Is the UK Allocations Office ‘prize’ draw just another one of those nasty premium rate rip-offs?

** 1000 people arrived at this post yesterday, 4th November, after searching Google for “UK allocations office scam” in Google. That’s quite telling, don’t you think, Office of Fair Trading? **

One of my readers alerted me to what looks like yet another incarnation of the old ‘prize draw’ claim con – this time under the name of ‘UK Allocations Office’. I’ve not seen it personally, but I wonder if it’s from MacIntyre & Dodd Marketing Ltd, the people that brought you Community Award Register, NB Notification Bureau and so many other identical cons?

If you’ve got a UK Allocations Office letter through the post, then you might like to compare it to Community Awards Register and take a look at the people behind most of these – ahem – ‘promotions’. Let us know if you think they’re ‘related’ :-)

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