Do I need a TV licence to watch TV on my laptop?

According to the BBC, you need a licence to watch ‘live’ TV on your computer

If you go the BBC website, you can watch a fair selection of past programmes via the ‘iPlayer’.  Great idea.  It caters for just about as much TV as I can be bothered to watch.

But this morning, I clicked on the ‘watch live’ button on the BBC website.  Actually, no I didn’t (and this has a bearing).  I clicked on a link labeled ‘Live BBC News channel’.

I went through to page playing BBC Breakfast news in a player, just like iPlayer.  Only at the bottom, it told me that I needed a licence to watch ‘tv as it’s being broadcast’.

Interesting.  So, assuming I didn’t have a TV licence already, that would mean I’m already breaking the law by following that link?  How long do I have to watch it to be guilty?

And does it also mean if I have one of those Tivo-style things and I watch everything with a 10 second delay I’m not actually watching it ‘as its being broadcast’?

Plenty to think about, while I listened to the BBC Breakfast presenters and posted on my blog. Has the  law changed regarding ‘TV receiving equipment’?  Is my MacBook really a piece of equipment capable of receiving TV pictures?  And of course, the fun part – how could anyone ever enforce this?

Try to imagine the grey men arriving at the door: “Good afternoon, Sir.  Our records show that someone watched 15 minutes of live BBC TV from the IP address associated with your ISP account registered to this address”?

And the reply: “Probably.  This is Starbucks…” .

And here’s an additional thought: given that the warning isn’t located at the point where you click the ‘Live BBC news channel’ link but on the page with the ‘live TV’ picture, isn’t this some form of entrapment?  By the time you’ve read the message, you’ve broken the law (according to the BBC).  I can’t see this standing up in court, can you?

Oh, and finally.  It seems its ‘licence’. With a damned ‘c’ ok?  A ‘c’.  Remember.  I had to go through and change it.  Which will knacker up the Google indexing of this post (not to mention miss out half the people searching this key phrase with the other spelling). But at least I’ll get it right the next time it comes up in one of those infuriating ‘how thick is everyone?’ spelling tests. :-)


  1. As the law currently stands, you need a licence to watch or record “a live or nearly live” television transmission – no matter what device you receive it on.

    So, yes, watching live TV on your MacBook would require a licence. Similarly, watching something recorded with Tivo/Sky+ would also require a licence (since you received it “live”, even if you didn’t watch it until later).

    Oddly, the source of the TV signal is irrelevant. So if you’re watching a live stream of France 24 (produced in France, and paid for by French taxpayers) on your computer (not your television) then you still need a licence from the BBC.

    It’s important to note that you do not need a licence simply because you own something which *could* receive a licence. You can own as many TV sets as you like, and provided you only use them for DVDs/video games/music then you don’t require a licence.

    There’s more information on when you need a licence, and when you don’t, at my site.

  2. Sam Deeks says:

    Thanks for that. Folks, let me just point out that these people AREN’T the TV licencing dept of the BBC and their site ISN’T plastered with Google Ads.

    Both things make me recommend these guys to you for further information about TV licencing. The site looks excellent, BTW – a great example of using a blog to fill an information vacuum.

    Again, thanks for taking the time to add some great information.

  3. NEIL says:


  4. Sam Deeks says:

    If you’d read any of the above stuff you’d see that:

    a) neither I (nor TVlicenceinfo) are the BBC so there’s no point shouting at us :-)

    b) it’s pretty clear that the BBC considers watching TV over the web at the same time it’s being broadcast live = watching it live. According to them, that means you require a license.

    But, by the same token, you can watch all the iPlayer content you like without a licence.

    If you’re still pissed, go complain to your MP.

  5. Anthony Gunby says:

    Hi I have two friends who both do not have tv’s. One has a laptop and the other has a Pc. Yes they are capable of accepting tv, but not with out the additional hardware and software. But they are getting harassed by the tv licensing people as they have not got a license, because they have equipment capable of receiving tv. Although they have this equipment which is capable of what they say, it is not used for this in anyway. Also they are not aware of this. Infact neither was I until I read the letter. So why have households not been informed about this.

