Police Central e-crime unit scam

If your PC is locked showing a message from ‘Police Central e-crime unit’…

…then you’re the victim of a trojan designed to frighten you into paying £100 to avoid ‘prosecution’ and release your machine back to you. It tells you that you’ve been caught downloading copyrighted stuff and / or looking at child pornography and you need to pay a fine or face prosecution and jail.

It’s not real; it’s a scam. A nasty one at that. Since when did the Police hack into your computer to tell you that you’ve committed a crime? Since when did paying money to avoid prosecution become the way that the British Police do things? Of course they don’t. That only happens in corrupt countries – the places these trojans probably originated.

My 15 yr old step-son was scared by this tonight. It took me 10 seconds on Google to demonstrate to him that it was nothing more than a scam but he was clearly worried, like I’ve not seen him worried before in the online environment.

Of course this scam is designed to hit the spot with the millions of people who are busy looking at porn and copying movies and music without paying for them. There will be enough people shamed or scared enough to pay up.

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