Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu makes WordPress 50% better in 60 seconds

Ozh wordpress pluginThe way WordPress should have been designed in the first place ;-)

WordPress is an awesome piece (family?) of user-friendly, open-source software. It makes web design a practical option for a lot of people who wouldn’t otherwise have even bothered trying.

But, like many other non-commercial things, it has ended up with surprisingly ragged edges. Documentation? Only for the geek. Navigation around the Admin ‘dashboard’? Clumsy, clunky.. ugly. Counter-intuitive even. So much ‘sideways tunneling’ to find the functionality you need… So many opportunities to do the wrong thing.

Like changing your permalink structures and losing your entire site in one click.

Like writing a post instead of a page (again)..

This plugin makes using Worpdress 50% easier in my opinion. Thanks!

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