Paypal ‘buyer dispute': unbelievable scam opportunity

Buyer raises ‘dispute’, sends back anything and PayPal will refund money (and charge fees).

Apparently, this is all the rage. Happened to my brother. He talks about it here. Happened to lots of other people. They post about it here. This guy talks about a version of the scam here. And lots of other seriously unhappy PayPal customers air their views here. That’s a lot of bad, unhappy energy.

But the ‘buyer dispute’ scam is just a tiny fraction of the bad news associated with PayPal, an organisation that seems to be, literally, a law unto itself. And one that doesn’t feel it needs to respond publicly to those claims.

Why am I posting about it? Because I can and because I believe that a business should be accountable to its customers. With no exceptions. Even when you have 150 million of them.

I hope PayPal is listening because I’d like to hear what it has to say on this apparent scammer’s paradise.


  1. ciaran meyler says:

    I totally agree with you about paypal , it is a scam company , They have blocked my account and held my money 3 times in the past 3 weeks and can give me no reason for it ,I think whattheya re doing is holding my money for 2to 3 days and if they do this with even 1% of their customers ,then it is a tidy sum of interest for them in their bank ,
    When you phone them ,you might as well be talking to a robot as all the customer service agents seemed to be brain washed witht he same speel and it is like banging my head of a brick wall trying to get through to these idiots ,
    BEWARE PAYPAL IS A JOKE and will only hold your payments in their account until such time as they feel like releasing it .
    What they are doing is against the law ,it is stealing a persons money .Man am I mad with them .. CIARAN

  2. Tanya says:

    I sold something via ebay and the buyer has opened a dispute claiming the goods were ‘significantly not as described’. This is absolute rubbish as the item listing was 100% accurate, the buyer just bought the wrong size shoes. Anyway, PayPal have decided that she is in the right and have taken the money back out of my account, leaving me with a negative balance.
    I was not asked to supply any evidence to support my case, and when I pointed out that I could supply some, I was told that PayPal do not consider such items of evidence (photographs) and their terms and conditions mean they can overrule the ‘no refund’ statement I had put in my original item listing.
    Their service has been disgraceful and has left me out of pocket and looking like a scammer, when I did nothing wrong.

  3. John Shaw says:

    Completely agrre, but from a buyers point of view. I bought, from a UK seller, not through EBAY, a phone, when it arrived, unable to access internet, unable to make calls due to interference. Opened a dispute, PAYPAL asked me to return by a signed for service, Royal Mail Recorded used, RM not update website to show delivered, but supplied letter from RM to prove, with signature that delivery was made. PAYPAL said not acceptable as RM must update website to confirm delivery. This is not possible. Case Closed, seller now has item and money, only #30, but not the point. Small claims on the way. Closed account with Paypal immediately.

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