money to pay for it. You can send file to court. They are just a group of cheater.

  124. KTS S. says:

    Dear Sam,

    I have same problem and I tried to ignore all of them as your recommend. But I received both e-mail and letters for 3 years. When they stop to send it?

  125. Sam Deeks says:

    Whenever they decide that they’re wasting their money. Don’t hold your breath – from their point of view it’s worth a few emails or even calls every few months. You just need to learn to ignore them.

  126. Ian Smith says:

    To all on this blog / help site and especially to Sam Deeks .. well done apart from that Idiot in Cyprus earlier in the thread … its all one massive scam and the sooner people just ignore the idiots or keep them on the phone for as long as possible if they ring you ( costs them that way ! uness they’re using skype ) the better .. the fake Debt collection etc all to be totally ignored, and in case anyone is wondering I’ve been advising people for years about this in various capacities in the international music industry … just waste as much time of theirs as you possibly can if they contact you .. good luck folks

  127. Na C says:

    Mr Deeks.

    I’m really grateful that you have done this whole argument live. I felt sure that the Expo Guide was a scam because I haven’t ever advertised in it. I haven’t filled any forms to even make the “mistake” of ticking the incorrect box. Having had all sorts of letters for a number of years from Mexico all I did was bin them yehhh. But when I got the “writ” from an email I thought that was not the way in which you get a bona fide writ ie by email.
    When I got the letters I could tell that they had used the address and company details by taking details from genuine trade guides that I had advertised in for the purpose of trade shows that I had attended. My advert showed how I wished to be displayed in the directory for the real trade show guide Id paid to advertise in but my company name is different which is how I knew they lifted the information direct from the printed real guide. Pity ICAA didn’t visit my stand and buy my product they have some tenacity and would have done well with my product in Cypress. Having had to issue a writ myself using the British small claim court for breach of contract once I found out all about the legal system here.
    Something people should know because its interesting, is, even if someone was to take you to court, say in this case if ICAA did intend to prosecute and carry this out, it is a civil not criminal dispute. So its a dispute between two people. If they prosecuted and won and you still didn’t pay they would then in the UK have to prosecute further for a money order. If you don’t pay the money order then they have to organise for debt recovery ie the bouncers. So now any normal company would probably write off the debt for the amounts to be collected because the cost of potential recovery especially for a foreign company. What also struck me is that should they send the bouncers they will have such a big problem as I have moved address in all the years that they have pursued me so much for their database !

    Also if people directly or inadvertently tick the wrong box they should at least get a copy of a guide that they have so called advertised in I never did, ICAA put some effort in at least publish a guide so I can see my inadvertent entry from a none existent form you have said I have filled and inadvertently ticked a box wrongly.

    By the way I decided to google all this not because I thought this was real but I have to say hands down I totally respect the tenacity regardless of the audacity of this company as they have been chasing me for years. Carry on ICAA catch me if you can

    Na xxxxx

  128. Keiron says:

    I have just got another threatening letter, and I am soo excited about it. Its the most fun I have had in ages, and I cant wait for the phone calls to start. Although they are currently threatening one of my contractors, I am more than willing to send them my contact details so the calls come directly to me!! Its so nice to be threatened by a change by people I don’t actually owe money too them. I am tempted to send them a fiver just to keep them keen and reward them for their interest. I like to think of their little team of people fizzing with indignation that I havent chuffed up the money we “owe” them. Happy days! :-)

  129. SKJ says:

    We also have been sent numerous letters from Expo Guide Mexico and have today received an email from an ‘Angie Gordon’ from ICAA, Cyprus threatening us with legal proceedings if we don’t pay by 12.11.2013.
    The last time we received a letter I checked online and found that this was a SCAM so it was ignored.
    After receiving the email today it made us a little concerned that maybe this was ‘FOR REAL’, so I am so so glad I checked online again and found this blog.
    SAM you deserve a medal for making it your life’s work to STOP INNOCENT, HARDWORKING PEOPLE from being ripped off by these SCAMMERS, I don’t know how they can sleep at night!
    It is such a good job their are people in the world like you Sam unlike the likes of ‘I read the small print’ who clearly hasn’t a heart or ANY MORALS whatsoever.

  130. Matt says:

    Firstly, many thanks Sam for all the helpful advice above.

    A member of our staff signed one of these lovely contracts back in 2010, they have persued us on and off since, I have to admit a perverse admiration for their diligence.

    We have not engaged with them, due mainly to the advice of this site (and others) and the merry dance continues on to this day.

    I can only assume that their success rates must be relatively high to be able to fund the credit control function for so many years.

    Anyway, thanks for your time and help.

  131. Sam Deeks says:

    Thanks SKJ, my pleasure.

  132. Eddie Chow says:

    Sam, thank you for your explanation of their tactics. I was scared at first but after reading your article, I just did what you said: ignore them completely. Thank you again.

