Unclaimed Prize Rollout: Macintyre and Dodd ‘Break law’ according to High Court

Spot the Unclaimed Prize Draw mailshots...

LATEST NEWS: Macintyre and Dodd Marketing is breaks law with ‘prize promotions says High Court Judge – Feb 2nd 2011

Well, finally.

The OFT has taken MacIntyre and Dodd to the High Court and finally, more than £13m of your money later, won a ruling that M&D (and other DM Plc companies operated by Mr. Adrian Williams and his various business partners) have acted unlawfully.

Read the BBC report in full here.

According to the OFT “The defendants profited from misleading people, and this judgement means they will have to change their conduct considerably”

Adrian Williams - the man behind Unclaimed Prize Rollout (etc)

While I’m as pleased as anyone about this ruling, the reality is that these people, like all scammers, will just change shape and carry on in another guise until (several years and a few million more pounds of your money later) the OFT wins another ruling and the cycle will begin again.

The fact that these people have been profiting from this scam right up to and including the very day of this High Court ruling (see site stats, above) should convince you they’re not about to change their ways.

If you really want to put an end to this kind of exploitative practice, the simplest thing to do is to stop making yourself vulnerable to people like Andrian Williams and DM Plc in the first place.

How do you do that?

Learn the discipline to NOT respond to free offers / competitions / lotteries / scratch cards for starters. Become more critical about on and offline direct marketing i.e. assume that everything you DIDN’T ask for is a promotion designed to con you out of your money. At best, it’s a hard sell of something you almost certainly don’t need. At worst, it’s the kind of scam that Adrian Williams and his partners deliberately put together to fleece more you out of your money.

No OFT, no bloggers, no BBC reports are going to stop people trying to exploit other people for easy money. You need to protect yourselves first – it’s the only way.


  1. kylie brown says:

    I am glad I decided to look to see if it’s a scam so thankyou for that, as much as I’d like to win these prizes they claim to have and me winning it I knew it didn’t seem possible as first of all I never win anything in competitions and I don’t remember trying any competitions apart from baby stuff in the baby magazines I buy.I’m 22 with a 5 week old baby and obviously in dire need of money so they tried to make me believe I could win these amazing prizes but obviously I’m not stupid enough to fall for it and I always check to see if these things are scams which this one was. They should be fined or jailed for trying and/or suceeding to scam vunerable people

  2. Nicky says:

    Yes, I got my “unclaimed prize rollout” letter with the fantastic prizes just waiting for me to claim! yeah right… “Too good to be true”, is the saying that comes to mind and I was right.
    The title of the letter is quite relevant because the “unclaimed” prize will remain “UNCLAIMED”.
    Thank you for confirming my suspicions!!

  3. ryan marsh says:

    im apsoloutly sick to death of recieving these letter, ive had atleast 4 threw my door now! these needs to stop! the country is on its arse as it is! we dont need some utter scum bads robbing us with money!

  4. ryan marsh says:

    sorry about the grammar, just a little wound up and didnt type it carefully.

  5. hilary adams says:

    please take my name of your computer if you font i will be reporting you to bt and the police this is a scam leave me alone or else

    hilary adams

  6. sandra says:

    i keep on receiving these awards,i never ever apply for them,i am sick and tired of them,now i get an unclaimed prize rollout.

  7. Sam Deeks says:

    Hilary, you’re shouting at the wrong person. If you calm down and read my post (and all the comments under it) you’ll see that I’m NOT the people sending you this crap in the post. Instead, I’m someone writing to raise awareness of this rip-off.

    If you want to do something, phone the Office of Fair Trading and tell them how upset you are with MacIntyre and Dodd Marketing Ltd.

    Good luck

  8. I am a pentioner and sadly did actually ring “unclaimed prize rollout” sending the 2 first class stamps. My so called prize was to be a digital camera. needless to say of course, on now knowing what I do, No Sign of a camera just more letters asking for more stamps! I hate the fact that ANYONE can carry on with a scam just by changing the paper heading! “The Devil in disguise I say”

  9. jo says:

    I’ve had a good few of these letters now, they go straight in the fire. I’d like to know where these idiots have got my address from. What a complete invasion! Almost annoying as those bums with no future in life who call my house phone bugging me. We even get these calls at work!! It’s a business for goodness sake, don’t need these people clogging our phone line. They don’t even realise they’ve rang a business line. And if all we can do is rely on government and people like that to sort these type of things then may as well just get used to the letters folks!

  10. jo says:

    Oh and just to add, my latest letter “UNCLAIMED PRIZE ROLLOUT” arrived today 26 January 2011. So, Sam your right, it really is an utter load of B******s.

  11. Sam Deeks says:

    Mrs. H – promise me that from now on, you’ll treat ALL unsolicited mail, email and telephone calls as 100% scam until you research and prove otherwise? :-)

  12. Jim Donald says:

    Hi Sam if it wes not for the likes of yourself how many more unsuspecting people would be scammed by these scumbags?? I recieved my letter today and totally wary about their false promises decided to check it out, the sad thing about all of this is a lot of people will be getting this S**t through their doors and do not have access to the internet to check these rats out. High time the OFT listened to people and put these Dick Turpins out of business. Keep up the good work Sam, Regards Jim.

  13. Jim Donald says:

    Me again Sam, I just had a thought. If letters were sent back to their post box in an unstamped envelope would they not then in turn have to pay the postage ? Regards Jim.

  14. Sam Deeks says:

    Apparently so, Jim :-) Particularly if you collect a whole pile of other junk mail and add it to the envelope before resealing with sellotape.

  15. Sam Deeks says:

    YEah – Jim. Sickening isn’t it? People getting up in the morning and deliberately setting out to rip off vulnerable folks. And it seems to be on the increase.

  16. Jim Donald says:

    Thanks for response Sam, I am going to get plenty of A4 sized enveolpes tomorrow and get busy posting hoping it will be of an annoyance at least to them, I will use same tactic with any other crap that comes through door. keep up good work Sam, Regards Jim.

  17. Cherry says:

    I’ve just sent a load of junk mail back to them!! Hee hee…

  18. magdalena says:

    I just came to the Uk few months ago, I received letter today, They are trying to make a fool out of me, People- read small letters at the bottom of the letter it says: total text service 9pounds, call cost 1,50 per minute ! Ofcourse they will start talk with you 6 minutes until they suck nice amount of money out of you.
    Well, I am sad, I really thought that have won something

  19. magdalena says:

    ha ha I just read the other side of the letter, so even If I am not willing to spend money on the phone, I could send it by a post- less expensive, but they are asking to enclose two unattached FIRST CLASS STAMPS .
    Shouldn’t Police take this case in hands? That is cheating, many people are loosing money, especially eldery, they really do believe in this and spending money. It is same as I would call today to one of you and tell you you have won somenthing just send me some money on my account and I will send you prize but you will never get it. Would you go to the police? I DO think so.

  20. tania says:

    apparently my reward this time is £25kcash and then another of £10k being skint, disabled but not too stupid before i see if theres any hint of a scam online what bloody buggers im really disappointed

  21. tania says:

    oops sorry about the bb comment

  22. Sam Deeks says:

    You bloody bugger away all you like, Tania, get it off your chest :-) Bloody buggers is too nice an expression for them really.

  23. Andy says:

    Just had one of these letters drop through the door and figured it was a scam but thought i’d double check first… many thanks for the information.

    I’d urge everyone who receives one of these things to mail it straight back to them, minus any postage. I doubt it’ll make any difference tbh but what the hell, it can’t hurt and it’ll allow me an opportunity to practise my smug grin, which is nice.

    Thanks again for the information, here’s hoping a lot more people decide to research these clowns before responding.

  24. Darren McGuinness says:

    One of these letters have just been posted through my door and the first thing that came to mind was how convincing it looked and how many people would actually believe it. It’s sickening. The complete lack of action from the government towards scams like these is mind-boggling and genuinely worrying.

    I’m glad there are people out there who not only feel the same way I do but do everything they can to get the message out. Keep up the good work, Sam.

  25. Michelle says:

    Yep, just got their letter this morning. It starts with “Thank you for completing an online survey. I can confirm that it has been filled out correctly and is valid. As a result you are entitled to receive a prize or award.”
    Trouble is I do complete online surveys so I did wonder if it was genuine. I’m not usually this stupid or gullible and normally just throw them straight away. Luckily I did an online search and found this before I did anything too stupid!
    How disappointing. They shouldn’t be allowed to play with people like this and steal from them. Time the authorities clamped down.

  26. Carl says:

    Do you recall taking part in a telephone survey?

    Erm NO!!!

    Whats worse is how they use things like

    P.S You have definitely been selected to receive one of these prize’s or awards.
    Call or text now to find out which is yours.

