Frog strangles goldfish

Do frogs strangle goldfish?

Yes, they do. This morning in my dad’s pond, I noticed this odd sight. A frog clinging tightly to a goldfish – a very dead-looking goldfish. It was riding it around the pond like a holiday inflatable toy and refused to let go of it even when I gently prodded it with a stick. The frog’s grip was obviously very tight and there were some ‘gizzards’ dangling out of the fish but generally, the fish looked as though it had been in good condition before its encounter with the frog.

So what happened? Well, it’s spring and the pond is currently full of frogspawn which leads me to think that the unfortunate fish was, in fact, loved to death by the over-amorous frog. A quick internet search revealed quite a few references to frogs killing goldfish by hugging them to death as well as larger bullfrogs actually eating them.

So if it happens to you and you find yourself reading this, rest assured that while it will be the oddest (and possibly the most disturbing) thing you’re likely to see today, it is in fact quite common.