Spotify invites, invitations and codes: no longer needed with Spotify ‘Open’

Spotify ‘Open’ free to everyone without invitation!

**Ignore the rest of this post and head on over to Spotify!! :-)**

Sadly, on or about the 18th Jan 2010 Spotify closed the back door that allowed you to create a free account without need for an invitation.

During this time, probably close to 200,000 people came through this site looking for a free, ad-supported Spotify account.  Some of those people were  from outside the countries supported by Spotify but the majority will have successfully created a free account. And of those, a healthy percentage will go on to sign up at some point for a Spotify Premium account.

So, it is with a heavy heart that I have to tell you I can no longer help you get set up with a free account.

Many thanks for visiting and remember, if you really can’t resist having a go on Spotify, why not get someone with a free account to buy you a 1-month gift card for £9.99 so you can try out the full experience on your PC and on your mobile?




How to get a spotify invite? No longer needed with Spotify ‘Open’

Spotify ‘Open’ free to everyone without invitation!

**Ignore the rest of this post and head on over to Spotify!! :-)**

That’s got me thousands of visitors.  And something like a hundred or so Spotify invites to give out – so far.

Ok – so someone gave me an invite and I blogged positively – and carefully – about how much fun it was and how clever their marketing was.

So there’s proof of how effective your honest-to-goodness WordPress blog can be. See trend, blog trend.  Only in my case, there’s something missing.  Yes, you’ve guessed it.  A way of making money ;-)

Look, I’ve always hated AdSense.  I know, I know, I’m playing with the power of Google just running a blog.  But I honestly do hate what AdSense is doing to the thing we used to call knowledge. I’ll spare you the middle-aged academic rant.

So, hard though it might be to believe (and even stupider though it might seem to any of you online marketers) I’m passing on Spotify invites day after day for no other reason than its nice to give something away that makes someone else happy.

Spotify don’t mind – after all, even as I write this I’m doing their marketing for them.  So everyone’s happy. Aaaah.

The Spotify Magic Invite Fairy has been!

Overnight Spotify gave me 5 invites. Great marketing move.

Since their on-site blurb said that invites only came with paid membership, I’d like to think it’s because their clever online reputation monitoring picked up that I blogged positively about it.

Either way, I enjoyed inviting 5 friends. That’s a great piece of marketing.

I used Spotify last night (New Year’s Eve) to power our music at home, resulting in a really nice mix of stuff I’d never normally listen to plus a few deliberate forays down the cul-de-sacs of Memory Lane…

I got an ad every hour or so which was entirely bearable. It remains to be seen whether the premium proposition is irresistible but the battle is half won already with a product I feel good about.

Thanks, Spotify – and well done. A great online reputation / marketing example.