    Pure & Utter Scum!!!!!!!

  27. Philip says:

    Why dont you just send a few empty envelopes to the address on the reverse (it does not cost anything in postage) and they will have to pay a fee. If enough people do this they wil soon stop.

  28. emjay says:

    Got this letter throught the post just now. In the bin it goes!

  29. Daly says:

    got my one today….


    wonder if anyone has ever actually got $$$$ from them?? surely they must have to prove they are givin out some prizes???

    and there i was thinking the week was looking up?? no chance

  30. Kirsty says:

    Just got this letter through my door. Almost believed it but after watching numerous of scamming programmes on tv I thought I better research it, im so glad I did. But I would like to know how they have my address and the fact you have to be 18 to enter, Im not even 18.

  31. bob blunden says:

    Yes one of their dreaded letters arrived today and I won a full size digital camera. I have now sent them an invoice for the waste of my time ( my fee rate as a fraud investigator is £175 per hour ) so they, be recorded delivery are getting an invoice for £250 , which if they do not pay I will process a claim through the small claims court. I am somewhat surprised that the local Trading Standards in Ross on Wye or even Watchdog have not gone to town on this bunch of crooks.

  32. RMCM says:

    And I got one of these letters today. The saddening thing is I KNOW where the original source of hte information came from as they spelt my name the way that Virgin spell my name. ie incorrectly, and not just a little bit either.

    Information Commissioner, here I come!!

  33. john esrever says:

    cheers for this info received letter today guranteeing me at least £100, how can they state in a letter your will receive 1 of these prizes then send you some crap instead it dosent state you could receive something else instead so sureley thats false advertising which is a criminal offence, 10 minutes in a room with these rip off bastrds is all i ask they wont have the fingers to type out these letters after that

  34. georgie says:

    Good that I have decided to look it up before calling or sending off any messages or post. Let the prize remained unclaimed.

  35. Atiya says:

    I just received an ‘unclaimed prize rollout’ letter. I had no idea as to what the contents were referring to, because i do not remember ever having filled out any ‘surveys’. So, I had a feeling it was a scam from the moment I read the letter.. shame really i could do with £2,000 cash or a new laptop.. lol. Im only 18 but im not stupid!!! I just wonder how they got my address…?? I feel sorry for those who had to put up with these stupid scams.

  36. Atiya says:


  37. Sam Deeks says:

    Don’t thank me, thank the Internet :-)

  38. Paul Gould says:

    Hi Sam, my wife got one of these Unclaimed Prize Rollout letters today and I immediately checked on line and found your web site. Fantastic job you are doing alerting people but what a load of useless bureaucrats the OFT are. Why don’t they scrap that quango, they are totally ineffective. If these scumbags have made so much money from this scam, why can’t they confiscate their ill gotten gains and give it to a worthy cause. At least those who have been ripped off would feel justice has been done. They probably have some clever dick equally scumbag lawyer defending them for lots of cash. Some people have no scruples and the law is an ass.

  39. The Unthinkable says:

    I got mine today! What a pity they can still get away with this B???SH???. Someone should actually mail back a letter with some anthrax…. I feel sorry for the vulnerable people.

  40. The Unthinkable says:

    http://www.mcintyreanddodd.com….that’s their website. All the winners look deceased (may their souls rest in peace).

  41. Raj says:

    I received my UNCLAIMED PRIZE ROLLOUT today!!

    I am going to send my response today via post. I hope they pay the unpaid stamp due at the post office to read my response!!

  42. Sam Deeks says:

    They can’t be dead – I had one person, ONCE, comment here saying he won a TV. He was making out that everyone else who has commented here saying they think this is a total rip off was wrong. Everybody else wrong except him.

  43. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Paul. Pathetic isn’t it? Mind you, let’s put it in perspective: money is just money and (judging by the look on Adrian Williams’ face) it can’t make you happy. Would you trade going to sleep with a good conscience for his £13m? I wouldn’t. No contest.

  44. Claire says:

    Do you recall filling in and returning an entry for a prize promotion or special offer?…………eh NO!

    Yep I’ve just received the popular “unclaimed prize rollout” letter today! This is my second letter and it’ll be going straight in the bin like the 1st one did!

    Hope other people check this post out before paying all the costs for NOTHING!

  45. Scott says:

    Sam, I would just like to commend you on providing a great service with this ‘warning page’. I too recieved a unclaimed prize rollout letter through the post today and I have to be honest it took up more of my time than it should have. I came online to find out for sure and came across your posts. Luckily I did this first before being drawn into the texts/phone calls etc. However, as so many people do get scammed I think its a great thing you are doing in helping people be aware of this complete waste of people’s time and money. As a fellow poster has written before me the country is in enough trouble as it is without having to worry about these idiots!
    Thanks for taking your time to do this.

  46. Sam Deeks says:

    No worries, Scott – thanks for commenting.

    It’s one of those things: you either let it go and say nothing or you can choose to say something. All I’ve done is use Google to put some information about this ‘promotion’ in front of people like you who go looking to see what’s what. The good thing about a blog like this is that it allows people to comment. I’ve shared what I found researching MacIntyre and Dodd, then left it up to the great Googling British public to share what THEY feel about M&D and their business practices.

    I’ve had 1,600 visitors to the site today searching for either ‘Unclaimed Prize Rollout’ or ‘MacIntyre and Dodd Marketing Ltd’. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

  47. jemma says:

    im really pissed that i didnt check this first im now out of pocket only 9pound but still they shouldnt b able to do this its soo wrong they need to be locked up surely its classed as fraud or something

  48. Sam Deeks says:

    Well, Jemma – since you’ve paid your money, you might as well come back here and let us know EXACTLY what you get for you money. That would be really helpful for other people.

  49. L Phillips says:

    Hi everyone

    Received this “unclaimed prize rollout” letter today. I am disgusted that these people for taking advantage of us all & many others. I stupidly did call (desperation & hope I guess) won a camera, wont be claiming I can assure you. I would however like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for this web page & stopping me going any further with this b*&%$£*t. I have 2 small children & one on the way & cannot afford to waste my money on those BASTARDS!! You have proven there are decent individuals with morals out there, keep up the good work. The satisfaction of helping people feels a lot better then £25k i’m sure.

    Best wishes to you all.

    L. Phillips

  50. Gary Mcvey says:

    Hi sam thanks for the info on here.My wife received the on-line survey letter this morning and presumed it was some kind of scam.
    Thanks to you a quick search proved my instincts correct.
    How do these people get away with it it just beggars belief.
    Keep up the good work and thanks for putting things out to the public.

  51. Ian James says:

    Hi Sam,

    I just got one of these letters, thought I’d Google it as it does seem too good to be true, and I knew i would be. Good job in letting people know these front bottoms are ripping people off! I may look at their website and hassle them for a laugh! :D

    Nice one matey

  52. Mr Stuart says:

    I recieved one of these letters today, the only use i can find for it is to register themselves for junk mail lol. If everyone did this it would certainly cause som friction down the line.(taste of there own medicine)

  53. Joana says:

    I got my letter today. Thank goodness for this website, I did think it was slightly over the top after reading the small print. If it was a genuine situation why would they charge so much for one phone call?? Ridiculous.
    Now, I’ve been reading the comments above and I’m quite interested in getting my own way back on them. I read you just have to send a load of empty envelopes to their address, but which address is it?
    How would I go about doing this?
    If anybody knows please comment below, because this is long due….

    Thank you

  54. Mike says:

    Thank you for this website. I have just received the M & D letter. I too never took part in a phone survey. The letter will be going in the recycling along with another unsolicited mail shot. The postie also delivered through mu door a letter from my energy supplier,who are hiking up their prices and a credit card bill. Happy Days!!

  55. Simon says:

    Ah well, I suspected it was too good to be true. I’ve lost nothing though.

    I suggest finding as many freepost adverts as possible and sending them to the PO Box address. Then they’ll receive hundreds of pointless letters for life insurance, stairlifts and wall-plates, etc!

  56. Kylie Brownbill says:

    Thanks for confirming that this letter is a fake!
    I’d love to have believed it to be real since I’m a student and money is much needed!

    Oh well…

    Something should be done about people who send out scams like this.

  57. mike says:

    I’ve just received my 4th letter & notice the closing date is now 31st March whereas the previous three were working to the 31st. December. Do these people work on a quarterly cycle? With the cutbacks the police aren’t going to have the resources to do much about this. These crooks will have a field day!

  58. Sam Deeks says:

    Thanks Ian. It’s wrong that these people exploit other people like this but part of the responsibility also falls on the ‘victim’ for making themselves so ‘vulnerable’. If you consider anything BUT putting these things in the bin, you’re setting yourself up to be ripped off.

