Spotify invites, invitations and codes: no longer needed with Spotify ‘Open’

Spotify ‘Open’ free to everyone without invitation!

**Ignore the rest of this post and head on over to Spotify!! :-)**

Sadly, on or about the 18th Jan 2010 Spotify closed the back door that allowed you to create a free account without need for an invitation.

During this time, probably close to 200,000 people came through this site looking for a free, ad-supported Spotify account.  Some of those people were  from outside the countries supported by Spotify but the majority will have successfully created a free account. And of those, a healthy percentage will go on to sign up at some point for a Spotify Premium account.

So, it is with a heavy heart that I have to tell you I can no longer help you get set up with a free account.

Many thanks for visiting and remember, if you really can’t resist having a go on Spotify, why not get someone with a free account to buy you a 1-month gift card for £9.99 so you can try out the full experience on your PC and on your mobile?