If you’re worried that your reputation is being attacked online you’ve come to the right place.

At ‘mu:kaumedia we know that all companies above a certain size will have some unhappy customers.  And some people who will do anything to damage your business.

That’s just the nature of business.

As online reputation management specialists, what interests us is not what went wrong in your product or service in the first place but how your unhappy customer ended up commenting in a blog or a forum rather than talking to you.

People punish companies online with bad reviews not when something breaks or goes wrong, but when those companies subsequently don’t listen.

That’s the message coming across in all the customer comments on this site and in the online reputation cases we’ve worked on.

We can help you put it right and make it a lot less likely to happen again but it’s not just a case of pushing the painful stuff off the front page of Google.  That’s only part of if.

You need to be willing to listen to your unhappy customers and work to put it right, too. Don’t be fooled into thinking that there’s a quick fix because there isn’t.  Your online reputation is about people, not technology.

If you’re big enough to take the feedback you’re getting without getting defensive and really want to do something useful and productive with it then we would like to work with you.

What should you do if you think your reputation is being attacked online?  Do nothing until you’ve had a chat with us. It won’t cost you anything and it could save your business.  Call now on 01822 610841.

Sam Deeks January 2010