    I’ll probably make no friends here, but the more you ‘need’ a lucky break (lottery win, bingo jackpot or prize draw win), the more open to exploitation by people like MacIntyre and Dodd you become. And the only time these people will stop is when you folks out there stop letting your need for a fix override what you know to be true: i.e. This.Is.A.Rip.Off.

    If anyone reading this thinks I’m being judgmental, think about this for a moment: I didn’t come up with the above logic, Adrian Williams did. It’s what he calmly sat down with his business associates and worked out one day to take as much money from you ‘desperate’ people as possible.

    Be angry at him by all means, but please, for your own sake, stop and take an honest look at how vulnerable you’ve made yourself in pursuit of that quick-win.

  59. Sam Deeks says:

    You’re welcome, Lenna. Please, please, be more cautious in future. NOTHING is free. NO-ONE is giving out a free lunch. THERE ARE NO PRIZES waiting for you. It’s not cynical, it’s realistic – and it’s the only way of avoiding being vulnerable to being ripped off.

  60. Jane Mason says:

    So glad I checked it out on the internet first, as I do sometimes enter competitions so couldn’t remember. I’ve just e.mailed The One Show, maybe they could do an article on their programme for people who don’t have access to the internet! This scum bag needs stopping.

  61. ann says:

    i hav just got one of these letters throught the post glad i googled it now.

  62. Will says:

    I’ve just got home and found an unclaimed prize rollout on the mat. Think my luck has finally turned at first but the PO Box address and small print gives it away. One google search later thousands of hits about this scam!

    It’s increadibly frustrating how right this article is and that these people continuously get away with it. Good work in getting the message out there!

  63. Mari says:

    I just came from work and found one of these scam letters. The letter actually looked pretty decent (nice paper, well written, etc) until I notice two things: 1. I didn’t remember filling in any entry for a prize or promotion; 2. There was NO PROPER SIGNATURE on the letter, just a scrawl with no name under it but the phrase “Prize & Award Controller”. Very fishy…

  64. Stephen says:

    Another letter – different guys same old scam. Good work on raising awareness.

    I wonder if there is anything the OFT can do about Timeshare sharks as well…

  65. amanda says:

    Got one of thses, dismissed it a first, as usual, than wondered of it was genuine – £90 is better than nowt. Soooooooooo glad I decided to double check – more work for the shredder now, but I have receently become a Virgin customer as well! Any connection????

  66. jodie says:

    I have just recieved a “unclaimed prize letter.” How the hell do these people get your name AND address? I dont see how, if its a scam and so many people are aware of it, nothing is done abut this. Its sick. The letter looks really convincing and im so glad i thought to google it before I stupidly replied. I hope other people do the same!

  67. A Ferguson says:


    just like to say that I have received a letter from the above company only last week so it’s obvious they are still operating as before – simple rule – you don’t get something for nothing and if you can’t remember entering a competition it’s because you didn’t!

  68. Sam Deeks says:

    Something HAS been done (finally) Jodie. The High Court yesterday ruled that these ‘promotions’ break the law. That will inconvenience McIntyre and Dodd for a while, but you can guarantee they’ll change a line of text here and there and try again. Then they’ll rake in millions more while the OFT tries to get the company back into the HIgh Court for another round.

  69. Sam Deeks says:

    Yes, Alan. Why let a High Court appearance and inevitable ‘unlawful’ ruling get in the way of ripping off the Great Vulnerable British Public?

  70. elaine says:


  71. hilili says:

    I also got one today – they missed out my first initial which BT also do – could it come from BT database ???? Thieving rats

  72. Nichola Borza says:

    It’s a shame people like this spoil it for people who are actually genuine. It makes you so angry. I keep getting these letters but luckely I have my head screwed on and knows better. I just thought out of curiosity I’d look em up. I just hope others have the sence to do the same. The sending them junk mail back with no stamps sounds like a great plan, but would it actually work or would they just close that po box and open another. I don’t think theres anything you can actually do other than to ignore them. Let them waste their time and own money not ours.

  73. Jim Donald says:

    Well done Sam for giving valued information to people who were totally unaware of what these scumbags can lower themselves to, great result today but as you say Sam they will be back!! But due to your advice hopefully people will be more aware in future, will follow your blogs from now on if this is the type of things you commit yourself to. Kind regards Jim.


    I have read all of the comments. For anyone even to be reading these comments must prove sceptisism towards this crowd. I responded to their letter by post,27 01 2011, following the instructions on the letter. I have received this morning 05 02 2011, [by post in the sae I provided] my claim number and my award,A COUNTRY COTTAGE BREAK FOR TWO,. I have to send this back , on the reply slip with the original letter,[just as well I kept it] with two unatached first class stamps.

    I will do this purely out of curiosity and see what happens I am unemployed but I think that I can stretch to the price of 3 first class stamps in the aid of curiosity if anything else. I will keep you informed. I have followed the instructions to the “t”. If they do not come up with the goods I will do everything I can to make sure that the shit will really hit the proverbial fan

  75. Sam Deeks says:

    Thanks, Keith. I look forward to hearing what happens. Judging by the High Court ruling a couple of days ago (which declared McIntyre and Dodd’s prize promotions unlawful), you can expect your ‘country cottage break for two’ to end up costing you rather MORE than it costs M&D (or their associates) to provide it.

    According to the OFT, the cost of each mailing from them is £0.59. From your story, they’ve mailed you twice now (cost £1.18) and you’ve sent them back £0.82 in loose 1st class stamps.

    The good news is that this means they’re currently £0.23 down on the deal. Let’s try and keep it that way, hmm? ;-)

  76. karen howard says:

    What a bunch of lowlife!!!!!! I received a letter today and before I did anything, looked them up on the internet (thanks for the internet!) and there it was a big ugly face of someone who doesn’t want to get a proper job and just wants to lie and cheat his way through life. I am glad that I can look these things up. what about the people who cant???!!!


  77. Sam Deeks says:

    That’s who M&D aim these things at, Howie – people who have no idea that this kind of rip off could be going on and have no way of finding out about it before its too late and they’ve wasted their money.

  78. Alison Bishop says:

    I received a letter from Unclaimed Prize Rollout on Friday and my first reaction was “SCAM”. My husband thought that perhaps I should send it off just in case it was the result of me entering an online comp recently. Having read the comments on here, I think I have just saved myself the cost of 2 stamps. Thanks for the information guys! Probably a good idea to mail it back to their address without postage; just to inconvenience them!!

  79. kirsty says:

    i got one of these letters 2day, im going 2 send it back with a nice letter of my own :)

  80. Olive jones says:

    Thanks very much for the info but how many poor old people who have not got the internet will be scammed?

  81. Jason Dean says:

    I have just recieved the same unclaimed prize rollout letter. This is a scam and you all should follow the simple rule of there is no such thing as free lunch (or in thise case 25k cash etc). Please be aware of anything that uses 0906 premium rate numbers or asks you to sent two first class stamps. Also how many people complete free on-line surveys with prizes like that. Common Sense should indicate this is a scam. However they prey and rely on people who act before thinking. These people should get custodial sentence not just a fine/visit from OFT.

  82. Sam Deeks says:

    Lots, Olive, lots – unfortunately. I’d be interested to hear how many of these letters McIntyre and Dodd send out after the date of the High Court ruling. Kirsty, Jason and others clearly have. The law is a big fat ASS.


    Hi Sam,
    Do’es anyone know exactly where this lot actually operate from. I know there are P.O. box numbers in Haye-on Wye, a different one for each dept/stage of competition. P.o.box numbers are not always an indication as to the wereabouts of the relevant business. That photograph of Adrian Williams makes him look like he has been well and truly caught in the headlights. I posted that “prize slip” as promised yesterday, so lets wait and see what transpires, shall we
    Regards KEITH

  84. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Keith – we can probably vector in on them. I already have an address (will have to go backwards to find it). Busy tonight but will look into it.


    Hi Sam,
    Apologies, I do mean Ross on Wye not Hay on Wye as stated in previous post. I have found an address :-
    McIntyre & Dodd marketing
    Walford road
    HR9 5DB
    Tel. 01989769797

    I tried the post code in Google earth and there was no response however, the HR99WX given to return the claim form is on the industrial estate off Alton rd .There is no street view, but given the amount of red vehicles it looks like a royal mail depot. Maybe someone living nearby could take the “dog for a walk” and check out the above address. Walford Rd do’es exist and it seems there are plenty of houses in the area,maybe someone reading this lives in one of them? or nearby? [long shot I know]. There is nothing like confronting someone on ther own doorstep to make them feel uncomfortable. I would do it, but living in Northumberland makes it a little difficult.

