MacBook Pro trackpad not working, won’t click, mousepad broken?

Has your MacBook pro trackpad stop working? Does it become unusable when the computer gets hot?

Mine does. Every time I most need to use it. Like on a train, at home or on a plane. Recently, I flew business class to the far east and first class back – the idea being I could work on a particularly important project on the way. Imagine how annoyed I was to get my MacBook pro out, start it up and then find, within minutes that not only couldn’t I use it but that trying to use it was ruining every document I was working on because at a touch, the mouse would stay clicked and drag-and-drop everything everywhere. That’s bits of text inside documents and files, applications and folders outside of documents. Within a minute or two I was swearing aloud in the First Class cabin of a 747, making myself very unpopular.

The problem is, I have since discovered, that the battery expands over time and presses against the track pad, causing it to compress. This gets worse when the computer heats up (hot things expand even more) and when I take the MacBook on an aircraft. I guess this has something to do with pressure but I’m not sure what. All I know is that I can forget trying to work – at least with this great big silver hot water bottle.

Someone on a forum advised taking the battery out and trying to run the MacBook on just mains power. I did this and – presto! – I immediately got back the nice, crunchy, positive, clicky mouse functionality. I also got to handle the battery and was amazed to feel just how expanded and distorted it really is. No wonder the mousepad doesn’t work properly.

So the secret is either to run your MacBook pro on mains only (I’ll remember this next time I need to work on a plane) or grudgingly buy a new, flat, slimline battery and wait for it to become middle-aged in its turn.

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