  6. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Anthony. Not quite sure of the situation you’re describing.

    If just owning a PC or Mac with a browser capable of viewing a ‘nearly live’ feed (such as’s ‘live news channel’) made us liable for a TV license, we’d all be in prison – and every computer seller would be obliged to warn you that you needed one at the point of purchase.

    I can’t see how this could possibly be the case. Nonetheless, anyone reading this will see that the TV licensing law is currently staggering into some absurd – and worrying – no-man’s land.

    Worth taking note of TVlicenceinfo’s earlier comments – and check out his site for further information.

  7. Sam Deeks says:

    Having done some more research (here’s an interested thread here’s my conclusion.

    Since watching BBC ‘Live news channel’ requires a TV license it means that TV licencing people could, theoretically, knock at any door and ask:

    a) do you have a computer? If you said “yes” then:-

    b) do you ever watch live or nearly live TV on it? If you said “yes” then:-

    c) do you have a TV license?

    The thing to remember here is that TV licensing is – and has always been – about bullying people into admitting they’ve been watching TV without a licence.

    The computer era is no different – just more equipment for the TV Licencing people to question you about.

    In the words of TVLicenceInfo:

    “Owning a device that is capable of receiving live television does not require you to purchase a television licence.

    A television licence is only required if you actually use that device to receive live television. If you do not receive live television, you do not need a licence.”

  8. bee says:

    firtsly when am watching tv online is it going to be freezing from time to time and what is the time scale of the freeze.

    secondly am a student who wants to watch tv on my laptop do i pay the same tv licence fee and where ca i purchase the licence and how much.

    thank you.

  9. para says:

    For some time i have wondered at the licencing laws. Paying for a few channels that show nothing of interest to me, i refuse.
    I wrote to Sky and Virgin, and asked to be able to get a package tailored to my own specific needs, basically to remove BBC from my package.
    Reply was that they HAVE to offer BBC in the base pack by law.
    This stinks of coercion.
    Time for BBC to get with it, show adverts, and compete with the rest of the TV stations.
    They are being favouritised and subsidised, which is really unfair to the other channels.
    AND, not to mention the “placed or not so hidden adverts” in BBC productions, i am sure they get paid for that.

  10. Tone says:

    Spelling note: yes, it’s “licence” — when it’s a noun, and in the UK. When it’s a verb (again, in the UK) it’s “license” (e.g., “licensing department”). But in America, the accepted spelling of the noun is “license” — and the spelling “licence” is sometimes used for the verb. Hence the Google confusion.

  11. Steve says:

    according to the TV licencing people, a student is covered under their parent’s licence if:

    You only use TV receiving equipment that is powered by its internal batteries; and You have not installed it (e.g. connected it to an aerial or plugged it into the mains) to receive TV; and Your permanent address (non term-time) is your parents’ home; and Your parents have a valid TV Licence for their home.

    Does this mean, say, were you to watch live BBC new on a laptop which is not plugged into the mains, you would not require to buy a separate TV licence for it?

  12. morgan says:

    To all you who complain about the licence.

    So you do not wish to pay it.


    The BBC is far better value for money than any of the other rip off mopb, Sky, Virgin etc.

    Add it up, the licence gives you 24/7 tv, radio, now HD coming in, Free view channels, Freesat channels, world srvice, radios 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,all for a measlytwo or three quid a wekk, far less than it would cost to go to the cinema to watch ONE film for an hour and a half, per week.

    Finally I don’t want my screen cluttered up witn adverts for cosmetics, useless DIY products, incessant furniture ads, and all the rest of it.

    If I want toothpaste I go to Tesco, the same with all the other stuff stuck into programmes, every ten minutes or so, even more often on Sky etc.

    Besides which Murdoch interfers in our electoral system, and Branson throws money into the air with his balooning stunts etc.If he wishes to set up space flighyts let him do it out of his own pocket, not out of the pockets of his overcharged customer base.