  86. Elizabeth says:

    I had entered a few competitions so was excited when I got the letter last summer. I sent off the first class stamps for my allocation code, submitted it and £6.50 to cover P&P for the DIGITAL CAMERA I had WON! YAY!!! How could they have known mine had died after grandson had spilled his juice on it and jammed the works. I couldn’t afford £100 to replace it at the time.

    It finally arrived about eight weeks later and it is no bigger than the lid of a small mustard jar.

    I’ve just received another letter and and am thankful I decided to check online and got all your advice. I will be posting it back to them (unstamped envelope) as well as a copy to my local Trading Standards Office – February is SCAMS AWARENESS MONTH.

  87. Funkid says:

    I also have won a “Country cottage Break for Two”. If this is an award how can it cost anything?? It does say “A £75 per peson fully refundable deposit may be required at time of booking>” Perhaps that’s the scam, they don’t refund the deposit but then one coud take them to the small claims court – messy and expensive. I would like to know of anyone’s experience on winning the country cottage break and exactly what happened.

  88. Sam Deeks says:

    Every month is SCAM AWARENESS month, Elizabeth :-)

  89. Sam Deeks says:

    That postcode ends up in a field. I think the Greenhays house name is right – I did locate it before. I’m just looking now.. I seem to remember, it’s a very nice house – (not surprising, given the millions of pounds that DM Plc has squeezed out of the great British public).

    Try here. Looks like they’ve kindly added themselves to Google maps. Don’t forget to review them if you get a moment!

    Here are the folks behind DM Plc.

    20 Station St
    Ross-on-Wye, County of Herefordshire HR9 7AG, United Kingdom
    01989 769 797


    I just looked at those profiles Sam, bless them they have really tried hard to look good. Wonder how they would look after a C.R.B. check? Usually if someone has studied at university, they mention the uni/college they attended unlike Adrian Williams.
    I too landed in a field using one of the postcodes, but never arrived at station rd.
    As Funkid says, there may be a refundable deposit of £75 pp on selected breaks. It will be a cold day in hell before they get £150 off me. Even if my “prize” does arrive I would be worried about travelling too far to a cottage to find out that I have been duped.

  91. Ron Dunn says:

    Hi Sam,

    Many thanks for bringing this to our attention.
    Like everyone else here, I’ve received the wonderful letter informing me I’ve “definitely been selected to receive one of the prizes or awards” in January.

    Being curious and reading the phone charges, I sent a letter with a SAE enclosed, requesting my code.
    Today 17th Feb I get my code, informing me that I’ve won, yep, a digital camera and asking for £7.50 to cover P&P and insurance.

    They’ve not a hope in hell of me parting with £7.50 and two 1st class stamps.


  92. Sam Deeks says:

    Good for you, Ron. Like the OFT says, these people are basically selling you very very cheap nasty stuff for more than it’s worth. Like a lot of people commenting here say M&D often don’t even deliver what they’ve paid (too much) for. At best it’s a total rip off – at worst, when people receive nothing for their money, a scam.

  93. pete ball says:

    Hi Sam,

    Like everyone else here, I’ve received the wonderful letter informing me I’ve “definitely been selected to receive one of the prizes or awards” earlier this month.

    Being curious and reading the phone charges, I sent a letter with a SAE enclosed, requesting my code.
    Then on 16th Feb I got my code, informing me that I’ve won, yes, a digital camera and asking for £7.50 to cover P&P and insurance.
    I decided to google their web site & ended up here.
    Phew they nearly got me.
    Many thanks for bringing this to our attention.



    Hi Sam,
    Still no sign of my wonderful country cottage break for 2. Some 12 days or so since I sent the two stamps. I can say with all honesty that I have done a lot of wrong things in my life, things that I wish I had not done, but I have never ripped anyone off, it is something that I feel strongly about as it those who are most vulnerable that suffer. Those people who can least afford prizes like the ones offered [they would more than likely take the cash alternatives had they been genuine] are the ones who I really feel sorry for. I will give them another couple of weeks or so to come up with the goods before deciding what to do next. Revenge [as they say] is a dish best served cold.

  95. Sam Deeks says:

    Judging by the look in Mr. William’s eyes in that picture of him coming out of the High Court, I’d say you don’t have to worry about revenge, Keith. Stealing money from vulnerable people never made anyone happy – fact. You lost two first class stamps. Adrian Williams and his friends lost their souls a long time ago. You win, no contest.

  96. ea says:

    I’ve been offered a country break but i am not planning on sending for it as if you read the small print they ask you to pay a booking fee of 75 pound and claim its refundable i doubt it very much.

  97. spencer says:

    the oft is a complete waste of time. Why aren’t these scum in jail? Because the oft is a waste of time! Duuurrrrrr

  98. Derek Phillips says:


    We have had these letters for over a year now in fact we had another this morning. Why is it that these people are allowed to continue
    taking money from people or is it that we like to have something for nothing the saying is if it is to good to be true it probably is

  99. Jim Donald says:

    Hi Sam, so much for the court ruling and efficiency of the OFT, I have just received a final reminder this morning, on the envelope..IMPORTANT DOCUMENT, OFFICIAL REMINDER ENCLOSED. There seems to be no stopping these scumbags no matter what the OFT do or what the high court states, as stated in one of my last comments this reminder is going into a heavily weighed A4 envelope and being returned without a stamp. granted it will not stop them sending out this crap but will give me a bit of self satisfaction knowing that people are on to them and are fed up with this type of SHIT , sorry for sweary word but I am totally enraged now with this type of scam and something has to be done about it. Just to make people aware I received an email yesterday regarding my account with Nat West…..which I do not have , asking me put in my personnel information, stating it had to be forwarded to them by …wait for it …120 hours!!! How many people are taken in by these scams I dread to think. I know there has been a new fraud /scam helpline setup which I tried last night to report the Nat West scam to but found it not an easy site to use, hope some of this info is useful to others.

  100. john says:

    The first of these letters i erceived last jan.,2010,i fully complied with all of their reguests,ie made 6mins phone call,sent claim form with 2 first class stamps,that was the last i heard.This morning 02/03/2011 i received another final reminder to go through the same procedure,being a bit annoyed at this i thought i would ring gueries line 01989760542 and enquire what was going on ,a very irate lady gave me a lot of abuse and hung up.This is definitely a scam.

  101. Sam Deeks says:

    Don’t waste your time folks, pleeeeze! :-)

  102. Sam Deeks says:

    Problem is Jim is that the law is too slow, too toothless. So the High Court ruled it was unlawful, for all I know they’re probably appealing it and in some kind of ‘in-between’ phase in which they’ll carry on full-speed doing that they were doing. The only cure for this isn’t the law, it’s stopping people expecting something for nothing in the first place, sadly.

  103. Sam Deeks says:

    Why? I have no idea Derek – other than that we have a legal system which is very slow. The problem with that is we’re very happy for it to be so slow and inefficient when it’s us being charged with something (give us time to get proper defense sorted out etc) but annoyed when it’s slow for someone else.

  104. Julian says:

    I got one today too. So theyre still active despite the ruling.

    I’m posting it back in an unstamped envelope with a piece of rude advice.

  105. Maria says:

    Just got my first one from them this morning .. it said i had won from an online competition … if that was true they would have emailed me instead! Bunch of wazzacks. Thanks for doing this page to warn people :)

  106. chelsea griffiths says:

    i had atleast 6 of these letters

    what a scam ! shouldnt someone stop them from doing this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Catherine says:

    I have had about 5 of these unclaimed prize letters and received the latest today. I am returning it unstamped!

  108. Keith says:

    They are vile scum who prey on the ignorant (and greedy!).

    My mother-in-law (in her 80s, living alone) fell victim to a similar scam. The first we knew about it was checking her phone bill some months later and spotting a call for £50. No comeback on them of course and BT weren’t interested.

    I think these 090 numbers should be banned.

  109. Keith says:

    I realise it is not quite the same type of scam but on a lighter note, you might like to read the very amusing book “Delete This At Your Peril” by Neil Forsyth. In the book he describes the (apparently) true story how Bob Servant gets into a dialogue with various email fraudsters & pretends to be interested in their scams and leads them on for ages sucking them in and wasting their time in return.

  110. Jim Donald says:

    I am amazed at the commitment you have put into this issue and salute you for it, the people you have made aware of this scam should pass on your info to everybody who may not be aware of these shysters, More power to your elbow Sam…power to the people :-) :-) Great work Sam.

  111. Sam Deeks says:

    No worries Jim ;-) I can’t stand to see people rip off other people, it’s as simple as that.

  112. Sam Deeks says:

    Yeah – Keith, I’ve read / seen some excellent ‘scam-baiters’ luring Nigerian scammers to locations and then giving them the runaround while filming them.

  113. Sam Deeks says:

    Exactly Keith – ignorant and greedy is what they love. It’s the perfect combination.

