Lloyd can’t sing. Official. And we’re all mad

The X-Factor: Lloyd’s inability to sing is proof we’re all mad

I remember that in mathematics, ‘x’ represents the unknown. I spent a lot of time finding ‘x’.  It’s taken me another 30 years but I’ve discovered that x=shite.

That’s right.  Shite.  Why? Because Lloyd can’t sing.  Because Jedward are sorry, self-obsessed little egos.  And so on and on.

I’ve always been amazed how politics seems to be a process of finding the least wise, least capable person out of millions of possibles to entrust the future of the planet to.  I’m amazed, too, how ‘The Apprentice’ narrowed down the business talent of this country to eight or so arrogant, thick, sociopathic tw*ts.  Quite a feat.

And now Lloyd.  Who can’t sing in tune.  But desperately wants to be recognised.  *sigh*

We must be mad.