Online Reputation Repair

If your reputation has been attacked, you’ll need our Online Reputation Repair service.

Based on the findings and recommendations of your Online Reputation Survey, we will manage the critical early responses required to minimise the damage.

We will work with you to ensure any short-term responses you make are reputation-enhancing and minimise the risk of you being drawn into further damage.  Working with you, we will then create credible and highly Google-visible content in a range of places that fit with your personal and professional interests.

Our response will be aimed not at ‘whitewashing’ bad news but owning and balancing the story. This will require you to examine the part you may have played in creating the problem. It’s harder than the ‘quick fix’ promised by other reputation companies – but it’s the only way if you value your business in the long term. 

We will help you to do the 4 ‘A’s of online reputation repair:

• Acknowledge the problem privately and publicly
• Accept your part in it
• Apologise publicly for what happened
• Make Amends to those who you’ve upset or damaged

Initial responses will include:

  • Formulating written responses
  • Making offline customer contact
  • Taking legal advice
  • Personal coaching / consultation with you

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