  114. Sam Deeks says:

    I saw the scam, saw the opportunity to loft a post or two high up in Google to catch the attention of any ‘lucky winner’ who might be Googling M&D and the rest is millions of comments from really angry people.

    BTW – my site statistics today show another spike of McIntyre and Dodd madness. Last one 02.02, this one 02.03 -exactly a month between the two. Each one tells me there’s been another mass mailing today and thousands of people take to Google to find out if this could possibly be too good to be true…

  115. Wendy Kenny says:

    Sam thank you great work you are doing, I keep getting this rubbish through my letter box and I usually put them in the bin, I received one yesterday thought I’d check to see if it was a scam and found this excellent site, I have taped the envelope up and have sent it back minus stamp great idea. Thanks to you and all the decent people on this site.
    Wendy Kenny

  116. debby says:

    Yep today is the day for a copy of the one they sent in feb, with a hurry up you are losing out type of letter…. the bin has won another piece of paper for recycling. If only more people were able to get the word to the vulnerable people who feel that they have to reply…

  117. Florence Wild says:

    I recieved my letter this morning the 3rd March 2011 and want to thank you for your article which really told me what I already suspected, that this is a scam.!!! I feel so sorry for people who get sucked into things of this nature.

  118. Carolyn says:

    Received my third letter today. The last two went in the bin. I will take your advice this time and return it taped up, no stamps included. Thank you.

  119. Nasiru Lawal says:

    Hahahah… I received a ‘FINAL REMINDER’ this morning 4TH March, 2011 for my unclaimed prize, having ignored the last letter they sent me. For a second I thought of calling the line they gave me, then decided to look it up first. I guess I have to let my unclaimed prize go (LOL). U can have it for yourselves. Thank you MUKAUMEDIA.

  120. Marianne says:

    Me too got my final reminder letter today – are some people really that gullible – I nearly was!!!!!
    If everyone on here sent an empty letter to their address but just wrote ‘freepost’ in the top right hand corner – (of course it isn’t)then M&D would be charged a couple of quid for every letter when they arrive. Not a huge amount I know but worth it don’t you think just for the annoyance factor?!!??

  121. Marianne says:

    Sorry I meant 10 empty letters – 10 times the hassle!

  122. idontknow says:

    there is a letter saying i have a prize to claim and there is also a personalised claim letter attached…the only problem is i dunno what the code is, i do know my allocation code though but dont know what it is for… i m not sure what to do.. is it real or fake?

  123. idontknow says:

    ahhhh sorry people i didnt read previous comments before i typed my first comment…. YEAH..this sucks!! i had such a high hope for this shit..me my mom and my sister worked so hard to get more information in this craphole.. man governments really should take actions for this, seriously if they aint then we are… GRAB UR GUNS EVERYONE!!!

  124. idontknow says:

    well now dat me and my family have worked so hard init, i just dont wanna break it to them that it was all fake and not worth doing :((

  125. rose says:

    hi ive just got my unclaimed prize rollout and im furious . im sick of getting junk like this through the post they build peoples hopes up thinking they could be getting some cash then scam money off them , my daughter got one of these a month ago and rang for her code and it took £13 off her for the call she is a single mum on benefits i think its a dirty trick there are alot of vunerable people out there . THEY SHOULD BE STOPPED …

  126. Sam Deeks says:

    You gotta be cruel to be kind :)

  127. N says:

    I had another “reminder” today.
    Straight to the recycling bin!

    Many thanks for revealing those scams.

  128. Andrew says:

    To Sam Deeks,

    I knew in my mind it was a scam, but I’m glad your website was here to confirm it – Thank you. These things can be quite convincing, but as the saying goes, if it seems to good to be true, it usually is!

  129. brima says:

    hi ppl,

    m sorry if anyone has been robbed by unclaimed prize rollout. but on my own side they were genuine when I received a letter. because I immediately replied and got my rewards, as expected: two cameras and one jewellery

  130. Sam Deeks says:

    Thanks for your comment. How much did you pay for your two cameras and ‘one jewellery’?

  131. M H. ashworth says:

    And so it continues, I have received another one this morning.
    If the Government want us to start trusting them they should do something about these sewer rats who are connimg and indeed stealing money from genuine honest people, who believe they have won a genuine prize. Instead they phone up a rip off company who gets away with theft. It is about time the fraud squad got involved.

  132. Tigerdigs. says:

    Hello Sam
    The authorities don’t appear to want to help…..perhaps they think that if people are so stupid as to fall for this, let them get on with it?
    But can’t we do anything ourselves to pester these characters? Sending them unstamped post is a start…..but where does Adrian live? Could we write to him personally (unstamped of course) ? Can we find his email address and clog up his inbox? Surely we can do something to this unpleasant person?

  133. TJ says:

    Find his address and order a couple of tons of horse shit to be delivered and dropped on his driveway using his name to order.

    Using different suppliers in his area keep repeating the process.

    Has worked before !!

  134. Mark Warnes says:

    I received a U.P.Rollout letter today, so the very 1st thing I did was Google Uncl… Priz… Rollo….. and BINGO!! I knew it was a scam, but just in case it was real I checked, and thank Sam I did. As soon as it asked for the stamps I knew this two bit operation was up to no good.
    Scary thing is, I did complete a genuine survey recently, and as all scammers know people are easily caught on the hop when they (by chance) attach a scam to a real event or genuine circumstance. I’m sure we are all aware of the many internet scams, and we get savvy to the tired old routes these scumbags take, but every once in a while one will slide just under the radar, so we’re all best just never reply to any sender we don’t actually know. Common sence I know, but it is always possible to get past even intelligent people if you target correctly, and time it just right.
    Trouble is they always target the vunerable, and rob them blind, even when they have nothing to start with.
    If anyone know this man, please throw an egg at his sorry face, for me.
    Many thanks.

  135. Kelvin West says:

    Hi Sam, Firstly my compliments on your website. I have just received one of these unsolicited “Unclaimed rollout prize” letters.. Being as untrusting as I am I instantly thought “Scam”… From everybody elses comments on here it seems as the authorities dont really want to know.. Think maybe i’ll post the address on Facebook and get as many of my friends who hopefully will get their friends to pass their junkmail on to these lovely people.. Just hope it makes them feel as loved as they actually are lol… Any other suggestions gratefully considered….

  136. Sam Deeks says:

    Kelvin, thanks for your comment. Your instincts were correct ;-)

  137. Sam Deeks says:

    Mark, thanks for your comment. I don’t know if these people have changed anything at all in their operation after the High Court ruling that they were acting unlawfully. Shocking isn’t it? They’ll change a few words and rake in millions while the OFT works to get them back into court… maybe in a couple of years. Worth doing, eh?

  138. Sarah Pringle says:

    I have just had one of these letters. I just thought I would check before I did anything about it. How can these bloody idiots get away with it??? If you are in the Electoral Register, that is why you are getting these letters!!! Because some stupid t**t has got your name and address and think they can get away with it! Well next time I get one of these letters, I will chuck it staright in the bin, and if it continues, I will be reporting them. DO NOT GET DRAWN INTO THIS SCAM!!!

  139. stacey says:

    ive just recieved an unclaimed prize rollout letter me bein stupid i rang it up dint i. obviously since they was at court in feb they havent changed well im on it and cracking down on u ross-on-wye so everyone knows not to fall for your scams………………

  140. Waqas says:

    just got a letter of UP 2day :D. my goodness that i confirmed it b4 taking any step.. thanks to u guys :x :p

  141. Chazzer says:

    Hi, If this has been ruled illegal then surely if they send letters out after the date of the ruling they should be prosecuted again?? We have letter dated 23rd June 2011. Do we send this to OFT or BBC..?
    What should we do? Do we have a central address to mail to so the scammers can be dealt with?

  142. Sam Deeks says:

    I’d badger the OFT Chazzer, if I was you. They’ll know already whether or not M&D are breaking the law again – but either way it will take time to get them back into court. Seems like it’s that delay that M&D exploit to make more money. Suppose if you have such a slow, unresponsive legal system then people are going to make the most of it.

  143. Shelley says:

    I’ve just received a reminder letter for my unclaimed prize. Out of curiosity I thought I would check out the credentials of the marketing company. I’ve found nothing short of what I first suspected – one massive scam.

    It’s unreal that this company appears to still be continuing in a very similar fashion to that which was ruled unlawful at the start of the year.

    This reminder letter will be reposted back to MacIntyre & Dodd Marketing Ltd in this evening’s post.