    Why should I pay for such hobbies?

    The government has investigated the licence fee virtuially every years since it came in, and has always rejectyed calls to commercialise the BBC>

    I also suggest there would be a revolutiion if the BBC commenced competing with the other channels. And not only by the viewers, Sky etc would also be rather miffed.

  13. Jeiku says:

    First off its a basic decision of do you want a tv licence or not, and if you decide you dont then think… “do i need a tv licence” if you do then get it, but if time consuming television programs dont seem worth your money then dont bother.
    As for the whole battery thing if it says you can do so without using it in the mains and so therefore as for the laptop go for it, dont try to twist what they say it just gives them idiots more ideas and ways around making us pay money for channels we have no interest in, so if it says aslong as you arent using mains power then simply use whatever battery operated thing you can, heck get a battery powered generator to run something if you like, but dont question it because they will do something to get around it, just like the whole ‘nearly live’ bullshit, how fucking retarded, makes me so freaking mad, simple make it as near as live you want and if they say then your response can be “from what i consider nearly live then no i have not watched anything near to live television” if they do not have precise values then dont let them set some, just do exactly as they say, best way to fight a bully is give them what they want… within reason of course.
    I’m pretty sure that te french are pissed with them earning money, if i ever fell into that they would be hearing a nice message from the french telecommunication service and i will take them to court, silly sounding aint it, well you can take anyone you like to court, with a solicitor for anything, even if you where the worlds largest criminal, you can have a man or women stand next to you and demand you are in the right, no matter how wrong you are, but however in saying this loads of people will say things to try and prove me wrong along with those little false laws, everything has a loophole but the biggest one is the most obvious one to us all is ” WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS WE ARE NOTHING MORE THAN AN ANIMAL, A DOG THAT WALKS DOWN THE ROAD OR A WHALE IN THE SEA, NO ONE CAN FORCE US INTO ANYTHING AND WE HAVE OUR OWN RIGHTS AND PRIVILAGES ABOVE ALL, SCREW HUMAN RIGHTS ITS MADE UP CRAP TO MAKE US FEEL BETTER ABOUT THE MILLION RIGHTS WE LOST WHEN THE ‘goverment’ WAS FOUNDED, I SAY WE DESERVE ALL OUR RIGHTS, WE DONT NEED NO GOVERNMENTIZED PERMISSION TO ‘OWN’ RIGHTS, WE DO AS WE PLEASE, HECK IF I WANTED I COULD STAND IN THE STREETS AND DO WHATEVER I LIKED NO MATTER HOW OBSERD IT MAY SEEM.

    Crime is caused by the governments, if it wasnt for them making ‘laws’ and such shit, then we would not have such urges to kill or injure others, people, whether they can see it or not, want some things they cant have, an example would be that tale of Adam and Eve, for was it not the fact that it was forbidden that created the temptation of which entailed that A snake tempted eve to eat the forbidden fruit and adam too punished, and yet another good example of how ‘sheep like’ we all are, if someone follows a law the majority will too, because we are afraid of being left alone having to face what they will throw at us “Tv LicenSe: Buy a licence or you will be charged £1000.00 because you own equipment capable … (capable, who the heck said we was gonna! heck an xbox 360 is capable of running windows easily but its not gonna, someone could program something into a console to trigger a massive explosion, (ITS JUST AN EXAMPLE) and because of this would that make you a criminal because it can be done, would it fuck) … of recording tv blah blah… | Guy: Erm [what should i do] i didn’t know, sorry i will get one blah blah, … ( no matter how much his friends have bigged him up, or his family, if he knows he has been told face to face what HE needs (apparently) then he will eventually probably fall into one of the worlds largest CON its nothing more than a swiss up there own arse holes, i might sound really pissed off, but are we meant to be carm that they are THIEVING in front of our own eyes, heck come on everyone lets send them every part of our income, because unless we grow that backbone that the very large majority of us humans are born with, not forgetting theres alot more animals out there with backbones, so why are we different… were not.
    Why should we wear fancy clothes?, own houses?
    do animals, depends if we dress them and degrade them to be quite honest, and yes pets own homes but only because we force them to with unnatural breeding, our planet is dying because of people want to travel via airplanes, etc, and eat a heck load of meat, now whatever thats your choice right, but why should they breed so much cows, they bred to slaughter, i am not vegetarian but i do NOT agree with breeding for murder, what can we do, nothing.
    lets all lay back and watch the day it all ends and then restarts
    anyway thats off point.
    Basically do as you want and not others, if 100 people stood up against them, the could no charge us all, or jail us all, or take all our possesions, and besides if 100 people stand up then so will the rest of us, remember we are one big herd and we will defend each other no matter what race nor culture, at the end of the day we are one large group that if strong enough will succeed in putting everything right,
    under the basic right that they give us permission to have they cannot under anything even if we say ” yeah i watch tv on bbc 24/7 and i dont want one of your licences ” they cant force you to own one, because we have the ‘permission (right)’ of freewill, [maybe not everywhere though :( ] so therefore under free will we decide what we do and what we buy and what we agree with.
    Mail me for more…

