No wonder Sky customer service likes to keep you talking on its 0844 number

They’re making good money out of it!

I spent 2 and 1/2 hours continuously on the phone to Sky trying to sort out my parents’ rubbish broadband service, their incomplete phone package and – wait for it – get my dad an email address of his very own.

The first thing I noticed when I dialled the 0844 number was how overwhelmingly talkative the nice technical man was. Without any invitation he took it on himself to give me a lengthy lecture on the physics of copper wiring and broadband signals.

He just kept on…and on…and on…and on.

On the one hand, he was very helpful and was able to improve the capacity of the broadband connection a bit. On the other hand, I couldn’t help wondering how much money his monologue on copper telephone technology had earned Sky.

The good news ended there.

The website repeatedly failed to create a new email address for my dad.  Why? ‘Because it’s broken’ said the wee fella on the end of the phone.  And it’s still broken.  What use is a broadband package if you can’t create additional email addresses for the family?

And would you like to sell them the full phone package you inexplicably failed to sell them a few months ago? I enquired.  The response was 20 minutes of incomprehensible cock-and-bull and STILL they couldn’t sell them the package.  They’d probably made so much money on the 0844 that they didn’t need to.

This is so typical of the UK’s biggest companies.  No-one to complain to.  No management or supervisors to be accountable. No buck stopping no where.  Just a lame suggestion to put my complaint in writing.

I am writing, Sky.  Here in this Google-visible blog.

If you’re unwilling to accept Sky’s bad customer service and lack of accountability, here are a few useful contact email addresses from you could try:

Sky CEO Email Address:-                                                  
Only Other Executive Board Member Email Address:-      

Director of Customer Marketing (not a Board Director)    

High Level Escalated Complaints Address Used
by Sky To Respond to Complaints Addressed to
Jeremy Darroch’s Email Address                                      

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