Spotify invitations: No longer needed with Spotify ‘Open’

Spotify ‘Open’ free to everyone without invitation!

**Ignore the rest of this post and head on over to Spotify!! :-)**

Since the Spotify iPhone app was released there’s been a surge in traffic here looking for Spotify invitations.  Back in January, I played a small part in Spotify’s online marketing strategy – by helping spread the word about the free service and giving out invites.

It was nice to be able to create 600+ accounts for happy people at the time but Spotify’s strategy has moved on, so I’m not able to help any more.

For those of you interested in the way blogging can create traffic to your site, the recent surge in visitors to my site (see stats below) coincides with Spotify’s release of the iPhone app and their return to ‘invite-only’ free membership.  That traffic is the result of one or two carefully-worded and well-timed posts in January 2009.

Picture 3

Lottery results Sat 2 May

Here are the lottery results for Sat 2 May (allegedly)

10 -17 – 25 – 32 – 34 – 40 + 20 (bonus ball)

These numbers courtesty of  It’s the #1 hit for ‘lottery results sat 2nd may’.  [UPDATE: No, this post now is!]

Why?  Because two hours after this week’s draw the National Lottery site was still showing last week’s result. Doh.

That leaves a two hour gap for bloggers to exploit.

Now, what to do with all that lovely traffic….?

Bad Feelings at Ecademy – 657 views and counting

It’s official: we’re addicted to feeling bad

I popped into Ecademy this afternoon briefly and took a quick scan of the blogs.

Interestingly, most had 20, 30 or 40 views.  All except the one titled ‘Bad Feelings At Ecademy‘ which had 657 views.  Naturally, I dived in to see what the fuss was all about.

The fuss (as usual) was all about an Ecademist falling out with the management and getting booted off.  “Fight! Fight! Fight!” I can almost hear ringing in my ears.

Sadly, nothing seems to attract us more than conflict – and I’m as programmed as anyone to being drawn towards the dark side. Is it because we love suffering?  Is it because in argument there’s something more honest than the superficiality we normally cloak ourselves in?

There’s no doubt though.  Nastiness gets traffic.  Blood, guts, misery, depravation, disaster and sleaze is what people want.  In a low-key but inarguable way, those figures on Ecademy prove it.  Again and again.

I can make you thin…k about starting your own blog

I can make you think about starting your own blog.

Why? Because you too can have fun with Google trends. Find something in Google’s hottest 100 search phrases and blog about it. You’ll get traffic to your site.

I posted this to put my site in front of people searching for “I can make you thin” (one of today’s hot US searches, according to Google trends). It’s a demonstration of one way of getting traffic to your blog. If you’re thin…king about doing business online, that could be useful to you. :-)

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for Paul McKenna, you’ll find his site here.

tjformal bridal, prom and tuxedo – so glad you benefit from my content

So pleased that TJFormal – a bridal, prom and tux shop in the US – benefits from my content!

This is why the internet has no future, folks. I don’t even know exactly what’s happened here – so I’ll just tell as I see it.

I write blog content. That content gets lifted and connected with a series of different URLs which – when clicked – all lead me, via some fleeting glimpse of some kind of aggregator / portal thing (see I don’t even know the words for it) called Shop Online to TJFormal in the USA.

I’ll declare right now that I don’t know whether you know that some of your traffic comes from my content.

TJFormal USA, if you’re reading this, I don’t know your set up. Maybe you’ve signed up to Shop Online and part of the deal is they promise you increased traffic. And since the URLs in the picture above all route through ShopOnline

maybe they’re responsible for lifting my blog content and using it to bring you customers. Maybe some complete stranger is doing it for no other reason than they can. Who knows? I don’t. All I can tell you is what it looks like. Spammy.

What I do know is that it uses my content to drive traffic to you – oh, and that the traffic you get from that is pretty worthless.

Why? Because it’s unqualified, it’s overseas and because ironically, the post it’s lifted from is all about online scamming :-)

Funny how the internet works.

Business directory rip-offs: the Emperor’s Newest Clothes

“If you don’t have anything good to say, then don’t say nuthin’ at all” – Thumper

I’ve had to gag myself tonight.

I’ve seen yet another ‘local online directory’ that’s started up, peddling its wares, inviting people to sign up and advertise their businesses.

The site is a mess. There’s almost nobody signed up on it, and it currently offers no Google visibility to the few who are.

I’m not going to name names, but its one of many. They come in all flavours: online business directories, local ‘portals’, community magazines. They all have one thing in common: they want you to advertise in them, promising increased traffic and Google visibility in return. Some of the big, well-known ones deliver (with varying degrees of success). A lot of smaller, local ones don’t

One such business in this region I’ve heard explicitly offering people increased Google visibility as part of its so called ‘benefits’. I’ve tested its claims backwards and forwards and found that it offers its top paying members NONE.

Another such venture quotes statistics to impress prospects how many people use the internet to buy things – and, of course, to imply that their product offers increased Google visibility. Guess what? It doesn’t.

I’m stopping short of naming these businesses because it’s tantamount to declaring war – and I’m still not sure why it bothers me so much that they do what they do.

In part, it’s because they depend on ignorance to sell their services. But I think the thing that really gets me is that nobody dares announce that the emperor, yet again, is wearing no clothes.

I suspect that if I named those businesses and challenged them, nobody would thank me for doing it. The businesses themselves certainly wouldn’t, nor would the people wasting their money on them. Why?  Because they want to believe in an easy fix.