  144. Dennis Mills says:

    Just had a letter through post this morning, from “unclaimed prize rollout” with a ‘reminder’ that I may have won a prize. It’ll soon be in the green recycle bin as was previous letter’s destination, not worth the cost of stamps to post back…

  145. Avril says:

    Thank you for the warning everyone, I have just received one of these letters from Unclaimed Prize Rollout in Ross-on-Wye. I am to send my letter to the local Standard Trading Offices, and ask them to deal with it.

  146. Sam Deeks says:

    You’re welcome Avril, glad it helped.

  147. micheala foster says:

    i received my second letter today 22/7/11 i thought about phoning them then, i thought i would look this up on the net sorry to hear there are that many people that were scammed..i dont think i will be replying to any of there letters
    thanks for the information
    yours miffed

  148. brian patience says:

    What a pity I didnt research this before sending the form away last year, it looked genuine enough and for two stamps it seemed worthwhile, I actually did receive an MP3 player so all is not lost, only problem is it has stopped working now , any suggestions that are printable!!
    Just received another letter dated 14.7.2011 so they are still at it!

  149. Sylvia Brooke says:

    Hi Sam,

    Received my third letter from U.P.R. yesterday, and have just posted a note to them saying “please don’t contact me again” I had posted this before finding your blog and the many comments attached, and now wish I had enclosed the rest of the junk mail I received over the last few weeks in an unstamped envelope!!
    It sounds as though they actually do award a small number of prizes on occasion – does this in some way alter the legal aspect of their business (I say business with tongue in cheek).
    Many thanks for confirming my suspicions about these people Much appreciated.

  150. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Sylvia, yes, I think they do the minimum to stay legal (until the OFT decides they’ve yet again acted illegally at which point they modify some wording, give some assurance or other and carry on). It’s just exploitative, that’s all. But then again, so is online gambling, pornography, drugs and alcohol when you get right down to it. They get away with it because, ultimately, we as a society don’t expect much better.

  151. Gina says:

    I had cottoned on to these scams ages ago. I google everything i recieve (thank the lord for the net). Unfortunately my 18 year old daughter didn’t and in hindsight i should have warned her but how was i to know that she was recieving these in her Glamour magazine?

    I have now shown her and my other 17 year old daughter this site (thanks Sam) and now maybe she will think before she texts (she lost £18.00)…

    She had won a tenner and a digital camera…..these have not arrived after 3 months so not only was she scammed for the money, it seems she is not getting the prizes she won either.

    Please please folks, do not be tempted.


  152. Mike Ball says:

    I have just received a letter saying I have won a prize,I always investigate such scams,when I see phone charges of £1.53 per minute and texts costing £9.30.I am always wary.

  153. phil says:

    Sorry, don.t understand, if what he is doing is has been judged illegal, why has his operation not been raided, and why is he not in custody awaiting trial, this is after all fraudulent, it used to be called “obtaining pecuniaryt advantasge by deception”. why have the local police/trading standards etc not acted? this is really why these people are able to continue in their scamming, because the authorities who are paid by us to protect the naive individuals who are the scammers stock in trade, fail to take action. This man sees legal battles as legitimate business expenses, he should be inside with the other con men.

  154. Paul Griffiths says:

    So they are still at it!! Letter dated 22nd September has just arrived in north Lancashire from an address ECRED26b, PO Box 107, Ross-on Wye HR9 9YP. Guess what? It went straight in the bin. Thanks for the tip off.

  155. Naveen says:

    Thanks guys today morning i got a letter from unclaimed prize roll out,,,at first going through the letter i felt its great luck but when i focused that on the date they mentioned i remember that i ve never gone through any survey or i ve never been given any unique ID to claim, then when i rechecked it on internet,,,to my shock it was exact as it is to my exceptions a scam letter,,,thanks guys for posting this article

  156. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Naveen. Glad you ‘wised up’. You really must understand that there is nothing for free out there; neither on- or off-line. People who kind of just hope there might be something for nothing…well, these people are exactly who M&D aim their ‘promotions’ at.

  157. Sam Deeks says:

    Spot on Phil. Mr, Williams sees trips to the High Court with OFT as a tolerable legal expense. Why wouldn’t he? He and his pals are still quids in (your quids) when the dust settles. And he knows he can keep on making millions while ‘the system’ spends the next couple of years bringing him back to court…only to ask him to re-word a couple of lines on his ‘prize draw promotions’…and the cycle begins all over again.


    People like him only do what they do because other people are too naiive to spot when they’re being scammed, sadly.

  158. heidi foster says:

    hello all, just to let everyone know i recieved an unclaimed prize rollout letter in the last two weeks. I have done nothing with it but decided today to check it out on line and i’m glad i did .
    My letter is dated 22nd september 2011 and the address it came from is ECRED26b, po box 107, ross on wye , herefordshire, Hr9 9yp.
    this scam continues.
    thankyou all for posting on the net i would never have known as the letter recieved looks so official. thanks again.


  159. Mo says:


    Thanks for this site, recieved one on the 22nd, ignored it . Today I got a REMINDER so I decided to check it out as it looked official and genuine. Now, I think not. I think I should return the letter to them? no stamp required? Should I allso pass details on to the OFT?

  160. C Webster says:

    I have today, 18 October, received a letter from the above scammers dated 22 September. Yes it looks official and to the postman it looks like a debt collector or some such body is chasing you. I agree these people need locking up and all the proceeds of their scam including their fancy cars and houses taking away and giving back to their “backers”. As a small token of my disgust I will send their letter back unstamped!

  161. Lynda says:

    Have just received another letter from ECREDR26b Herefordshire. Will go in the bin like all those I have received previously. It’s so annoying that people can get away with these scams. As far as I’m concerned you don’t get anything in this life for free! Nice to see a site like this helping to combat the rogues

  162. Steve says:

    Got a final reminder to ths scam today and am really disgusted that there is apparently nothing anyone can do to stop these bastards! If this nonsense lands on gullible peoples doorsteps they will no doubt fall for the scam. Absolutely disgusting and the scum running this this should be placed where they belong…………..in the gutter.

  163. Sam Deeks says:

    Yes, Steve. These guys have already made millions – about £14 millions – from people who are gullible enough to go for it. Like many scams, the people behind it probably make it alright in their minds by telling themselves that it serves them right. Hey, if people are stupid or desperate enough to send off for this, then they deserve to lose their money, right? Well, not in my world.

  164. gino says:

    hi guys
    Im still receiving these letters, this week i got my second final reminder for claiming! (how i could get 2 final reminders i dont know). Apparently they got my details from a competition site? Im a single parent, i pay full rent n all my own bills, due to cuts im now only working part time, things are tough, the thought of winning that kind of money would really make a massive difference to my life, its unfair that these people are able to get away with this kind of thing.

  165. Lynn Stevens says:

    I got a final remeinder today after ignoring 2 previous letters from unclaimed prize rollout. Almost wrote off for my numbers, not quite daft enough to phone at those rates but decided to check on the company first….glad I did now. Don’t know how those people can live with themselves. Come on everybody lets all have a bit of revenge & hit their pockets. Send the letter back without a stamp on the envelope, the post office charge double so this scamming company might get the message. Think how much it will cost them if we all do it.

  166. Sam Deeks says:

    Go for it Lynn, but you’ll have to work hard to dent the £14+ million they’ve made from their little game!

  167. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Gino – thanks for your comment.

    ‘things are tough, the thought of winning that kind of money would really make a massive difference to my life’

    That’s exactly how it works. Sadly.

  168. John says:

    Don’t burn or throw away any letters you receive from DM by post – just forward them back to their address in Ross-on-Wye. They’ll soon get fed up of dealing with absolute MOUNTAINS of returned mail. It’s far better than bothering with OFT etc. Give them back what they send us!

  169. Sam Deeks says:

    HI John – agreed. Thanks for your comment.

  170. darren clancy says:

    Hi, I got letter from them today aswell, really glad i decided to google them & found ur posts or i also may have fallen victim to ther scam

  171. Sam Deeks says:

    You’re welcome Darren. Nobody gives anything away for free, it’s as simple as that.

  172. It seeems that the High Court action has not made a bit of difference to this low life, as 12 months on I have just received one of his letters this morning.

  173. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Paul. Now why am I NOT surprised! Hey OFT, start the ball rolling again and who knows, maybe you’ll get them back into court in another 2 years and £10 million? Shocking.

  174. James Houlihan says:

    Just got a letter from these jokers this morning. There still at it, so watch out guys!

  175. Liz1906 says:

    I got one too. Which wernt addressed to me but to the woman who lived here before around 4 years ago!! I detest these scammers!!!! Low life scum!!! Grrrrrrrrr

  176. clair waugh says:

    Hi am glad i read your page today i got a letter today 31st january 2012 from unclaimed prize rollout what a pair of thieves, they really shouldn’t be allowed to get away with scamming people like this…i enter competitions from time to time but i make sure i write down all the details so when these type off letters come through the post saying “Do you recall filling in and returning an entry for a prize” ect etc i no there going straight in the bin…its so unfair that people are still falling for there money making scam. GGGRRRR!!!

