Core fitness studios in Falmouth Cornwall: deserves a MRB we think

A Mukau Reputation Boost* for Core Fitness and Body Studios in Cornwall for great handling of online reputation problem.

*Mukau Reputation Boost: A independent, positive and confidence-inspiring comment about your company placed high in the Google search results for your company’s keywords. (Try it: do a Google search for ‘fitness studios falmouth‘)

We’re always on the lookout to see how businesses deal with unhappy customers online to award them a free Mukau Reputation Boost

So we’re happy to announce an MRB for Helen Tite (manager of Core Fitness and Body Studio) for the positive way she responded to an unhappy customer in the Network Cornwall forum who was expressing her annoyance at not receiving a free session that Core had offered.

Helen’s response was respectful, non-reactive and generous – offering 3 free classes so the lady could get ‘to see how lovely me and my awesome team of instructors are’.

The result? The following post from the customer:

“Well, what a response. I am overwhelmed and so should the guys at Core be. People have had great things to say about the team there and I have renewed faith. Helen from the Core has been in touch and been very helpful and we have sorted out the misunderstanding”

How much is that comment worth?

How much is that comment worth at the top of Google when people are searching for your services?

Well done Helen for great customer service!