Spot the Unclaimed Prize Draw mailshots...

LATEST NEWS: Macintyre and Dodd Marketing is breaks law with ‘prize promotions says High Court Judge – Feb 2nd 2011

Well, finally.

The OFT has taken MacIntyre and Dodd to the High Court and finally, more than £13m of your money later, won a ruling that M&D (and other DM Plc companies operated by Mr. Adrian Williams and his various business partners) have acted unlawfully.

Read the BBC report in full here.

According to the OFT “The defendants profited from misleading people, and this judgement means they will have to change their conduct considerably”

Adrian Williams - the man behind Unclaimed Prize Rollout (etc)

While I’m as pleased as anyone about this ruling, the reality is that these people, like all scammers, will just change shape and carry on in another guise until (several years and a few million more pounds of your money later) the OFT wins another ruling and the cycle will begin again.

The fact that these people have been profiting from this scam right up to and including the very day of this High Court ruling (see site stats, above) should convince you they’re not about to change their ways.

If you really want to put an end to this kind of exploitative practice, the simplest thing to do is to stop making yourself vulnerable to people like Andrian Williams and DM Plc in the first place.

How do you do that?

Learn the discipline to NOT respond to free offers / competitions / lotteries / scratch cards for starters. Become more critical about on and offline direct marketing i.e. assume that everything you DIDN’T ask for is a promotion designed to con you out of your money. At best, it’s a hard sell of something you almost certainly don’t need. At worst, it’s the kind of scam that Adrian Williams and his partners deliberately put together to fleece more you out of your money.

No OFT, no bloggers, no BBC reports are going to stop people trying to exploit other people for easy money. You need to protect yourselves first – it’s the only way.

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