Obama talks to the camera

Barack Obama speaks to the camera, not the people in the room

I watched Obama’s short press conference speech outlining his plans for US economic recovery and one thing struck me: he never looked anywhere else except at the camera.

Its clear that this President is talking to a screen audience, an online world.

Since I was also watching this online (here on the BBC website), the fact that he was looking directly at me (at the dark eye of the camera) seemed ‘normal’.

Having thought about this, what then seemed really odd was to see the long shot of the hall that Obama was speaking from.

What I saw was a man speaking over his audiences’ heads to a camera at the back of the hall.

How unnatural, how strange.  How…disconnected.

Dealing with an unhappy customer online

Is it better to deal with an unhappy customer online or should you try to take it offline?

When an unhappy customer blows off steam online, you’ve got a problem. Their comment is increasingly likely to appear somewhere near the top of Google – and that means its going to be read by your prospects and existing customers.

So if you come across someone raging about the service that your company provides in a forum or on a blog, what should you do?

Should you ignore it? Or put together a response? Should you get into a long drawn out discussion with them? Or take it offline and try to deal with it away from the public view? [Read more…]