  177. wendywoo says:

    ive just received a letter from these scammers, requesting me to either phone at a cost of £9.30 a min, or 6 text messages at £1.50 a time or 2 first class stamps, whats all that about? as i have not claimed my prize ha ha. Why are they still allowed to send these letters out, when a high court judge has already deemed them as unlawful ? Thanks to you Sam ive not fallen for this scam, is there any point giving my letter to the police, or not ? Thanks again Sam.

  178. M Parkinson says:

    Just received my unclaimed prize rollout letter today glad this site was here to prove i was right to check it out i have also shared it with friends on my facebook hopefully get the word out that they are still breaking the law and scamming people. many thanks

  179. Lissy says:

    I am glad I checked this, as an incredibly unlucky person I always get concerned when I win competitions lol. I am glad I checked, I may not have won a grand prize of 20,000 but by binning this letter now, I know I am smart.

  180. Nina_birdnut says:

    Just to let you know they are still at it, through the post I too received my unclaimed prize envelope this very day, postmarked 26th January 2010 from ECRED27b, notice the newest number, from Messrs McIntyre & Dodd MarketingLtd t/a Unclaimed Prize Rollout. Reg Office: Green Heys, Walford Road. Ross-on-Wye HR9 5DB. Reg in England number 02415951 copyright 2012, this will be taken to my nearest Police Station, requesting these people be stopped from this scam, or if they will not deal with it then I will take this to the local Trading Standards so they can HIT them again! The sooner everyone does this the sooner they will be forced to cease their tricks.

    The other address on the letter informing me of my unclaimed prize is ECRED27b. PO Box 107, Ross-on-Wye. Hertfordshire. HR9 9YP. Anyone else still getting them should do the same so trading standards can take them to court again!

  181. Daniel says:

    Igot a letter through the post saying that a competition I’d entered a while ago,I may have won a fantastic money prize and all I had to do was to phone in with a special code given me in the letter and I’d be told if Id won. Reading the small print and seeing the cost of the calls with a minimum time of 5 and a half minutes,the cost was £1.53 per min.on a BT Line,even more on mobile. Text costs were out of this World. So I decided to look them up on the web and came across your website with all the complaints about Unclaimed Prize Rollout. Added it to my paper recycling bin,after shedding it (very important thying to do,that).

  182. shizzy says:

    unclaimed prize rollout


    FILE COPY po box 107, ross-on-wye, herefordshire,hr9 9wx

    Dear miss xxxxx 26th jan 2012

    thanmkyou for completing an online survey. i cacn confirm that it has been filled in correctly and is fully valid. As a result you have won a valuble prize if your ID matches one of over 10000 winning Id numbers.

    all these prizes are available:
    A £20,000car (or £20,000 cash) £5,000 cash x10,an HD Ready Digital LDC TV (or £500 cash) £1000 cash, £250 shopping vouchers (or £250 cash), £100 cash, £50 cash or £25 cash

    the unique ID number for miss xxxxx, of POSTCODE is 79s82co you number was exactly allocated to you on 23rd january to find out if you’ve won a valuable prize and exactly what your entitlement is, please contact us NOW (see below)

    if you contact us and your unique ID number 79S82CO matches you will find out which prize you have won you will also be given a 4-digit claim code to write down on the form overleaf we will then dispatch your prize to you as soon as possible

    yours sincerely, contact details:
    call 09061 583419
    or text RED6 to 84228
    or write and allow 28 days
    prize controller

    clearly it is a scam as i have not filledin any surveys recently but anyone could be mistaken if the small print was not read carefully don’t respond to the letter by phoning or texting however send them a blank envolope with there address onit and they will have to pay postage however it does make me happy that they are wasting there money by sending letteres out to us in the post clearly i am not going to respond as it is too good to be true and it is certainly still happening -_-

  183. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Clair… supply and demand. Sadly, there are enough people desperately hoping that somehow, someone is going to actually give something away for free to keep M&D in business. In a way, you can’t blame them. They’re just cashing in on peoples’ lack of common sense and caution.

  184. Sam Deeks says:

    You’re welcome, Wendy. They’re allowed to do this because Britain seems to offer a safe haven to ‘legal extortion’ – be it ‘unclaimed prize’ promotions or payday loan companies. We seem to have an attitude that so long as a company tells you that you’ll pay 4,550% interest if you borrow £100 from them, it’s then ok to target the most vulnerable, desperate people in society who – by definition – are also least likely to make a good judgement call.

    Our country makes predatory behaviour like this disgracefully easy – all masked up in an illusion of ‘choice’ and free-market forces.

  185. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Melissa. Good for you.

  186. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Lissy. You’re only as unlucky as you believe you are. I like the fact that you’re now telling yourself a story that you’re smart. Good for you. Try telling yourself from now on that you’re lucky and see what happens. You might just find yourself being really lucky – like not falling victim to rip-off promotions like this one.

  187. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Nina. Good for you. Unfortunately, the OFT isn’t likely to shut these people down. It’s tried and you can see for yourself how effective that body is in British Law. It’s a joke. Ah well, you can still play a part in making it harder for them to con money in two simple steps:

    1) Don’t play the game with them

    2) Tell you friends not to either

    Those are the most effective things YOU can do.

  188. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Daniel. Simple rule: nobody gives prizes away for free and for competitions you didn’t even enter. ;-)

  189. Sam Deeks says:

    Wasting their money? Not really. It’s a calculated investment that clearly pays them a big return. The last time I looked, they’d made over £13 million from doing this kind of thing.

  190. Michael simpson says:

    I received one of their letters today say i have won a valuble prize.

    Although the prizes on offer seem to difficult to pass up i decided to check it out and landed here.
    I knew it was a scam straight away with prizes of £20,000 car or cash i knew it was to good to be true.

    the contact detail are 09061 583422 be aware if this number rings you or the text number is 84228 like wise if you recieve a text do not reply to them,

    doing so could cost up to £9.30 in texts or £1.53 per min from BT line

    Please Dont be fooled by the information on the letter. Its a rip off like everyone above confirms

  191. Chris NE says:

    I’ve received a letter yesterday which claimed I had won a prize.

    I went on their website ‘mcintyreanddodd.com’, and it’s a bit shoddy to say the least.

    Strangely enough, you can go onto the ”winners testemonials” page which only shows prizes of £250 Marks and Spencers vouchers and the occasional £50 and £100 prize.

    The photos of these so called winners look somewhat dated…….


  192. jean bowers says:

    so much for taking them to court. I have just resieved one of their letters today 01.02.2012. I always google something that sounds too good to be true. Pleased I did. Thanks folks.

  193. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Chris.. glad I’m not the only one who thinks their website is shoddy! Still, they’re banking on making their money from lots of little old pensioners who don’t know how to use Google.

  194. Sam Deeks says:

    Jean, pleased you did too. However, I’ll be even more pleased when you start throwing everything that looks ‘too good to be true’ straight in the bin :-)

  195. Harry O says:

    “UNCLAIMED PRIZE REGISTER” – PO BOX 107 Ross on wye Herefordshire HR9 9YP, This is Feb 2012, and as yet this long running SCAM has still to be shut down and as yet the people who run it have not been stripped of their illegal earnings nor locked up.

    Every government that gets in simply refuses to deal with these types of scams. Years ago if you stole you got your hand chopped off, this threat kept a lot of people from stealing, its time these threats were brought back again; I’ll bet we wouldn’t see anymore of this rubbish coming through your door.

  196. Sam Deeks says:

    “yet this long running SCAM has still to be shut down and as yet the people who run it have not been stripped of their illegal earnings nor locked up”

    True, Harry, but two of them died last year – so that puts a bit of karmic perspective on it, eh?

  197. Kay Thompson says:

    I’ve just recieved one of these letters only this morning!

  198. Marie MacDonald says:

    I am a pensioner and received loads of these letters last year luckily i wasnt taken in but one of my friends were,he was so sure he had won a prize sent stamps then sent money he never heard another word back, just received another one of their letters this morning so it starting again what can we do to put a stop to this scam ?? if they have my address to send me a letter then why cant they send me my so called prize !!!

  199. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Marie – thanks for your comment. Glad you weren’t taken it. What makes me mad is that these cons are aimed precisely at people of your age group because the perpetrators know that many of those folks won’t be as vigilant or aware of what’s going on. It’s really disgraceful to exploit vulnerable people like this.

  200. nikki says:

    i’m so glad i looked up this web page as there was no web page put on my letter the ordasity of people thinking they have the write to do this to people like us it’s ludacris that they have been caught yet they still carry on with there sceem they should be locked up for doing this scam over and over they have no morals what so ever and to see hundreds of comments of everyone on here it makes me sick!!!!!