  14. Sam Deeks says:

    Thanks for er, taking the time to… respond! You must be glad you got that off your chest, Jeiku :-)

  15. S.K. says:

    There’re Chinese students being prosecuted for watching nothing live or ‘nearly live.’ They did watch recorded TV programmes (not by them) on the internet, but they’re Taiwanese programmes and they’re not live. I’ve checked with some of them and they said they did not say ‘yes’ to any question asked by the investigation guy, but still they received letter requiring payment asap (with threatening statements of course.) They tried to fight for this but eventually they’ve decided to just give in and write the cheque, mainly because there’s nothing that they could do except maybe brought it to the court. So now they have a licence, but as far as I’ve heard, they still haven’t watched any live TV programme, not even once. For us Chinese oversea students, we have no interest in watching anything live, as we can watch almost everything later on a streaming programme called ‘ppstream.’ The programmes we watch are mostly Taiwanese stuff anyway. So for me the case mentioned above is extremely unfair. I’ve lived in 4 different countries and this is the only one that requires a TV licence. So yes I’m actually against the idea itself. UK is going down because of all these stupid protectionist policies. The services are bad, food is bad, everything sucks. If I know my business is being protected or that I won’t lose the job then of course I wouldn’t bother to do better, would I?

  16. Me says:

    So, if you delete all BBC channels on your Freeview Box, etc., and no longer ‘tune’ in, why can’t this be an option?

  17. ana says:





  18. Enquirer says:

    You do not need a TV licence to watch live TV on your laptop if it is not plugged, in any way, to a mains electricity supply.

    For more info see

  19. Sam Deeks says:

    Yes. But that only applies to students, please note.

  20. Of course what really rankles about all of this is that here in NZ all BBC content contains ads and in particular especially the online stuff.

    It’s all about getting you to pay for stuff that used to be free. I remember when sky frist started and they had no ads that was the selling point. Then they introduced pay per view, and I complained as I was already paying to view. Then somewhere in the mix adverts appeared, now horror of horror I pay extra for MY SKY a Tivo device to remove the adverts which I have already paid not to watch. You could’nt make this stuff up!!!

  21. andreas says:

    I watch live tv all the time on my laptop, i will continue to do so and i have never paid for a tv licence and i will never do pay. I cant imagine that someone can be so stupid as to go himself and say to those people: hey if u must know i watch live tv so i feel the need to pay you… WTF!!!

  22. Micky says:

    I just moved into a flat last week. After a few days of been there, I got a letter from tv licence saying that I haven’t paid and maybe breaking the law. I watch a live Internet broadcast which doesn’t get shown on tv. I don’t own a tv and don’t want to either. I have a projector to watch films on and a cool sound system. Question is do I need a tv licence to watch Internet only shows. Which don’t get received by a tv set?

