NB Notification Bureau

Is NB Notification Bureau telling you you’ve won something?

Don’t believe it.

You probably entered a free competition some time ago and gave your address.

The result is that a company called McIntyre and Dodd have sent you a letter telling you that you’ve definitely won a prize.


It will cost you about £15 to claim your prize, which, if you believe many of the people commenting here, is likely to be nothing. Those who did receive ‘prizes’ received things worth considerably less than they paid to, er… claim them.

So there I was in my local Police Station this morning, making a formal complaint against a threatening organisation (see this thread) when I came across the leaflet (above) in their information rack.

Had they ever heard of McIntyre and Dodd Marketing (part of a PLC valued at £13m)? No, of course they hadn’t.

And that’s why M&D are laughing all the way to the bank (with your money).

6 months after the Office of Fair Trading announced it was trying to take M&D to the High Court to put them out of this exploitative business, there isn’t the slightest sign of any progress.

Week after week, I watch the traffic surge on this site as another hundred thousand or so people receive their ‘prize claim’ letters through their doors and the more suspicious turn to Google to see what’s being talked about.

Those are the lucky ones: they get to keep their £15 for something more important.