International credit assessment agency / ICAA Cyprus

Have you received demands for money from International credit assessment agency / ICAA Cyprus on behalf of Expo Guide?

If so, you might like to read this thread first.

Don’t forget to read the 400+ comments too.  Hopefully you’ll be reassured that you’re the victim of a global scam. This means they can’t take you to court in any country because THEY are the ones who would be sent to prison :-)

Find out more about these scams from Richard Corbett MEP.

It also means that the ‘ICAA Ltd Cyprus’ acting on Expo Guide’s behalf to try to bully money out of you doesn’t actually exist.  Nor does ‘Fobble International’ or ‘Waldberg and Hirsch’ or any of the other names they pretend are debt collection agencies.]

Their ‘websites’ are simply fronts to make you think they are a real business and out to get you.  Don’t be fooled.