Has your Samsung LE40B550 control panel (the bit that receives the remote control signals) suddenly stopped working?

Mine did today. And after an extremely frustrating online search (which provided NO results for that queston hence the title of my post) I learned two remarkable things.

So if you’re here because your Samsung LE40B550 control panel has suddenly stopped working try the following:

1) Point your remote control at your phone’s camera and press the buttons while viewing through your camera’s screen. If it’s working, you’ll see the light flashing (you can’t see this with the naked eye). Neat?

2) Next, move your AppleTV box out from under the corner of the Samsung TV where the control panel unit inside the TV is situated.

Presto! I moved the AppleTV box 8 inches forward and the Samsung remote started working immediately.

I’ll leave the technical explanations to someone else, meantime, if you do happen to be in that same situation then there’s a slim chance this post might help you. :-)

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