PayPal customer service gets dripped on in The Mu Show

The Mu Show turns the dripping tap of social media on PayPal for being so bad at listening to its customers.

Welcome to The Mu Show #1 – Sam and Clare’s return to the mics after a few months without podcasting. Every week on the show, we’ll bring you:

a Mu marketing tip

The Dripping Tap – social media water torture for big companies who just don’t listen to their customers

a bit of what we’ve been doing in the Mu News.

Talk to us on our voicemail line 01752 548771. Just leave a message and we’ll put you on next week’s show! Know a business that’s not listening? Let’s see if we can get through.

The mukaumedia rules of podcasting: 1) Have fun 2) Don’t take it too seriously 3) Do it sooner rather than later

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