Spotify invitation: not needed any more with Spotify ‘Open’

Spotify ‘Open’ free to everyone without invitation!

**Ignore the rest of this post and head on over to Spotify!! :-)**

**** old news *****

Yes, that’s right – about 140 Spotify invitations left at this point in time

And they’re yours for the asking.

I know I’ve said it before, but Spotify is about as good as Google Earth – and that’s saying something.  If you’re like me and you love listening to music more than you are obsessed by any single band or style, you’ll love thanksSpotify.

Why? Because it’s the free streaming service that will bring you music you’ve never heard before but will be glad you did.

And it works like an intelligent iTunes: explore from any and every logical angle.  Kick off your own radio station and let Spotify bring you 1950’s Jazz tracks.  Like an artist? Click on their name, explore what else they’ve done.  Like an album?  Click on that album to listen to it like an album.

Like a track? Click on the track to find every version and every appearance and every cover of that track.

Search just by words.  Like ‘Chill’.  Or ‘Karaoke’ (if you’re like me, you’ll end up Burt Weedoning your way through all your favourites..).

It’s great.  No, really it is.  One ad an hour isn’t a problem.  The fact that it’s Moira Stewart reminding me that I’m still waiting for my Self-Assessment PIN number and am likely to miss the deadline, is.