  133. Sam Deeks says:

    Eddie, good to hear. These people make money out of the fear of good people. It’s wrong and I’m glad to alleviate your fears. Don’t forget to join the group at LinkedIn (‘stop expo guide’)

  134. ines says:

    Just i filled out the paper by error, 15 days after i received the invoice.
    I send out cancellation and email copy of the post paper but they answer me by email that they don’t believe me. Hahaha.
    Thank you for your blog. Starting today, their email directly in spam box and will completely ignore all their futur contact (mail, email and phone).
    Thank you Sam and will update when receiving some news.
    Have a nice day.

  135. Sam Deeks says:

    Good for you. Have faith. They will try to play on your fear at every opportunity (because your FEAR is what pays them). Laugh it off and get on with your life!

  136. Nan Hlaine says:

    Hi Sam Deeks,

    Thank you very much for your blog . I’m from Thailand , now Helen Simpson is trying to bully money in Asia too .She have been threading me for over one year by sending the bill every month. Today , she called me to prepare for the court and then email me to pay the debt , so i started looking for ICCA on google and i found your blog . After reading your blog , i replied her email that tell her to find a proper job instead of threading people . Here is the last email she replied ” PISS OFF YOU LITTLE WANKA ” Then no more threading email from her . So i agree with you that she can’t do anything and ICCA is the scam . Again , thank you very much , your blog really help a lot people .

  137. Sam Deeks says:

    Nan, that’s great :-) You hit a nerve there, well done. “PISS OFF YOU LITTLE WANKA”? I think I need to write a separate blog about that. How revealing and sad! I’m sure that goes even further to convince you not to pay and to warn others in your situation not to pay.

  138. PJ says:

    This is great post. I participated the exhibition in USA from Korea and received it with the same story above. (Invoice –> letter –> phone call(ICAA) I noted it as scam and did not do anything just reply the email in short.
    But it was bit stress, from now I will ignore it as you recommended. They are not worth to receive my email!

    Thanks a lot sam

  139. Sam Deeks says:

    Good to hear PJ.

  140. saad says:

    Hi everyone

    This Mexican expo and this Cyprus collection company are a complete scam, and I want to reassure people who have been getting harassed that they should not pay at all, this is all fictional, and if it is disturbing your peace of mind, then just put a filter on your email.

    This is another variation of the Nigerian prince or the mysterious bank account with 5 million dollars in it, except it uses a threatening tone which pisses me off.

    The funny thing is that they are actually trying to collect from me in Bangladesh. I mean we invented a fair number of scams ourselves lol.

  141. Sam Deeks says:

    (Wry smile)

  142. Tasha says:

    Hi Sam,

    I am another person who has been harrased by EG. I tried not to read their email and block their emails as your recommendation, but these guys keep changing email address and sent the letter to me. By the way I’m from Thailand.

    Today, I opened the “Final Notice” email from them, and there is a reading report pop up on the email before I even read the content. Accidentally, I clicked “OK” and I guess from now on they will never let me go easily ;(

    I really appreciaite your contribution here and Thank you that you have made a girl like me feel so much better after I have been worried for many days. They actually ruined my days.

    If there is a gathering of victims to stop these scammers, I would totally be the one who joins to stop these immoral people who making money on other people’s anxiety! (shame on them)

    Nothing much more to say but a BIG THANK to you!!!

  143. Sam Deeks says:

    You’re welcome :-)

  144. Craig says:

    Angie Gordon is a new lady for you to add to your ‘I can’t earn an honest buck Ltd’ list of employees.

  145. Jim White says:

    The new lady in Cyprus is Liz Gardiner. Had Email from them today threatening Legal action. Told them in simple “Anglo Saxon” terms to go away. They responded that being abusive to them was not helping. Responded with a stronger Email (No response yet) and told them to take me to court as soon as they can. The whole thing is a scam. To anyone that receives court action I would love to know and be part of it.

  146. Jarrod Neff says:

    A staff member made a mistake by falling for their letter which falsely implied a connection to an upcoming trade show in which we were exhibiting. I initially responded to them explaining the situation and when they upped the heat I researched them discovering the true nature of their operation. I have been ignoring their hate mail since 2009 and so far nothing real has happened.

    So sad scammers like this waste everyone’s time vying for a free ride.

    Ignore them and block their spam.

    Jarrod Neff in Kentucky

  147. Sam Deeks says:

    ^^^^^^^^^ Look people ^^^^^^^^ all the proof you need right there in ONE single comment. Thanks Jarrod, grateful to you for posting this. The sad thing is, despite your testimony, people will STILL be scared. That’s how powerful the fear is.

  148. Hi Sam,

    Their website ( is down, you’ve had no more messages in the last half year, I think you’ve effectively put the “International Credit Assessment Agency” out of business, thanks a lot for all your work.

    Greetings Jacob

  149. Maria Vasiliadou says:

    their new website in Cyprus is
    after 2 years sending to me demands for paying aperson from Cyprus named
    Dimitris Roumeliotis Division Debt Recovery – International
    asks me to pay .. please help me .. he said that another person in Greece after the Courts decition paid 14.000 euro

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