Your video is turned off – Skype

Apparently, video is OFF the menu for Mac users since Skype was bought by Microsoft

At least that’s the view out there on the web.

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If you’ve come here because you’re a Mac user and suddenly, out of the blue, you can no longer use Skype to make video calls, then join the club. You dialled someone, they answered and then Skype shut off your video with the message “Your video is turned off”. That’s annoying but even more annoying is that nobody will tell you why.

This must be (is) happening to hundreds of thousands, if not MILLIONS of Mac Skype users and there is a massive information hole about this on the web.

Screen shot 2013-03-23 at 22.53.40If you go to Skype, you’ll see nothing about this. The only place you’ll find any reference to “Your video is turned off” is in the support forum – with a few exasperated Mac users seeking some kind of answer. Do they get any answer from Skype? No. All they get are a few people in the know saying ‘Mac user? You might as well forget using Skype now that Microsoft has bought it.”

From where I stand, they’re spot on. It seems that Microsoft don’t even consider Mac users worth an explanation.

An added little Skype joke (tell me how this isn’t deliberate) comes when you go to the Mac download page. “Get Skype for Mac” says the link which, when you click it, mockingly downloads “SkypeSetupFull.exe” for you. Yes, that’s right – SkypeSetupFull.exe.

“Start using your shiny new Skype” it taunts you, at the top of the page.

Why not use the comments below to tell Microsoft how much you appreciate their thoughtfulness. As for me, I’ve gone over to Google Hangouts as of tonight. So long Skype and thanks for all the fish.



  1. joe bob says:

    fucking microsoft. this is unconscionable… well, i guess we shouldn’t expect them to have a conscience. but it is insufferable – everyone should switch to an open source alternative (like Jitsi).

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