How to prioritise at work?

Learn how to prioritise work from Bolly, the zen mistress

If you’re one of those people that works from home or you work for a corporation and find yourself taking the job and your career too seriously sometimes, then a kitten can be counted on to remind you of life’s true priorities. They have no judgment so don’t take sides or waste time gossiping. They have no ego so won’t be found trying to claw their way up a corporate hierarchy. And best of all, they have their boundaries hard-wired. When it’s time to sleep, it’s time to sleep and everything else has to wait. If we only learned that lesson from kittens the world would be a far healthier place.

Picture of cute kitten asleep on laptop


  1. Diana Deeks-Plummer says:

    Heh heh! I find the same lessons re:work/life priorities looking after a three year old every day. Annoying problems, mind chatter about past decisions, examining remarks made for hidden meanings? All are allotted to their proper place in the filing system of “it just doesn’t matter” – today we need to concentrate on ME!

    Great site Sam!

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