  23. Matt says:

    It’s also “it’s” not “its”. But nice article :)

  24. Sam Deeks says:


    Thanks for taking the time to put me right Matt :)

  25. bob says:

    If you use Sky+, Playstation or any other games console or a digital TV recorder to watch or record programmes as they’re being shown on TV, you need to be covered by a TV Licence. This is also the case if you use a DVD/VHS recorder

    Many TV channels are now available to watch over the internet. If you’re watching programmes on a computer or laptop as they’re being shown on TV, then you need a TV Licence. However, you don’t need to be covered by a licence if you’re only using ‘on-demand’ services to watch programmes after they have been shown on TV. So, you need a licence to watch any channel live online, but you wouldn’t need one to use BBC iPlayer to catch up on an episode of a programme you missed, for example.

    Just as with any other device, if you’re watching programmes as they’re being shown on TV on a phone or any other mobile device, you need to be covered by a licence. If you’re covered by a valid licence at the address where you live, you’ll be licensed to use any device powered solely by its own internal batteries outside the home too.

    The licence fee must be paid (unless it is a free over 75 TV Licence) either in full or according to a payment plan agreed with TV Licensing.

    We reserve the right to cancel or revoke a licence, or modify its conditions by publishing a notice. This notice may be published on the BBC’s website or in other national communications.

    Our officers may visit the licensed place at any time to check that our records are correct and inspect TV equipment. However, you don’t have to let them into your home or business.

    You must not deliberately cause interference to any other radio or TV reception with your TV equipment.

    Find out more about TV Licence legislation and policy.

    Your licence is issued on behalf of the BBC as the licensing authority under the Communications Act 2003.

  26. Anne UK says:

    I was super-enthralled by the amazingly intelligent thoughts of Jeiku. All laws seem to me only an opinion of someone. Perhaps it may be of interest to Jeiku and indeed anyone else to read a book which I feel links to the source of Jeiku’s thoughts:

    In the words of Aleister Crowley in the preface to his amazing and unusual book Diary of a Drug Fiend:

    “This is a true story.

    It has been rewritten only so far as was necessary to conceal personalities.
    It is a terrible story; but it is also a story of hope and of beauty.
    It reveals with startling clearness the abyss on which our civilisation trembles.

    But the selfsame Light illuminates the path of humanity: it is our own fault if we go over the brink.

    This story is true not only of one kind of human weakness, but (by analogy) of all kinds; and for all alike there is but one way of salvation.

    As Glanvil says : Man is not subjected to the angels, nor even unto death utterly, save through the weakness of his own feeble will.

    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”

    The book dedication reads “…… I dedicate this story …..toward releasing Mankind from every form of bondage.”

  27. Sam Deeks says:

    Anne, that is almost as weird as Jeiku’s…masterwork. Thank you :) I never thought that TV licensing could arouse such… passion. Out of interest, what brought you to this post?

  28. Anne Jinks Sheridan says:

    I was looking around to see if I could watch programmes online with a slight delay I had heard you did nt need a tv licence for it, but I never got the answer anyway so i still don t watch tv or have a licence!

  29. Seb says:


    Can anyone explain to me what means “nearly live”? For me 10 seconds delay in broadcast is not even close to “live”. Just point me to the definition accepted by law or courts.



  30. Shadowfinder says:

    Bottom line is if you watch a broadcast live you need one, if you dont watch it live you dont need one. Just check the tv licence web site. so rip out you antenna link up your PC. dont watch live stuff just wait a bit longer and dont pay it. The BBC gets enough from bullying everyone fight back dont let them grind you down. The truth is the licence is so old they themselves are breaking the law its just the public dont know it.

  31. vicky says:

    I think this debate has omitted to mention choice. There should be a choice as to whether you watch a channel on Tv that requires payment. we have no choice but to pay a license no matter which channels you chose to view, i.e you can boycott the BBC channels but you still have to pay for it if your tv is switched on and receiving a signal. the simple answer should be that the customer should be able to own a tv but not watch channels demanding a fee, the transmission for this channel should then be prohibited to the specific equipment. This of course will open the floodgates for all the technical bores who will bleat on about the technical impossibilities or expensive management costs this would incurr…but sky and virgin manage to do it ok and tailor a package for the individual and what you don’t pay for you can’t receive. I would put up with any amount of commercials on tv/pc if I was comforted in the knowledge that it was a means to an ends and I wasn’t ripped off by paying for channels I have no desire to watch!! Because that’s my CHOICE!