  201. Sam Deeks says:

    ….yup :-)

  202. AlisonFairgrieve says:

    I received a follow up letter yesterday 14th May) from UPR after I had ignored the first in April. This is so obviously a scam, so why were Macintyre and Dodd not fined or more, but still seem to be operating as before?

    I have just printed a sharp letter asking for the “claim number” and threatening to take an investigation further if it does not arrive with a description of my “prize”. However, I still have to waste money on two stamps and two envelopes so would I be completeely wasting my time?

  203. Sam Deeks says:

    Alison, you don’t have to waste any money, seriously. I’ll let you decide. All I know is that the majority of people who have ever commented here don’t think it was worth their time, money or effort. But don’t let me stop you.

  204. Lynne Glen says:

    My mum (83) received a letter asking her to write to receive a matching ID number, sending a SAE to Dept VC, PO BOX 29, Ross on Wye.

    She has given me a letter to post back to them this morning, didn`t like the look of it and haven`t posted. I presume this is the same scam?

  205. Sam Deeks says:

    Lynne, thanks for this. A quick Google check shows that the scam inside is most likely called “The Award Winners Exchange”. It works in the same way as all the others; your mum will pay something like £15 to claim her ‘prize’ which is likely to either be nothing or something worth about £1. Easy money for the organisers and nothing of real value to the slightly desperate and vulnerable folks who these things target.

    This from MoneySaving Expert forums:

    “Award Winners Exchange, Strike Lucky Games Ltd, The Winners Club Ltd and a couple of others which I can’t remember are all come from McIntyre & Dodd Marketing Ltd who are based in Ross-on Wye. It is a scam although if you write to them asking what prize you have won before accepting it, they will tell you and it is always the ‘Free Holiday’!”

    Last year MacIntyre and Dodd were judged to be acting illegally with these promotions. The OFT got them into the High Court. MacIntyre and Dodd promised to change the wording of their scams and lo and behold, off they go again. Disgusting.

  206. Darren Willis says:

    I have received hundreds of these, after the 7th or 8th letter I actually thought it must be genuine if they keep reminding me to claim it… Lo and behold I was left dissappointed and £13 down on my phone bill (even though it says max time of 6 mins calls charged at £1.53 per minute?!?!) Anyhow a long story short, i have sent them junk mail back to piss them off, along with the Order of the 666 to let him know whats awaiting in the next life for all the people and nations they have scammed out of money under false pretences (Fraud), You know they say that God has reserved the bottom and most worse level of hell for the liars, hypocrites and most importantly FRAUDSTERS!! Haha so they can enjoy their FREE HOLIDAY IN HELL!! :)

  207. michael anslow says:

    since the beginig of this year ive had at least 5 letters from cash prize confirmations, (mcintyre&dodd) (dm,plc) and allso kown as (data locator group) who run web site (surveys.co.uk) which is a competion site ,how many different sites do they have and run to scam people with there letters and high cost phone calls. I did send letter back to them once with my unique winning numbers and they sent back saying that i hadnt won anything . The more i look in to these companys the more i find. Why cant the courts stop them doing what they do ?

  208. Sasha Hoey says:

    Unfortunately i got pulled in, i looked at this site too late and called them up to find that i’d won a spa day for 2, now i can see that ive wasted my money. I think this should be investigated and shut down, why is it still happening?

  209. C Austin says:

    I have been receiving mail from Unclamed Prize Release for months now. Today I received their final reminder as I had definitely won a prize. I decided to check this out on the company out on the internet as I like alot of other poeple on this site I don’t usually win anything.

    Why can’t these companies be closed down – I feel very sorry for the people who are drawn into these scams!!

  210. Catherine says:

    Hey! I have been opening these on behalf of my cousin (she was here last year on a gap year; she lives in Malta) She must have filled something in somewhere or had a phone call as I have been getting them ever since! I knew it was a scam instantly as they kept sending letter after letter, even when giving final dates to claim they would send final reminders! Im so glad i put them straight in the bin and followed gut instinct and really glad that I ‘googled’ and found for definate that this is a scam. Ridiculous that this has been going on so long, someone needs to stop this.

  211. Paul says:

    I recently got one of those letters from a PO Box address in, you guessed it, Ross-on-Wye! usual thing, send stamps or ring an expensive phone number to claim a non-existent prize. I think I’ll send it back in an unstamped envelope with some nice junk mail.

  212. Myra Hogan says:

    I received a letter saying that as I had taken part in a telephone survey that I had won a prize, as I am not a lucky person I thought I would check the address out on google. I am a pensioner but I am aware that you rarely get something for nothing. same address Ross on Wye boy am I glad i took the trouble to look them up.

  213. Sam Deeks says:

    Myra, you ARE lucky :) See? You saved yourself some money! Good for you.

  214. Gary says:

    Ha Ha Ha, I have had letters from po box 78 ross-on-wye for years, i have sent letters back asking them to take me of the mailing list, NO SUCH LOOK, so now what i have don is> I went to my local £ shop and bought 5 packs of 10 envelops, put them in my printer and you guest it, printed there name on them and posted them ( with out stamps ), in one of them i did put my details in asking them to take me off the mailing list, yipeeeeeeeeeeee got a letter saying you are now off our mailing list, To all reading this PLEASE DO THE SAME.

  215. Neil says:

    My mum (70) got one of these letters from McIntyre & Dodd this morning. Usual story, £1.53 a minute phoneline for “Max time 6 mins.” If |I lived closer to Ross-on-Wye I’d make a nuisance of myself at their offices!!

  216. lisa says:

    i have just received one of these letters, which nearly fooled me, thank you for Google. i think its disgusting that they are still allowing this

  217. clare says:

    I have just received a letter from this “Unclaimed prize rollout company” (10/06/13) they are still on the go. Dont call or text them as they are not a real company just a scam. Put the letter straight in the bin.

  218. christine Law says:

    I have received a letter today and cant belive it i dont know how they obtain our telephone numbers , to do these surveys thank god i checked here before i rang i couldnt win a good argument let alone a prize lol thanks for this peeps its filed under b now BIN

  219. jeanne says:

    How on earth do they get away with it? I will be posting the letter right back, along with a pile of rubbish mail as a token of my gratitude!!!!

  220. andrew brown says:


  221. Cameron says:

    Mine arrived this morning, So Yes They Are Still At It. This must be about the 5th final reminder of my unclaimed prize. Well they aint getting any money from me, either by telephone or text.

    These people ought to be put in jail for a long time and put to work on digging roads for a pittance a day until they have paid everything back. Scum the lot of them. People work hard for their money and these scamsters steal it from them. MAKE THEM PAY BACK I SAY.

  222. Lisa says:

    I searched UPR on behalf of my mother who always shows me correspondence she has received which she does not recognise, this time she received a reminder following me disposing of the initial letter. I always say, if you did not enter you did not win, but crafty old them have suggested she has won a “prize” following her participation in a telephone survey – which we all know does happen now and then.

    I am at a loss that these people have been found wanting by a High Court Judge in February 2011 and yet two and-a-half years on, they are still able to do this, my only questions are why and how? It is utterly appalling and extremely worrisome when you take into account how many elderly or vulnerable people are out there who do not have the support or means to investigate such low life as these and are duped into such sickening situations.

  223. Meg Little says:

    The bit I always hand it to is the generalised first sentence, “Do you remember taking part in a telephone survey?”
    Not only are these people trying to con me out of a tenner, but they’re also trying to sanitise the endless sequence of rubbish calls (from unrelated firms no doubt, not from them) which in my cas waste hours of time because I feel sorry for the luckless people in the call centres, and try at least to say something civil to them, before ringing off.

    I have had four letters from these Unclaimed Prize Rollout people in the past 4 weeks. They are on quite expensive paper and I’m sure the Recycling Dept appreciates them, but the really annoying thing is my name and address being plastered all over them so I now need to waste even MORE time, with scissors and shredder, before I can safely discard them.
    More strength to your elbows, all of you on this website! – Meg

  224. Lillian Webb says:

    They are still at it!!!! Got mine today. Grrrrr!!!! Trading as unclaimed Prize Rollover
    PO Box 107
    HR9 9YP
    Telephone 09061 561024
    Text IRIS2 to 88810
    It’s about time the law did something about these robbing conmen!!!!!

  225. Tony says:

    There’s a new one. UAACCO stands for Unclaimed AwardsAdministration Central Office. PO Box 63 Ross-on-Wye.
    Slightly different postcode, ends in 9WX. Slightly different Tele No 09061 583186 and Text HILLS42 to 88810. Same mob by the look of it.

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