Spotify Invites: down to my last 26 (as at 3.4.09)

I’ve helped over 380 people get Spotify accounts and I’m almost out of invites

But it’s been fun.

It’s taken maybe 10 minutes or so every day to copy and paste people’s email addresses from my blog post comments to the Spotify invite page but the payoff has been to get the occasional email from someone saying how pleased they are with Spotify.

It’s also fun seeing how friends and family I’ve introduced to Spotify are using it.  It’s become part of their language; it’s on in the background when I call or when we Skype (look, there’s another free thing that’s become part of the language).

For me, Spotify is great for finding whatever I want at any moment – expecially if I want something I haven’t heard before.  It’s also a great karaoke-machine for that party you’re planning.  Just pick out your playlist in advance and wait for the guests to arrive.

And it turns out that it’s also the perfect ‘play-along’ guitarists’ accessory.  I just pick up my accoustic, find some tracks and play along.  Or, if I’m feeling particularly Burt Weedon, the karaoke versions of just about every classic track of the last 50 years are perfect for picking the melodies.

Long may it last.