  32. Fringeuk says:

    As far as I can make out – a portable TV (of the type you used to take camping or caravanning) running off INTERNAL batteries would be covered by the parents or home address TV licence – end of discussion.
    The issue with laptops is presumably the same – if its on internal batteries and say using one of those USB freeview receivers, it must be classed as a portable TV?
    The ‘LIVE’ part of the argument doesn’t stand if one is using portable battery powered equipment.
    Personally, I’d suggest buying a small portable TV and installing rechargeable batteries. To be absolutely sure of not getting stuffed, make sure it’s not charging from the mains whilst you watch! LOL
    I’m sure the appropriate parliamentary act would have a million ins and outs, but the tv licencing website is very clear and explicit on the portable tv meme. I’d print it out and keep a copy with you in halls of residence or wherever!
    just my twopenneth

  33. Brendon says:

    Been reading this site now for a while, just slightly confused as to every time the word law is mentioned in regards to the tv licence NO ONE AT ALL has questioned the so called law referance/number. Not seen it posted anywhere on the net or from the tv licencing people. Where can the law for having a tv licence be found ie in which law book. As no one seems to be able to answer this, it’s just another tax on hard working people.

    If there is no law referance/number in the law books well no one is required to pay this extra tax the government has dreamed up.

    Will the tv licence authority pay for the replacement of the antenna to recieve the digital signal that some of the country has changed to??????? because some old antenna’s just don’t work with the new signals????????? And what happened to the public enquiry about going digital, did it happen or were we all just forgottern about in the rush to gain more money for the government?????????

    If someone out there knows the actual law in England about tv licencing (ie the law referance/number) and not just the stuff that is published out there by the tv licence authority please let us all know.

    Many thanks

  34. Sam Deeks says:

    Good question Brendon. Anyone got an answer?

  35. Jenny says:

    Brendan, funnily enough it is the BBC who wrote and introduced this law! The terms were updated maybe two years ago- I am trying to find the source back, will post if/when I do so.

    I have just been told by ‘tv licensing’ (……) I need a TV license to watch the online stream of Press TV (of Iran).

    It’s ironic because Press TV had their satellite signal banned in the UK by OFCOM- because they got a little too close to the truth with their reports, countering the efforts of the BBC et al who do a good job of pulling the wool over the public’s eyes, particularly in the leading upto unleashing war on Iran, and whoever else they may like to destroy and pillage, dragging everybody else down the pan with them.

    I am in amazement that these mafiosos tell me I must buy a TV licence, funding propaganda and dumbed-down shows when I cannot watch news from another perspective, the soon-to-be-victims of our corrupt politicians and elite, and the dirty BBC propaganda machine.

    I must say Press TV (along with Russia Today) ran the best coverage of the UK riots as they were happening.

  36. Brendon says:

    I hear what you say and I can believe what the tv licencing have told you. They tell everybody something different depending on who you get on the other end of the line. They told me that you only required a licence if you watched live coverage of tv. As tv is not live where do they get the live coverage from, all tv is delayed to some degree wether it be 5 seconds or hours in the delay. They tried to rewrite the licence requirements a couple of years ago, but I have not been able to find anything about this and when you ask tv licencing for a copy of the law agreement they just say “IT IS THE LAW” as if they are just reading off a piece of paper or trying to remember what they have been told in the past.

    Has anybody out there got the tv licencing law agreement or referance number ??????

  37. Ian says:

    I believe that the act you are looking for is “The Communications (Television Licensing) Regulations 2004″.

    I was told that TV Catchup was the service to use that didn’t need a TV licence (sorry americans, but this is the English spelling), but having looked closely at their service it does appear you still need a licence.

    My main question is this though, Do you need a licence to watch +1 channels (E4+1, ITV1 + 1, etc.) ? These are broadcasting programmes that were on 1 hour ago, but are they still being broadcast or delayed?

    Good site btw,


  38. Ian says:

    Ah, a correction, you also need “The Communications Act 2003″ and “The Wireless Telegraphy Act 1967″ apparently! Both can be found on the site the above link takes you to. (You just have to wade through all the legal language then. :(”’ )
    “Part 3 of the Regulations—
    (j)defines “television receiver” for the purposes of Part 4 of the Communications Act 2003 (which re-enacts the requirement for the installation and use of a TV receiver to be authorised by a TV licence); and .
    (k)defines “television dealer” and “television set” for the purposes of Part 1 of the Wireless Telegraphy Act 1967 (which imposes upon the television dealers an obligation to notify the BBC, as the authority responsible for TV licensing, of certain particulars relating to the sale of hire of a television set).”

  39. Terry says:

    I still can’t get my head around the miserable comments (and the God-bothering ones) coming from some of you guys and gals. The BBC does come up with some fabulous programmes and it’s remarkably good value for money. It has some of the best drama, comedy, series and documentary and all with very little advertising. It’s only £140 a year, which is less than 50p a day. Where else can you get that quality and value? A pint of Guinness costs £4.00 these days, just don’t have a pint once a week, just have the normal 4 or 5 and you’re quids in!
    Get a life people…

  40. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Terry – thanks for your comment. I had to do a quick check of the post I wrote to see if I was having a whinge :) or not; luckily I was just musing about it and asking questions. Phew.

    Who knows where it will all end. I do know that youngsters these days no more think of paying for services such as ‘BBC’ than they do for ‘music’ which they think should be, like, shared yeah. Until of course they come to make music and wish they could make an honest living out of it themselves. Oops.

  41. Karen says:

    You DO NOT have to pay for a tv license, I don’t and never have done. I’ve 4 tv’s in my house. There is no such Law in the land that states you require a license. I am a freeman and follow the Law of the Land and the BBC is conducting treason by demanding money from British Subjects. Officers that have been to my door are also conducting treason and once informed of this they will back off. After 3 vists, they don’t come anymore. Please do your homework people…..

  42. Karen says:

    Forgot to mention I still receive BBC

  43. emily says:

    just point a video camera at them when they come
    round and you will see them scatter like frightened mice
    allways works.they dont want to know if you do that

  44. mac says:

    You do not have pay a TV licence i will never pay for TV licence again for my money to be going to the BBC phedophile ring,Please go and learn your rights on common/civil law

    1. Did you sighn a contract with BBC”NO”
    2.Are you obliged to answer any questions from TV inspector”NO”
    3.Do you have to let them in to your home”NO”
    4.Are you breaking the law if you dont pay the licence “NO” there is NO UK LAW which requires me
    to pay tv license fees. AN ACT IS NOT A LAW, THUS THERE IS NO

  45. Laurie says:

    I have a TV licence at home but also have a motor-home outside my business premises and watch TV live on my laptop in the motor-home. . I have been told by TV licence people that I also need a TV licence for my business address if the laptop is plugged into the mains but if I only use the battery pack I don’t need one as covered by my home licence. How stupid is that … what difference does it make if you watch using battery or mains … you still watch.

    Also because it is a business address they said if anyone (customers, visitors or employees) uses the mains to access TV I must have a licence to cover them as well.

    I do wonder however how they could tell if you watch by battery or mains. Are there technologies that can detect the difference or is it simply a question of honesty?

  46. Sam Deeks says:

    Bloody hell Laurie, that’s left me cross-eyed! What a stupid system and how fundamentally corrupt and anachronistic. I (like many others) believe that the TV Detector Van (that spectre of my childhood) had as much real clever TV-detecting circuitry in it as those empty plastic boxes with aerials sticking out that some crook sold to the idiotic MOD for millions while claiming they could detect explosives. Tell people and they’ll believe anything!

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